15 Jul 2011
Midfielder Álex Bergantiños talked to newspaper Xornal de Galicia and explained his expectations on the new season at Depor; the ex-Fabril is willing to convince the coach, to stay at the team and achieve the promotion to Primera.

Q: You lived the relegation of Depor at Gimnástic. What was the first thing that came to your mind at the time?
A: Especially, to think of the people from La Coruña, my family, my friends, everyone at Deportivo. In addition to suffer for me, I also suffered for them, because I knew people on here were having a bad moment. We spent twenty years at Primera. I practically have no memories of Depor at Segunda and knew it was a very hard hit for the city and I remembered all the people that I love.

Q: You were very important in the promotion with Xérez, will you repeat it with Depor? Do you think the team will conquer the promotion to Primera División?
A: It is the hope that I have, to be able to play at Depor and return to Primera, helping as much as possible. Clearly it is a very difficult league in which Depor is the team to beat, but we have to fight at the top in order to achieve it. We'll make a very good team with a squad that’s going to be very interesting and should aim to return Depor to Primera.
Q: How do you feel, as a player, to realize that every day there are more socios?
A: It's impressive to have more socios at Segunda than at Primera. This demonstrates that if there is something positive from the relegation, which shouldn’t be positive at all, is this phenomena. People have taken that feeling of togetherness saw within the last games of the past season. And that's what we have to try to repeat. We must now transmit the same feeling on the field to keep people hooked and to see that feeling continuing to grow.

Q: Do you think that Fabril could have more importance on this season?
A: I think that this trend has already changed a few years ago. Back when Depor was at the Champions League it was very difficult with the budgets had by the club. But at the time with Lotina and Caparrós the presence of the youth teams have been increasingly noticed. Gradually the B team is bearing fruits and each day there are more players formed at Abegondo.

Q: Was Tito Ramallo a key factor for your return to Depor?
A: Nobody has told me that I will stay. The only thing for sure is that, more or less, people told me that I can be part of the squad, but no one has confirmed it. That's also why I prefer to be cautious in this regard. I guess it's a matter of assessing all positions, both of Ernesto Bello as the one of the coach. Now, they will valorise during the pre-season if there’s room for me at the team. Tito was very important to me as a coach and I don’t know until which point he can influence in those decisions.

Q: How about Oltra?
A: I have no many references, but I was able to comment with a colleague at Gimnástic that was with him in the past and he spoke very highly of him. He told me that he is very close to the team and a good psychologist.



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