17 Jul 2011
Fabrilís coach Tito Ramallo gave his first interview after starting the pre-season; he talked about several subjects related to the composition of the team ahead of the new campaign.

Tito Ramallo targets the promotion to Tercera, but without forgetting that the main goal of Depor B is to form players. That was the main conclusion of the interview gave by Fabrilís manager to Spanish website Quť bello es el fķtbol the following is a translation of the interview.

Q: Whatís the role of Deportivoís youth system in recent years and who do you think is the most promising player at the youth teams?
A: We are happy with the results that we are getting. The role of the youth schools is according with the number of years since the system exists, which is around the eight years. Since we arrived to Abegondo, and completed all the youth teams, I think that, approximately, twenty players have reached the first team. We are bringing players that are adding things to the squad and now, gradually, they must earn a more prominent role on it. As for customizing a player, I will never will do it, this in order to avoid unnecessary "pressure" over our young players.

 Q: With Fabril at Tercera, is Juvenil A the base of the squad?
A: We are starting the season with seven players that were at Juvenil A and they will have to work hard in order to fight for a spot against their team mates. In addition, the team was very young and although there are players who arenít starting with Fabril, they will be taking into account.

Q: Within the last seasons the plan was to see Fabril with a similar style than the first team, have you already talked with Oltra in order to keep this trend for the new season?
A: The B squads, including Fabril, have guidelines marked by a technical/tactical planning that took us five years to design and adjust. With the first team the basic ideas of combinative football are always present, despite the use of one system or the other. With Oltra, for now, I could only talk a couple of times, but as soon as he can be settled at the club then we will analyze those aspects.
Q: Who has been the best player that you have coached?
A: For me it is very difficult to answer this question, you must remember that I spent ten seasons on here and had the pleasure of helping in the formation of many players. Since I am at Fabril there have been twenty-three players who have reached the first team and each one had their virtues. I could not choose just one. Xisco, Iago, Rochela, Juan [Dominguez], Pita, Alex... canít be just one.

Q: Who will be the revelation at the team on this season?
A: You can never know the answer, because at this age the players of the B squad can make a major leap in their progression.

Q: Is it true that Devesa was sent to Cadete A because he had differences with you? [Devesa was the former coach of Juvenil A]
A: Totally false, during my two seasons as coordinator of the youth teams Devesa was the coach of Juvenil A. When Miguel Gamallo took charge of the job then he made the decisions that he considered were the right ones, including transferring Devesa to Cadete A, and I didnít participate in any of those decisions.

Q: Do you see Juan Carlos disputing a lot of minutes at Deportivo? Can he be a key player in a few years?
A: Juan Carlos is a player who is carrying a progression in his training, which is the reason why he will make the pre-season with the first team, and will be on his hand to convince Oltra about the fact that he deserves those minutes. If he continues to progress, and if his head stay focused, then he will be an important player for the future of Depor.

Q: Why Fernando and Iago Beceiro werenít promoted to Fabril? Will Dioni and Jona cut the way to [Alvaro] Lemos and Ńlex?
A: When decisions are made about players you take into account many factors: future prospects, training timing, phases they still have to accomplish, football and personal maturity ... Fernando is a player that had a chance at Fabril during last year and now needs to play thirty-five straight games on a single team, and possibly he wonít do it at Fabril, thatís why weíll try to loan him out to a Tercera team. Iago has to mature in some ways, so he can become a better player for the future. About the question of whether someone covers the spot of someone else I can say that the hurries are not good when you work with youth teams. No one covers anyone; everyone has their chance, but that opportunity needs to arrive at the precise moment.

Q: Speaking of Iago, there are high hopes on him, do you think that he will be a good professional?
A: Definitely he has the conditions to be a professional player, now he needs pause, patience and hard work.

Q: Dani Iglesias and goalkeeper David Gomez have been international players with the U-17 and U-16 team of Spain, which are great news for Deportivo. Do you think that they will continue at the national team? Do you think that thereís another player with the capacity to play for Spain?
A: We all hope to see them there, of course. The competence is very high, but I think that some of our players may get their chance.

Q: People like Rochela and Juan Dominguez must make a step forward on this year, do you see them consolidated at the first team?
A: I think it's their time, if they are unable to do it, then they will have to reconsider their future at Depor.

Q: Another player who is skillful, but that hasnít made the jump is Diego Vela. Do you see him playing with the first team?
A: Vela was playing with Fabril when he was still juvenile, this year he played many games at Segunda B despite the injuries. This must be his year of full maturity.

Q: Does the club has a team of scouts to watch people nationally or even in an international level or is it a specific task of the sporting director?
A: We donít have a network of scouts, but what we have is a large network of trusted contacts and then the sporting director bears the weight of this specific task.

Q: Do you think that signings as Lassad , or more recently BŁchel and Deak, may be repeated in the future? Donít you think that people from other countries would be interesting for the club?
A: Sure. The B team is not only for players from La CoruŮa and Galicia, we have to catch up the level of other clubs and open our doors to players from other places; of course, taking into account our financial limitations.

Q: What model of youth school do you prefer, Villarreal and Espanyol?
 A: Villarreal, they spend many millions. Espanyol is more in our line.

Q: Do you see as normal the treatment from Real Madrid to their youth system?
A:  Everyone does what they think is the best for their house. What is true is that Real Madrid takes out a very strong economic profit to their young players. In a sporting sense itís complicate to reach the high standards demanded by Real Madrid.

Q: What is the relationship of the club with agent Eugenio Botas? Heís the agent of people from the youth teams as Rochela and Insua. How can this factor affect the future of the players at the club?
A: The truth is that everything indicates that it is bad. Of course, I hope the young players wonít be affected by that.

Q: One of the new signings for Deportivo B is the Catalan side defender Adrian Gallego. Can you talk a little about this player and his future at the team?
A: He is a right-back with great power, he can play as a winger too and we have high hopes on him.

Q: The club has signed Joaquin Rodriguez for Juvenil A; he was picked two years ago with the Spanish U-16 team, but didnít renew for Sporting due to not sporting reasons. Do you think this player can perform with Fabril in the future?
A: When a player joins our teams is because we believe that he can reach Fabril. Then, of course, some reach the B team while others donít, but that happens here as in any other B squad in Spain.

Q: An on next year, Deportivo at Primera and Fabril at Segunda B?
A: I am convinced of this, but more importantly itís to see Depor reaching that goal. Fabril, beyond other competitive goals, it has training goals, which are more important than the competitive ones. So I would add that, hopefully, Fabril will reach the promotion, but that above all it will help the players to grow up and become useful for the first team. That's the important thing.



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