29 Jun 2011
The first signing of the season, Ayoze Diaz, talked to Depor Sport and gave his first interview as a Depor’s player; he explained the reasons why he signed for the Galician club and gave his expectations on the Segunda campaign.

Q: How do you live your first hours as a Depor’s player?
A: Well, with hope, willing to go there and know everything, the club, the team mates… I hope to be there soon, on June 29 in order to be presented, so we are talking of Thursday. Everybody has congratulated me for making this step, and I believe that it was the right choice and I’m expecting to respond on the pitch.

Q: Why Deportivo?
A: Because it was the side that insisted the most, the side that was interested in me and besides, Deportivo is a big team, with a long trajectory in football. It is always pretty to see teams like this getting interested in you.

Q: So, Depor stills an attractive team despite the relegation
A: I think that yes, although someone else will be thinking otherwise. I think that it will always be an interesting team for any player. No matter they will play at Segunda, you can’t forget what they have done within the last decades, and everyone knows that its place is among the best. I am enchanted for this signing.

Q: And there were some rumours from Primera that cooled your signing…
A: Yes, there was interest from some clubs like Osasuna and I thought about staying at Primera División, but finally I chose for the team that insisted the most. I am thankful for that confidence, I valorise it and within the last days I already had things clear.

Q: Is this a step down in your career?
A: Not at all. I already was at Segunda playing for Ciudad de Murcia, and that happened after playing at Primera with Racing Santander. These are circumstances in football that you face with will and hope. It isn’t a step backwards. I am joining a great team, a Primera team that’s at Segunda for the circumstances. It is preparing a great team and I am going to put my grand of sand in order to help, so the team could return where it belongs.

Q: What was the role of the other Canarians at the team on your decision?
A: I can’t deny that Manuel Pablo, Valerón and Aythami influenced in me, they talked to me, they told me how great they feel living at this team and at this city, and clearly it is an important incentive as they will help me to adapt to the city. I hope my career will be a good one, like theirs, and I hope we could have a pretty year and that we could return to Primera. It was also important the presence of José Luis Oltra. I was fortunate to work with him and also with Chema Sanz at Ciudad de Murcia, and I keep good memories of it. I was willing to work with them again.

Q: How is the new coach of Depor?
A: I worked with him five years ago and he was a young coach, but knew what he was doing and what he wanted from the team. Throughout his career he has made great things; he works at the top and here, in Tenerife, he is an idol after the two years that he spent at the club.

Q: He has said that he wants a bold team, a squad going out for the games…
A: And I do believe that we have the players to do it. We know that it is a complicate league, a place where Depor is going to be the rival to beat due to its years at Primera, but we will try to counteract that pressure with hard work. What’s clear is that we need to be humbler than the rest. We must try to find our football since the first matchdays.

Q: And Ayoze is arriving in order to cover a spot where Depor has had many problems within the last years…
A: I don’t think that the team had so many problems, because Filipe just left one year ago, and before you had two international players like Capdevila and Romero, and other great players have passed through here. Without going anywhere, I will have to fight for the spot against an international player that took part of a World Cup [Claudio Morel]. I will try to adapt, but don’t think that I have a secure place on here.

Q: What can we expect from Ayoze on the pitch?
A: I can only guarantee hard work. I don’t want to define myself, I prefer to see people watching me and later defining me.

Q: You lived the relegation of Depor at the other side of the fence, because you were also playing for it at Mallorca…
A: Yes, it was a very tense last matchday; we saw ourselves at Segunda. We lived a bad time, but these are normal things in football and it was a pity that it happened to Depor. Now we will try to correct the mistake.

Q: Did you see Depor as a candidate for relegation?
A: You always think that the teams with more time at Primera will end saving themselves, but when you arrive to the last game with that window still opened… We lost against Atletico and Depor only needed the draw… It could be anyone.

Q: What do you think of the fans’ reaction?
A: I saw a great environment when we played at the Riazor with nine matches still in the schedule; we were impressed as everyone was supporting the team, and I believe that they will still faithful at Segunda.

Q: The marketing campaign started a few days ago and we already have 10,000 socios…
A: Yes, I have read it on the internet and it is impressive. After all the good years at Depor, people have realized that they are important for the future of the team. Riazor is going to be fundamental for us on this season.



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