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14 Jul 2011
José Luis Oltra gave his first press conference at Abegondo; he gave his first impressions on the team, while he hopes that Aranzubia and Colotto will stay; he also expects to see the exit of Morel and Guardado.

Deportivo trained on Wednesday at Abegondo; the players continued mixing the physical exercises with the tactical training. The physical exercises lasted one hour and later the tactical part lasted one and a half hour; after the morning’s session coach José Luis Oltra talked with reporters at the press room; it was his first press conference of the pre-season.

He was firstly thanking the support from the public on the first day of training, “It’s impressive. We all are surprised with it. There are no words to define what we are living. Now, we can only make them proud and we will offer our souls in every training session and in every match, because we all feel identified with the shield, the shirt and the club.”

Once again Oltra was saying that Deportivo is the main favourite in order to achieve the promotion, “It is true that we are the rival to beat and also the main favourite, because we are Depor, because we have the best stadium, the best group of fans, the biggest group of fans and also because we have a very good team… and we should assume it naturally, but you won’t get extra points from the federation with those factors in favour.”

“What we need to do is to work hard, to make a big sacrifice, to be united and to have a strong attitude, because this isn’t going to be a vacations trip and we aren’t going to win every match. It will be pretty hard to win any game; we will bleed and sweat, but making a comparison I believe that we are the [Real] Madrid and Barca of the league.” He added.

One of the things that have called the attention was the style of training of the Valencia coach as since the first sessions the team is mixing long physical sessions with long tactical practices, about the issue he said that, “You play football using a ball, so it is pretty hard to see me directing a practice without the ball. You will always notice it.”

About his first impression on the squad, Oltra said that, “It’s a delicious group, because there is a good environment and the feeling is good in order to work. They are pretty fine after spending their vacations period, and you can notice that the players are hopeful and willing to do things.”

Oltra also talked of the possible exits at the team, more precisely on the cases with Colotto and Aranzubia, “I am optimist and hope that they won’t leave, but this is football and sometimes a situation that you don’t expect it ends occurring. I understand that the decision is ours, they must continue and they seem convinced, calmed and hopeful towards the project, and that’s the important thing.”

But different is the situation with Guardado and Morel, “I was expecting to use other alternatives for the left-back position, but he [Morel] is a player of Depor unless other thing is decided. But we must remember that Ayoze, Raul, Manuel Pablo and Laure have played there. About Guardado, I understand the normal thing is that he won’t continue at the club and is good for everyone to see him leaving, though been selfish I would prefer to see him staying; we just hope that a good offer for both him and the club will arrive.”

Finally, the new Depor’s coach talked of the signings made so far, “We are going step by step, steadily… Ayoze is the player that I know the most, besides he is used to play on this league. He has played a lot of games at Primera and also at Segunda; he is an aggressive side defender and that also joins the attacks. Jesús Vázquez brings experience, leadership outside and inside the pitch; he is a good footballer and joins the attacks, so he is a very complete player. And Salomão brings imbalance, velocity and the hope as he is trying to demonstrate a lot of things.”



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