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31 Jul 2011
New examination without requiring an excessive sacrifice; Oltra used an alternative squad during big part of the game, with eight players that have passed through Fabril. The true is that it was a boring match without too much excitement.

Coach José Luis Oltra tested an alternative team during big part of the confrontation against Tercera club CD As Pontes; the formation was presenting several surprises in attack, with Laure acting as a winger and Pablo Álvarez as a central striker; perhaps that was the reason why Depor missed depth during big part of the encounter. Still, Oltra was praising the performance of his team.

As it happened in the previous three friendly games, Oltra presented a 4-2-3-1 formation; it was expected that German Lux was going to debut, but instead Fabril’s Marc Martinez was the goalie; while the defense was a line completely formed at Fabril: Diego Seoane covered the right side, Raul Garcia did it on the left, while the central defenders were David Rochela and Pablo Ínsua.

At midfield, Juan Carlos and Álex Bergantiños were the two pivotes, then Laure performed at the right wing, Salomão played on the left, Saul was three playmaker and Pablo Álvarez the improvised central attacker. In the end eight of the eleven starters in the game have passed through Deportivo B.

The first scoring opportunity was for Depor, it was a direct free-kick that Saul smashed into the wall (4’); two minutes later Saul appeared again with a cross from the right that was heading inside the area by Pablo Álvarez, but he missed the target.

Those were the only two approximations within the first twenty minutes, in the rest of the time Depor was stuck at midfield against a rival that neither wanted to attack, perhaps a product of the lack of ideas in a team without the figure of a central attacker.

Depor arrived to the opposite goal until minute 20 after a cross of Seoane that was headed out by Saul. The first half was completely boring as both teams were missing a lot of passes; the next scoring chance came until minute 39 and it turned to be the first goal of the game, moment when Laure made a long play on the right side to end releasing a cross that Pablo Álvarez sent into the back of the net.

The surprise is that there were no modifications for the second half; in the past three friendly matches Oltra modified ten of the eleven starters at half-time, but now he kept the same team. And things didn’t change as Depor was still stuck at midfield and its lonely scoring opportunity within the first ten minutes was a wide header of Ínsua (54’).

But then Deportivo found out the second goal in the game; it came after Salomãostarted the play assisting Pablo Álvarez, who later sent a cross from the left that Álex Bergantiños connected from inside the area and into the back of the net.

At this point Oltra ordered the players on the bench to start the warming exercises, while on the field the only distraction for the fans at the stands was to witness some sparkles coming from Juan Carlos and Salomão.

Then the Valencian coach ordered nine changes, all were made at the same time (minute72); the only players that stayed were goalkeeper Marc and midfielder Juan Carlos. Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Aythami, Ayoze, Rubén Pérez, Valerón, Guardado, Riki and Bruno Gama entered into the pitch. The last one was making his debut after signing for Depor at the middle of the week.

And the third goal for Deportivo came just three minutes after these multiple changes; Valerón assisted Bruno Gama, who bet the keeper with his shot, a defender cleared the danger at the goal line, but Riki was there to claim the rebound and score his seventh goal on the pre-season from close range.

The true is that the 1,000 fans at the stands saw more scoring opportunities within the final fifteen minutes than in the rest of the match; ten minutes before the final whistle Guardado missed the target with his crossed shot after an assist of Valerón, later El Flaco headed out a corner-kick of the Mexican (85’), while Riki missed the target after collecting a pass of Bruno Gama (88’).

Despite the poor impression left on the grass, Oltra was satisfied with what he saw, ”This has been the most complete game on the pre-season, some of the players that we are preparing have worked out and I am happy with that."

Deportivo Marc Martinez – Seoane (Manuel Pablo 72’), Rochela (Colotto 72’), Insua (Aythami 72’), Raúl Garcia (Ayoze 72’) – Álex Bergantiños (Rubén Pérez), Juan Carlos – Laure (Bruno Gama 72’), Saúl (Valerón 72’), Salomão (Guardado 72’) – Pablo Álvarez (Riki 72’).
Goals: 0-1: (39’) Pablo Álvarez, 0-2 (58’) Álex Bergantiños 0-3: (75’) Riki
Venue: O Poboado (1,000)



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