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24 Jun 2011
The club has released the list of players that will make the pre-season with Depor B; there are some surprises and a few answers that need to be clarified.

Deportivo already announced the preliminary list of sixteen players that will be part of Fabril for the season 2011/12. First to all to explain that  thirteen players from the past season are staying at Depor B: goalkeepers Felipe Ramos and Edu; defenders Fran Gonzalez, Stopira, Jose Manuel, Vieytes and Stefan Deak; midfielders Richi, Chirri, Vela, David Garcia; plus strikers Dioni and Jona.

Of this list, eleven players performed at Segunda B with Depor B during the past season, while the other two were loaned out: David Garcia at AS Somozas and José Manuel at SD Ordes. These thirteen youngsters will be joined by three players that are promoted from Juvenil A: midfielder Adrian Martinez, Cameroonian winger Julien Dilal Nddombo and striker Álex Pérez.

At the same time, the club is informing that four players from Juvenil A will be alternating between this team and Fabril: goalkeeper David Gómez, striker Álvaro Lemos, plus central defenders Pablo Ínsua and Uxio Marcos Nores.

At this point to explain that this is a preliminary list that could be modified in future days; something confirmed by coach Tito Ramallo to Riazor.org, ”This is a first and preliminary list; of course it isn’t definitive. On it we are calling all the players that still have a contract obligation with Fabril.”

Of this preliminary list composed by sixteen youngsters, only the half are Galician, five of them were born in La Coruña: Diego Vela, David García, Jose Manuel, Adrian and Álex Pérez, while the other three Galicians are Edu (Pontevedra); Vieytes (Ourense) and Richi (Monforte). The other eight are from other communities or foreigners: Felipe Ramos (Madrid); Jona, Dioni, Fran (trio from Andalusia); Chirri (Extremadura); Stefan (Serbia), Stopira (Cape Verde) and Julien (Cameroon).

Now, analyzing the list, it is possible to find some surprises, starting with the absence of Juan Carlos Real, who was the best player of Fabril on the past season. And the explanation for it is that the playmaker will make the pre-season stage with the first team, something that was confirmed by Depor Sport on Thursday. Curiously the player wrote on its Twitter account that nobody has called him in order to give him the news.

Another surprises are the absences of midfielders Fernando Beltrán, Álvaro Quejeiro and Diego Bardanca, winger/striker Iago Beceiro plus striker Luis. They were part of Juvenil A on the past season and haven’t been promoted to Fabril despite having a good performance with the Juveniles team. They neither were mentioned in the list of players that will be alternating between both teams. Some of them, like Fernando and Iago, already debuted at Segunda B with Fabril.

Riazor.org questioned Tito Ramallo about this issue, and the coach said that, ”This is a subject that concerns to the sporting secretary of the club [Ernesto Bello] and also to the coordinator of the youth teams [Miguel Gamallo]. In the case of Juan Carlos, he will make the pre-season with the first team and maybe later he will have to join the team.

It also called the attention the fact that Dioni and Felipe Ramos are part of Fabril’s list, because both youngsters said recently that they didn’t want to stay in order to play at Tercera. Another doubt is what will happen to Raul Garcia and Luis Angel, both aren’t part of the list as the club still negotiating an extension of contract; during the past week Depor Sport was announcing that the intention of the club is to have Raul during the pre-season of the first team, and then coach Oltra will decide if he stays there or if he goes out loaned.



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