02 Jul 2011
Midfielder Juan Rodriguez talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and confessed that he is leaving Deportivo saddened by the relegation, but also angered because the fans were always doubting on his compromise with the club.

Q: You are leaving with the team at SegundaÖ
A: Yes, it was the worst. There have been many feelings for the city and the club. Five years that I enjoyed very much, I've matured a lot, I learned a lot too and I've grown as a player. The last game was the worst, not just on those five years, but since I've been playing football.

Q: Why Depor is going down?
A: I do not know exactly why. Because if we did know it then we wouldnít have lost so many games as it happened and we would have been saved. What happens is that from the first day there were many strange things and it was even commented that we had a lot of chances of going down. And we didnít even have 24 hours of training.

Q: The first person that defended you was the coach, who was delighted with the squad...
A: [He interrupts]. We also knew that we had a good team, also that we were doing a good job, and that we had very good players, but clubs with better squads have also suffered the relegation. Not only by the name of the clubs or of the players you end up winning titles or achieving the goals.

Q: Do you think that a cycle was closing?
A: Many players were ending contract and were open to leave, and there was the feeling that we were going to miss the good environment at the changing room, because the key for the success in recent years has always been based at the locker room. People knew that this could finish, because we were going to separate one from the other at the end of the season. It was commented since the first month that the changing room was broken, also that we werenít united, that there was a bad tune, I donít know where did these rumors came from, because they were totally false.

Q: Did you feel accused?
A: Well, beyond been accused, I had a clear conscience and respect all the comments from the people, but sometimes I donít share them. I knew the work that I was doing. It was a year quite uncomfortable for me, especially the last five months, when they said a lot of nonsense, but this is also part of football.

Q: What was the worst part?
A: To see people doubting on me when I hadnít signed with anyone, to see people saying that I already had an agreement with other teams when I didnít have an agreement with any club. It is annoying to see people saying that you already signed for one team and then saying that you are with the other, because they are doubting on you. I hated that, after so many years, they doubted on me.



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