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03 Aug 2011
Fifth friendly game for Depor on the pre-season; Oltra presented a squad that could be considered as the starting team for Segunda, but this time his men lacked aim. It was until the coach made ten changes that they scored the goals.

Deportivo presented a 4-2-3-1 that perfectly could be considered as the starting eleven for the Segunda season; Aranzubia was out with a muscular injury, therefore Argentine German Lux was making his debut with Depor. Manuel Pablo was the right-back defender, Ayoze played on the left and the central defenders were Colotto and Aythami.

At midfield, Jesús Vázquez and Rubén Pérez were the two pivotes in the scheme, Portuguese Bruno Gama was covering the right wing, Guardado performed on the left, Valerón was the playmaker and Riki the central attacker. Meanwhile, rival CD Lugo was presenting two familiar faces: ex-Fabril keeper Diego Rivas and ex-Depor B midfielder Carlos Pita.

It seemed it was going to be a different start for Deportivo compared to the previous four friendly matches, because Lugo was an ambitious team at the beginning. The locals had the ball possession within the first ten minutes and they sought to harm debutant Lux with crosses and long passes searching for Monti.

However, the first big chance was for Deportivo as Andrés Guardado released a crossed shot that was saved by ex-Fabril Diego Rivas (13’). The Mexican winger was one of the most active players during the first half, but he was still hearing chants against him, though this time the insults were coming from the public that was supporting Lugo.

After the first opportunity the visitors took command of the actions and they were the closer side to score a goal. At minute 20, Bruno Gama assisted Valerón at the edge of the area, but the shot of the veteran playmaker missed the target. Two minutes later Guardado appeared again to steal the ball at midfield, but his pass to Riki was too long.

The best chances for Deportivo came at the middle of the first half, at minute 31 Valerón assisted Bruno Gama, who made a solo-play, but his shot was too easy for Diego Rivas. Two minutes later Guardado was releasing a cross that found Riki alone at the box, but the final attempt of the Madrilenian attacker hit the crossbar.

In the next play, Aitor responded with a shot from close range that was saved by Lux. The last interesting play in the half was a new combination between Valerón and Bruno Gama that allowed Riki to shot from close range, but again Diego Rivas made the save.

There were no changes at half-time and Depor continued with the same starting eleven; as it happened in the first part Lugo had the initiative within the first minutes with attempts from Ismael and Monti. The first approximation of Depor in this half was a long-range shot of Guardado that went over the crossbar (53’).

Five minutes later Bruno Gama was collecting a cross of Riki, but the Portuguese winger missed the target. In the next play Riki attempted to chip the ball after an assist of Valerón, but the ball went over the crossbar.

As it happened in the first part, Deportivo was growing with the pass of the minutes, but the team was presenting an alarming lack of aim, though the combination of Riki, Bruno Gama, Guardado and Valerón left a positive impression. At minute 67, Guardado assisted Manuel Pablo, but his shot missed the target.

After this play, Depor made ten modifications; the only player that stayed on the pitch was goalkeeper Lux. Laure was performing at the right-back position, Seoane played on the left and the central defenders were Rochela and Ze Castro. Álex Bergantiños and Juan Carlos were the two pivotes, Salomão played on the left wing, Saúl did it on the right, Pablo Álvarez was the playmaker in the formation and Lassad was the central attacker.

And the fresh legs pushed Deportivo to the final victory; first Pablo Álvarez was close to score with a shot that hit the right post and that went into the opposite direction without crossing the goal line. But two minutes later ‘The Shark’ scored the first goal for the visitors as Lassad seized a big error of Diego Rivas after a bad clearance, then he assisted the winger and he scored from close range.

Just two minutes later the visitors doubled the advantage thanks to a long-range shot of Saúl. The final ten minutes were pretty comfortable for Deportivo, with Salomão been the mean threat for Lugo, but the scoresheet didn’t change.

Lugo: Diego Rivas - Aitor, Garrido, Belforti, Manu - Pita, Rubén García - Luismi, Monti, Ismael – Iván. Also played: Quero, Beloncosa and Alberto
Deportivo: Lux – Manuel Pablo (Laure 70’), Colotto (Rochela 70’), Aythami (Ze Castro 70’), Ayoze (Seoane 70’) -  Rubén Pérez (Juan Carlos 70’), Jesús Vázquez (Álex Bergantiños 70’) – Bruno Gama (Saúl 70’), Valerón (Pablo Álvarez 70’), Guardado (Salomão 70’) – Riki (Lassad 70’).
Goals: 0-1: (75’) Pablo Álvarez, 0-2: (77’) Saúl
Venue: Anxo Carro (1,800)



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