18 Jul 2011
New signing Diogo Salom„o talked La Voz de Galicia and analysed his first days at Deportivo; he isnít afraid of the pressure and hopes to achieve the promotion to Primera.

Q: How is you adaptation to the team?
A: So far itís very good. I had a good feeling coming from the clubís officials, the coach, the coaching staff... the reception was pretty, even with the doctors. Now let's think about working hard to be fit as quickly as possible.

 Q: What surprised you the most in the first days?
A: The reception from the fans. In the first training day we had 1,500 fans, always giving us tremendous support, which is very important.

Q: Aranzubia gives you a ride to the trainings. Is he also your guide in La CoruŮa?
A: Yes, he comes to the hotel in order to pick Ayoze, Jesus [Vazquez] and me. It is a great support because he knows the city. It's been a great help to us.

Q: Will you seek to live in an apartment or in a hotel?
A: Apartment. The club is helping me to find a home in a good area; and my friends are also lending me a hand. Now I have chosen some houses to visit and decide.

Q: What are your first impressions with Oltra?
A: I think heís a very good coach. He knows what he wants and I'm sure it will help the club to achieve the goal of the promotion.

Q: Oltra himself said at a news conference that, among the new signings, he was pleased with you. He said youíre fast and vertical, with control over the ball...
A: Yes, exactly. Those are my characteristics, especially the speed, and the truth is that I am very happy to hear that the coach has noticed and valorized it.

Q: In Portugal people emphasize your speed. Did you try athletics rather than football?
A: No, no. Just football. Iíve been playing since Iím six. I started playing as a boy in my local club, Estrela Amadora, and from there, thank God, I have been going up.

Q: In your presentation with Depor you said that your style is similar to Ryan Giggs.
A: Well, this is the comparison made by my friends. I donít know if that's the general impression given by my game, but I donít think so. It's what people tell me.

Q: Are you afraid to create too many expectations on the fans?
A: No. I like the pressure; it is good for me, because it forces you to try harder and want to reach the limit of your ability.

Q: Do you prefer to make an assist or to score a goal?
 A: I'd rather prefer to score a goal, of course! But giving assists is also very good.

Q: When was the first time you heard about Depor?
A: From an early age. Deportivo is well known throughout Portugal, especially in Lisbon, where the team is very famous.

Q: When people mentioned you the possibility of coming to Deportivo, was an immediate decision or did you have to think a lot about it?
A: Well, you always need to think a lot about these things, but it was a possibility that I had in my mind as first choice, no doubt about it.

Q: Are you already surprised with any of your new team-mates for their technique or level?
A: We barely have played together yet, so itís too early to notice such details. I do believe that itís an experienced and serious group.

Q: As a young man you were a close friend of Jorge Andrade, have you spoken to him before arriving at Deportivo?
A: Yes. My cousin is a journalist in Portugal and he is a great friend of Jorge Andrade, so every time they played football I was there with them. Although I was very young I tried to playÖ so we met. He has helped me to know the city and told me the best places to live.

Q: So, were you surpassing Andrade?
A: Nah, it was impossible [he laughs]. We just made some passes.

Q: Do you have any memories of the Champions League semi-final played between Porto and Deportivo?
A: I remember the two teams, but not much about the game.

Q: Not even the incident between Andrade and Deco?
A: Ah yes, now that you mention it.

Q: Here you are lucky enough to coincide with another Portuguese player, Ze Castro. What have you talked with him?
A: 'We've been in contact, because we speak the same language. I'm sure he will help me to quickly integrate. I knew that he was a very good central defender, and that he already debuted with the Portuguese national team during his best sporting moment. I am very happy for him and I'm sure itís going to be a pleasure to share this year with him.



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