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28 Jul 2011
New win for Deportivo on the pre-season; once again no big conclusions can be extracted from a match against a shy rival. David Gómez, Ínsua and David Cubillas Peńa debuted, this last one even scored a goal.

Coach José Luis Oltra continued testing a 4-2-3-1 formation, but the big novelties was to witness the debut of Juvenil A players David Gómez (goalkeeper) and Pablo Ínsua (central defender). Both youngsters were fine, although Deportivo didn’t face any problem at defense. Because, as it happened in the previous two friendly matches, Tercera rival Negreira SD allowed Depor to play at will.

Another novelty at the starting eleven was to see Laure performing as a right winger, the rest can be considered as the normal formation for the upcoming season, with Manuel Pablo covering the right-back spot, experienced Colotto joining young Ínsua at the centre of the defense, while Ayoze covered the left. Jesús Vázquez and Ruben Pérez were the two pivotes, Valerón was the playmaker in the formation, Guardado the left winger and Riki the central attacker.

Depor had the ball possession throughout the ninety minutes, with Riki pretty active in attack and he was the best player during the first part; his first attempt was a disallowed goal due to an offside, then the Madrilenian was trying to assist Jesús Vázquez, but the Andalusian midfielder didn’t reach the ball at the box (5’).

And the reward for Riki didn’t last too much, because soon he scored the first goal for Deportivo. It was a collective play that ended with a cross of Ayoze coming from the left, Jesús Vázquez found the ball and released a shot that hit the post, then Riki just had to push the ball in.

Just two minutes later a combination between Guardado and Riki allowed Valerón to score with a header, but again the goal was disallowed due to an offside. And the second goal came a few minutes later, again it was scored by Riki, who didn’t find any problem to resolve a one-on-one play against local keeper Adrián Albor and after collecting a long-range pass of Guardado during a counterattack

Then the game became stuck at midfield, until Rubén Pérez almost scores a goal from long distance (35’). It was just a warning as Deportivo was going to score two straight goals within the final five minutes of the first part. The first came after Guardado assisted Ayoze, who later released an accurate cross that Laure headed into the net as he was coming from behind.

Two minutes later Riki was scoring his hat-trick in the game after collecting a new long-range pass, this time released by Valerón. In this way the Madrilenian has added six goals to his tally during the pre-season.

For the second part, Oltra didn’t change the scheme, but as he did in the past two matches, ten of the eleven players were replaced. Seoane entered to cover the right-back position, Raul Garcia did it on the left, while the central defenders were Aythami and Rochela. Juan Carlos and Álex Bergantińos were the two pivotes, Saul covered the right wing, Salomăo played on the left, Pablo Álvarez was the playmaker in the scheme, while striker David Cubillas made his debut with the first team after signing for Fabril a few weeks ago.

And Cubillas just lasted three minutes in scoring his first goal after collecting a great pass coming from Salomăo. The Portuguese winger was the best player in the second part, and just a few minutes later he was scoring his first goal at Depor after finding the ball at the box and after meeting a cross of Saúl coming from the right.

Juan Carlos also showed his class with a solo-play in which he eluded four rivals, but was unable to shot on target from inside the box (58’). Ten minutes later Salomăo was close to score his second goal in the game, but local keeper Albor saved his short-range attempt.

The Portuguese winger had other two opportunities to score the seventh goal in the game, but who did it in the end was Saúl, who released a strong shot from the edge of the area that went into the top-right corner of Negreira’s keeper.

It was the third friendly on the pre-season, and once again it is hard to extract any conclusion from it as the rival barely disturbed Deportivo. Perhaps the best news is to witness the debut of three young players, and to realize that the three first signings for the new season – Salomăo, Jesús Vázquez and Ayoze- are already integrated into the team. The next friendly match will be played on Saturday, it will be again AS Pontes (O Poboado, 19h30 CET).

Lineup first half: David Gómez -  Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Ínsua, Ayoze - Jesús Vázquez, Rubén Pérez - Laure, Valerón, Guardado – Riki
Lineup second half: David Gómez - Seoane, Aythami, Rochela, Raúl - Juan Carlos, Álex - Saúl, Pablo Álvarez, Salomăo - Cubillas.
Goals: 0-1: (12’) Riki, 0-2: (19’) Riki, 0-3: (41’) Laure, 0-4: (43’) Riki, 0-5: (48’) Cubillas, 0-6: (53’) Salomăo, 0-7: (87’) Saul
Venue: Xesús Garcia Calvo (2,500)



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