04 Jul 2011
Left-back defender Raul Garcia talked to Sportpaper AS about his expectations on the Segunda season; he is hoping to gain a spot at the first team and been able to convince Oltra about his skills as a defender.

Q: I guess you needed good news after a very difficult season.
A: Yes, the season was the worst. Nobody expected to end that way. But now we need to look forward and think ahead. I am very happy for have renewed my contract and for this new opportunity.

Q: How did you live the relegation of Fabril?
A: I think that the best feeling that describes what happened is powerlessness. It was a very bad feeling. Besides, I was sent off in the last game and for that reason it was even harder.

Q: And Depor?
A: It was also a terrible feeling. I've always been a Depor’s fan and lived it on the stadium, as one more fan. The match against Valencia will be remembered forever.

Q: Did you thought about leaving the team as you were ending contract?
A: I knew that I was ending contract, but I wanted to stay at Deportivo, it was my first choice. I had offers from Segunda and Segunda B, perhaps earning more, but for me money is not everything. Here I am at home and at my team. Furthermore, it is a project that targets the promotion to Primera.

Q: Did you had the opportunity to speak with Oltra?
A: No, I haven’t talked with him. I guess we will meet during this week.

Q: Do you see yourself able to gain his confidence?
A: Absolutely. Now I just think in convincing Oltra about staying. Although I won’t be playing at the beginning, but the Segunda season is very long and everyone will have minutes. It's what you dream since your childhood. You never think you can get to this level, but I'm very close.

Q: Is the probable exit of Morel an extra motivation for you?
A: Motivation and desire are the same with or without Morel. Obviously I'll have more chances if we are two side defenders instead of three. I am eager and on Monday I will start to work at Abegondo in order to be fit when the team begins the pre-season.

Q: But for you the experience at the first team isn’t new.
A: I have been fortunate enough to have debuted and played five games at Primera, besides being in many list of picked players. That helps a lot. The sensations were good and everything is easier.

Q: And you won’t be the only B squad player during the pre-season, because Juan Carlos will be there too.
A: Yes, he’s an excellent player. It is helpful to see people coming up from the B team. It creates a family atmosphere and allows a faster adaptation.

Q: Do you contemplate the possibility of leaving loaned or is it too soon?
A: No for the moment. In my head the only idea is to stay at the first team. We´ll see what happens next. If at the end I have to go in order to have minutes I will accept it, but I don’t think about that yet.



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