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25 Jun 2011
Depor’s president continues his battle against the bankruptcy law and Zaragoza, while he announced that the club will make six or seven signings ahead of next season.

On Friday’s noon Lendoiro talked to reporters for almost one and a half hour; he analyzed several things and focused his appearance before reporters in the battle against Real Zaragoza and the clubs that want to avoid their debts, but the most interesting issues were related to the transfer market rumours of Deportivo.

The president started the press conference giving a new positive review of the fans’ reaction towards the renewal of the membership cards for the socios, “First to all… we must thank the response to this marketing campaign; it is beating our expectations, for this reason we must thank everybody and all the Deportivismo. I can only remember that phrase: ‘you are formidable!’ We can already make the first numbers and think that by June 30 we will have 5,000 new socios, so we will pass the mark of 15,000 socios for that date.  And we thinks that by July 15 we will have 6,000 new socios for a grand total of 20,000“

Later he talked of the fight against Zaragoza and his lack of payment in the operation of Lafita, he lasted more than thirty minutes talking of the subject; “Our lawyers are right now completing a three-front operation, one at la liga, the second at the council of la liga and the third at a courthouse in Zaragoza. We have asked the council to defend our interests as a local judge is trying to get into the way trying to block the relegation, for that reason we are asking to suspend the normal competition as we believe that all the clubs must be measured through the same parameters.  They are not only trying to avoid the payment, but also the possibility of relegation, which is part of the sporting rules. A judge can’t tell al liga how to rule the competition. “

“You will later suffer the ‘domino effect’ because if one club closes its doors, then the other will do the same and so on. As example, Betis bought last year Ruben Castro while Elche did the same with Molina, and now Betis doesn’t even paid the players’ wages while Elche did it. And Betis got promoted while Elche didn’t. It is a shame, because if you don’t pay the obligations you are not fulfilling a contract, and that isn’t to be honest. Betis has used Ruben and Zaragoza Lafita, and they were fundamental players. Now we are here, without the players, without the money and seeing them laughing at us. We have never thought in passing through the bankruptcy law, but if there is no other way, then we will be forced to do it; it is the easiest way to go out.” He added.

And Depor’s boss included Racing Santander in the list of problems, “They (Racing) are now saying that only owes us half a million for the case of Canales. Where do they get that amount? There’s a document where it says that they have to pay us the half of the benefit n the operation. And Real Madrid already paid them, and then they signed Gio and Rosenberg with the money owed to us, and we were interested in both players.”

Later he talked of Sergio’s menace to put the demand for a lack of payment, “Were you expecting for something else? Is this news? I will pay him when we could.” Then he admitted the unpaid debts with the players at the first team, but assured that soon everything will be fine, “What we want is to transmit to the fans the idea that we won’t have problems; everybody must be clear that there won’t be any problems with the players. We already paid to Fabril’s players the debt of past months, and we expect that by Tuesday and Wednesday all the players of Fabril will receive their wages for the month of June. Nothing will happen. “

Then the journalists started to ask him about the exits and arrival to the team, he briefly talked of Adrian, “We are positive about the issue, but right now everything stays at the same point.” The funny moment came when he was asked by journalist Gonzalo Soto about the interest in left-back Tsepo Masisela (Maccabi Haifa). “Sefo? Who is him? No, no, no… We have just signed Ayoze. We aren’t looking for another left-back defender.” He answered

The most interesting part was when the president talked of the number of reinforcements that the team could make for next season, “The issue of the signings has been mainly handled by Ernesto Bello; we want six or seven signings, though it will depend on the exits. Right now there are several open cases, and in eight days we could be presenting three or four players; but sometimes you are pending to close an issue in a matter of hours, and then it lasts several days. The thing that must be clear is that we won’t sign average players, but good players for Segunda that can also perform at Primera.”

Asked by another reporter is the Galician club is interested in Jesús Vázquez and Diego Rivas, he answered that, “I can confirm you that we are looking for a centre midfielder. It could be some of the ones you are mentioning, but we are only looking for one.” Then he explained the issue with Valencia and Michel, “We phoned him and everything seemed closed, then stopped… but later it came out the possibility of a zero-cost operation with some advantages for Valencia. But isn’t an easy task, and neither we are too interested. We were just alerted that we could get the player through a final transfer.”

Lendoiro was once again asked about the arrival of the so-wished top-scorer, and this time he answered that, “It isn’t easy and of course we all want to bring that kind of player. We truly need a man with the capacity to score goals, and better if it can be two, but we can’t forget that we already have Riki and Lassad.” Asked if the target is Xisco, he said that “It depends on Newcastle, it’s easy to say some things, but at the moment of truth things are more complicated. But if Adrian could return, then we will be talking of not signing anyone.”

Then he started to be questioned about exits, he admitted an offer from Aranzubia coming from Malaga CF, but closed the doors to the keeper. “Yes, it seems that there’s something, but Aranzubia stays. He is a basic player on this year. It must be a big offer in order to allow his exit. Not even in a million years we will allow his exit. His chance of leaving is light years away. There’s also an interest in Riki, but he is the first one that doesn’t want to leave. At the beginning we are only thinking in the exit of Guardado, but there isn’t a concrete offer. About Iván Pérez, the announcement was made now in order to give him time.”

Finally, Lendoiro talked of Javito’s case, “We will ask to Aris to give us back the money. You should remember that he arrived at noon of the last day in the market, and he had to pass the medicals. The LFP, in order to give the OK for any operation, received the papers at 4PM. That maybe FIFA received a paper without a sign? it might be, but there’s a certificate gave by la liga in which they confirm that all the papers were received on time. What happens is that the transfer system has been changed and now somebody failed entering a number and that’s the reality.”



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