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16 May 2006
The season 2005/06 has been disappointing for the fans, but a new hope has born. The ceremony in which Deportivo has received the golden medal of the city is the first public act celebrating the <i>centenario</i>. It’s also the first ceremony between the club and La Coru?a's new city hall. A new collaboration between both institutions has started to grow.

The act has been understood as the first public act celebrating the centenario of the club. All the players, coaches, club's officials and the president of the club were present on Monday in order to receive the medal. The act took place in Mar?a Pita's palace. The motive for this celebration was to receive the golden medal of the city, one of the highest rewards that La Coru?a gives to its most important institutions.

Despite being an important occasion, the act was simple. The secretary read the resolution of the city council in which the decision of giving the gold medal was taken. Later Depor's president, Augusto C?sar Lendoiro, gave a speech thanking for the reward. The new major of the city, Javier Losada, closed the ceremony with a speech in which he thanked the contribution of the club to the city.

The speech of Lendoiro was marked with the illusion of the club about the improvement of the relationships with the city, as the president said at the beginning: "We know and want that in this day, the celebration of the first 100 years, will mark a difference  between the past and the future. We are entering into a period in which the changes are needed, for that reason we have put the necessary bases of the project. Let's hope that this ceremony will be the opportunity to unify the city and the hole Galicia province with its veteran and experienced club, for that very know phrase that says: the union makes us stronger."

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