20 Jul 2011
Midfielder Jesús Vázquez talked to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and explaining his expectations on the Segunda campaign, for him the key is to be a regular team throughout the season.

Q: What about the feelings on the first days?
A: Well, the feelings were good and positive. I have been meeting the team-mates, they also get to know me and, in general, I am very happy. I knew that if I was coming here I was going to be part of the new guys, but it’s a pretty challenge and am eager to try and contribute as much as possible, so things can work out.
Q: José Luis Oltra said that you have the charisma to take the role of team leader, do you see it like that?
A: I try to help, to give my best and bring things, both inside and outside the pitch, because in this way things are much easier. Not that I consider myself as a leader, but always will try to help the partner that I have at my side and will provide such help, because I think it's better for everyone.

Q: How would you define yourself?
A: I consider myself a hard worker and a consistent player. Hopefully I would always have a high level in order to help the team to achieve the goal and make things easier. But I neither want to praise myself. I will try to be one more player at the team, to see things working out.

Q:As an expert at Segunda División, have you explained to your colleagues how the league is?
A: Yes and the coach is also commenting it on these days. It is a very long season for the games that you have to face and the team has to be more constant. It gives time for many things, for example, to transform a losing streak into a winning one, so you can’t lower the arms, because you can be hooked again in future matches. The key is to be regular, because the league is long.

Q: Oltra affirms that at Segunda it is also possible to play good football, do you share the opinion?
A: Yes, there are teams that have practiced good football and I believe that things are changing on this league. It is true that before it was different, the players were of the same style, but the new coaches are changing a bit the philosophy and football is a bit more daring. In recent seasons the teams have been playing good football and, throughout the season, that could also be our idea as a team.

Q: Is Depor the team to beat?
A: A priori yes, but that is something that is in our hands and we have to prove it. When we play with any rival they will want to beat us, everyone is going to be highly motivated. We have to show that we are better than the opponent and that we want to win the games. Maybe it's extra work, but it is in our hand.

Q: Can this condition be a big weight for the team?
A: It’s up to us to see the team improving. It is what we have to try. That’s going to be difficult? Absolutely. At Primera it isn’t easy to win against any rival and at Segunda is the same. But whatever it is, it’s going to depend on us and is our responsibility.

Q: Can the response of the fans be a pressure for the team?
A: I personally like it that way, to see this response. You feel responsible with that, to give back to the fans what they're giving to us. There’s the desire to return it, because they are behaving and doing well. It isn’t easy to live their situation and the truth is that they are cheering us up. Hopefully soon we are going to give back everything to them and that it can be a pleasant year for everyone.

Q: Although there are ups and downs throughout the season, is important for the team to start with a positive streak?
A: Yes, but it matters everything. I hope we start well, also that we will be fine and that the end could be good. It would be ideal, but it is important that we can focus on the first game, the first three points at stake and try to win it, and so every week. This is very long and can’t think that everything is done when we win two games at the beginning, or that everything is lost if we lose two games. We must be constant, every Sunday we play for three points and we must go game by game.



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