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04 Jul 2011
The season 2011/12 will bring some changes to the structure of base football at Deportivo; the most notorious modification is the appearance of the Benjamin squad, the ninth team at the youth system composed by 10-year-old kids.

After ten years of hard work Abegondo still evolving; last week Deportivo published the new structure for base football ahead of the season 2011/12, the trend within the last years is to specialize the areas attending the future promises of the club, and that trend will continue for next campaign as Depor is focusing the work in the key factors for the development of the players.

Since the season 2008/09 the work with the youngsters was divided in departments according to the area of teaching; at the beginning there were five departments, but since next season there will be four. The main head at the youth teams is the co-coordinator for the youth categories; he is responsible in exploring the market, negotiate and concrete all the signings and co-ordinate with all the coaches the promotion of players between these teams.

The job will continue to be for Miguel Gamallo; the four sections that will work with the kids are Administration (directed by José Manuel Garrote and José Antonio García), Education (directed by Macario Bravo), Initiation (directed by Manuel Pulido) and Training Control (directed by Antonio Rodriguez ‘Anto’, former coach of Deportivo Cadete B)

The professionalization is more accentuated as now the club is creating six supporting departments that will emphasize the work in some specific aspects; these new sections are: Keepers’ Training (César Caamaño), Strength Section (Ignacio González), Re-adaptation (Fernando Rodríguez), Statistics and Information (Juan Ferro and Tito Porvén), Events & Activities (Juan Ignacio Subirán, also coach of Infantil A) and Sports Equipment (Javier Rodríguez, Fino & Cholo).

The season 2010/11 had a bittersweet taste for the youth teams; Deportivo not only suffered the relegation of the first team, but also the one of Fabril. Neither Juvenil A nor Juvenil B fulfilled the expectations as they ended third and seventh at their competitions. At the same time the two Infantil teams plus the two Alevin squads continued dominating their leagues, while the club witnessed the growth of players like striker Dani Iglesias, who was even picked by Spain U-15 squad.

Mixed results that invites to work harder; perhaps one of the reasons for the instability in the results was the changes saw on the benches, last season almost all the teams changed their coach; and the tendency continues as, apart from Tito Ramallo at Deportivo B, only three of the eight teams that competed on last season are keeping the same trainer for the new campaign. The teams keeping their coaches from last season are Juvenil A (Secho), Cadete A (José Luis Devesa) and Alevin A (Fran Varela).

The list of coaches for the new season is:
Depor B: Tito Ramallo
Juvenil A: José M. Martínez, 'Secho'
Juvenil B: Juan Riveiro
Cadete A: José Luis Devesa
Cadete B: Jaime Sánchez
Infantil A: Juan Ignacio Subirán
Infantil B: Saúl Vázquez
Alevín A: Fran Varela
Alevín B: Ismael García
Benjamin: Juan Villamisar

Here the big novelty is the squad named “Benjamín”. It’s the newest and at the same time youngest team at Deportivo composed by 10-year-old players; the coach will be Juan Villamisar, who is coming from Galician amateur club Imperator.



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