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14 May 2006
Mendizorroza was a funeral. Both sides were regretting for different reasons. Depor's players were frustrated for the missing chance of reaching the Intertoto, although coach Caparr??s believes that the final balance of the season was positive. Alav?Šs was dreaming of the salvation, but Espanyol's last-minute goal changed the scenario. Tears and complaints at the end of the match.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s was disappointed with the result, but he wanted to comment that his team made a good job during the complete season: "The team did everything that it could, at the end it wasn't possible to fulfil the objectives. The season has been good and my men did a pretty good job despite of the circumstances, the injuries and the players that debuted, so the final balance is positive."

The Sevillan coach even believes that a participation in the Intertoto cup would affect the preparation for the next season: "We have to foresee more things, because these men are exhausted from the physical and mental effort. The players did everything they could and we have to think on this for the next campaign."

Diego Trist??n said good bye with this game, the Sevillan marksman said that Deportivo ended in the place they deserve: "We are in the eight spot, because it's where we belong. The points that we lost today, the ones lost in Riazor... these are a lot of points and the final table is putting us in the right place."

Francisco Gallardo was another player that was frustrated with the missed chance of reaching the Intertoto: "We had it in our hands. It's a matter of the complete season, if we would achieve the half of the points that we lost, the team would be in a UEFA spot. You deserve what you achieve on each matchday."

Momo returned to action after several weeks out of the pitch, the Canarian player said that he still has to think about his future: "It was a weird season for me. I always have hope of continuing in Deportivo, but I don't want to think about it right now. I still have three years in my contract."

Aldo Duscher had criticism for the way in which the team handled the end of season: "We can't leave everything for the last game. We should have assured the spot before and not in this game. " The Argentinean also spoke frankly about his future: "The club told me that they want to sell me, but I will go where I want. It's not a matter of where they want to put me. If I leave the club, I want to join a big team. If this doesn't happen, then I want to continue in Deportivo. It depends on me and the club. We have to see what will happen."

In Alav?Šs the salvation was a sweet dream that disappeared in the last minute, they achieved the win but it wasn't enough since Espanyol won their game too. President Piterman was frustrated with the relegation: "We were alive during 91 minutes, but somebody has to be the relegated team. We are paying now for our poor start of season." Piterman was insulted by his own fans after the game, but he assured that he will continue at the command of the club.

The players were also sad with the descent to Segunda, the scorer of the match, Rodolfo Bodipo, was crying and he explained the reasons for the failure of his team: "The squad suffered all the things that happened outside of the pitch. The several changes with the coaches affected us. We dedicate ourselves to play and contribute with our effort, and we can't say more about other things that happened."

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