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16 Jul 2011
Currently eleven of the twenty-four players training with Oltra are coming out from Fabril or Juvenil A, but this number will be reduced during the regular season.

President Augusto César Lendoiro dreams with a Deportivo’s first team totally formed at Abegondo, and the reader might think that the dream has come true analyzing the composition of the current team working under the command of Oltra at the training pitch of Abegondo.

On this week twenty-four players have started the pre-season with the first team, and eleven of these men have passed through Fabril and Juvenil A: keepers Marc Martínez and David Gómez; defenders David Rochela, Diego Seoane, Laure and Raul Garcia; midfielders Álex Bergantiños, Iván Pérez, Juan Carlos and Juan Dominguez, plus striker Lassad Nouioui.

Some of the players have practically lived all their life at Abegondo, like the cases of central defender David Rochela or keeper David Gómez, while others like side defender Laure, striker Lassad or new commoner Marc Martínez arrived to Fabril and from there they made the jump to the first squad.

It means that the 45% of the players currently working at Abegondo have passed or are part of the youth teams, mainly Depor B; it is an impressive number, but it is deceiving, because big part of those players won’t be there for the regular season. Keepers Marc Martínez and David Gómez are there just because the club hasn’t signed yet a replacement for Aranzubia.

Winger/playmaker Iván Pérez has been told that he is free to search for a new destiny and it seems only a matter of time before he leaves, Álex Bergantiños was told that he will stay, but the midfielder himself has some doubts, while right-back defender Seoane and left-back Raul Garcia are on trial.

In the end only four players coming out from the youth teams have a secure place at Deportivo ahead of the season 2011/12: Laure, Rochela, Juan Dominguez and Lassad. Even coach Oltra has said that the main goal is the promotion and not to give a chance to the youngsters, this since the priority is to return to the elite, which requires experienced players. So, the impact that Fabril will have at the first team won’t be so big after all.

Maybe the big hope for the season is playmaker Juan Carlos Real, he barely trained with the first team on the past campaign, but was invited to make the pre-season with the first team, which means his big opportunity to gain a place at professional football.



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