10 Jul 2011
Josť Luis Oltra talked to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; the Valencian coach talked about the signings that he wants for his Depor and also of his impressions a few days before the start of the pre-season stage.

Q: In the case of the arrivals and departures, is the team as you imagined at this stage of the summer?
A: We are doing well, steadily, incorporating what we wanted to sign and taking what the market offers, with full guarantees. We are where we want to be. Iím satisfied and more than quiet, knowing that more people will come, but that everything will happen and that today things are like this, so we must accept it.

Q: Whatís more urgent, a new goalkeeper or a striker?
A: Everything is urgent and everything is necessary and they will come. We will sign both a goalie and a striker. This is what the club has told me, but I donít think we should have any hurry or urgency, because the hurries are usually bad counselors. What we need to do is try to succeed with the signings and that the people that will come will do it convinced that they can contribute and add things to the squad. In the two positions we are going to incorporate people, but everything at the right moment, slowly but without hurries, as we have done so far.

 Q: With a third reinforcement, apart from the other two, which would raise the number of signings to six, would be the team closed?
A: It depends if this new player is versatile, maybe yes. Then during the pre-season we can see things and detect any problem and the transfer window will still open. Surely we are working well and we must be calm.

Q: Do you contemplate the possibility of debuting in Cartagena without the new striker that you have demanded since joining Deportivo?
A: The market is open until August 31. There have been people who joined the team on the last week and even with the league already started, especially in recent years. It is not the situation we want and I have the feeling it wonít be the case, but why it canít happen? I donít know. It hasnít arrived yet and we will continue waiting.

Q: Lendoiro has publicly acknowledged that he negotiates for Xisco, do you aspire to have the Majorcan striker at Segunda?
A: He's one of the possibilities. I never talk about players who are not here, no matter if they were here in the recent past. Hopefully Xisco will come, but if not other player will come for that position. You know him well and I wonít discover him now. He isnít a player that I need to sell to the public. People already know how Xisco is and what he can bring to the team.

Q: So, he has your approval.
A: All the good players have my approval. Xisco has shown some good things and is one of the options that the club is managing, but he is not the only one, of course.

 Q: Are you starting to seek at the foreign market instead of the national in order to get that perfect striker?
A: I canít say. What we need to do is to bring a good one and we're on this. I donít look much the DNI [National identity card]. What matters is if he is good or not. If he is from here, good, and if is from there, then itís fine too.

Q: Morel was already told that he must search for another team, is it a problem if he stays?
A: A problem, no. He is under contract and I intend to obtain the best from all, but it isnít the ideal situation, although I prefer to speak personally with the footballer.

Q: But your idea for the left-back position is that Raul will be the replacement of Ayoze
A: More than the replacement, the idea is that the two of them can compete for the spot during the pre-season. As long as he doesnít leave, Morel is there too, but obviously he will have fewer options.

Q: Neither Bodipo counts, but he has contract and was called to join the team on July 24, will his return create an uncomfortable situation?
A: I always try to treat everyone in the best possible way and as long as he has a contract he will be a player of Deportivo. Everyone knows what I think and I'll tell the player when I see himÖ if ends coming. Everyone knows what the ideal situation is, but then the club must also seek for its interests and I will respect and abide the final decision. The player has to agree with that decision or fight against it, I do not know. These issues arenít my business. I am not going to get where they donít call me.

Q: Except from Guardado, who could start the pre-season before being transferred, is the idea to complete the league with the players that will make the pre-season stage?
A: That's the idea, actually if they are here at the beginning then they wouldnít move, because it will mean a disorder, but I am a man of the club and if there is an exit then we will deal with it, calmly, and will just change parts, although the ideal thing is to not see anyone leaving and that everyone starting could stay. That's what we want, but if an irresistible offer arrives then we will assume it.

Q: Do you have any slight hope that Adrian will be under your command?
A: With the law in the hand I think we have a chance, but even if they give us the reason we would have to reach an agreement, because the player will want to play on a club with higher aspirations, and we would have offers.

Q: Once inside the club do you notice the narrow margin of maneuver for Depor at the time of completing the signings?
A: Today, as things are, these are the same problems of the 95% of the Spanish clubs, except the big two. The rest are all tight, each one to their level, and in that sense I have no complaints. Depor is making a competitive squad, because in football, thankfully, not everything is related to the economic issue.

Q: Were the three signings made until now a petition of the coach?
A: The three signings are a matter of the club and I gave my approval. I've been asked, we have concluded that they were the best possible additions, but werenít made by me. Deportivo is always the side that makes the signs, not Jose Luis Oltra and neither Ernesto Bello. We all sign, in this case the club, which is the important thing.

Q: What do you think of the signings made by the other Segunda clubs?
A: We are all at the same height. The market is not making many moves. There are only a few transfers, because there is no money. We are where we want to be and Iím careless of what others think they have to do.

Q: Did you have doubts about how difficult it would be for the fans to absorb the relegation, do you think that it already passed?
A: I hope so. I do not know. What I already see is a very good reaction, a very positive momentum, a wonderful group of fans that leaves me pleasantly surprised and is proving to be fantastic. In that sense we canít make other thing than returning the love with work, effort, sacrifice and gratitude. At the same time I try to remember the counterpoint that Segunda Division is a very complicated league. The theme of the socios and the fans is very positive, but we will only win if we do the right things on the field.

Q: The liability grows knowing that so many people is excited
A: It demonstrates that the fans are more responsible in some way, but you have to deal with it naturally, with lots of peace and trying to avoid more added pressure. We may be the team to beat, but we must take advantage of it and to avoid this factor turning against us. I am delighted to take this challenge, but I will not put more pressure the group. It would be wrong.

Q: Is humility the key factor over everything?
A: Sure. We canít mislead people. The only thing that matters is doing a good pre-season and focus on the game at Cartagena, which is the first on the league. Then the competition itself will put you on your place and if we do things well then is more likely to put Depor where we want. There is a way for it and it isnít passing form achieving two wins, it goes through many victories, engaging a winning streak, knowing it will not be easy to win every game; just thinking of the victory of each week, that's the key. We will go game by game, with humility.



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