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05 Aug 2011
Sixth victory on the pre-season for Depor; as it happened against Lugo, Oltra’s team had big problems against a tough rival and it was until the final minutes that the team was able to certify the win.

One more time coach José Luis Oltra was presenting a 4-2-3-1 formation; Aranzubia was in La Coruña injured (quadriceps problem), therefore German Lux had a new chance at Depor’s goal. Diego Seoane was the left-back defender, Laure performed on the right side, while the central defenders were David Rochela and Ze Castro.

At midfield, Rubén Pérez and Juan Carlos were the two pivotes on the formation; Saul Fernandez was the right winger, Portuguese Salomão played on the left, Pablo Álvarez appeared once again as the playmaker in the scheme and was also the captain of the team, and Lassad Nouioui was the central attacker.

This was the sixth friendly game of the pre-season, but it was the first played outside of Galicia. Also, Depor wore for the first time the second kit for the season 2011/12, which is the orange shirt. Real Oviedo was making its presentation in front of its fans, but only 1,804 fans were at the Carlos Tartiere (capacity for 22,500). The fans are upset for the way in which president Alberto González has managed the situation of an historic club that’s living at Segunda B and called to boycott the match.

It was a copy of the previous friendly game with Lugo, because during the first half the rival was well placed on the pitch and Deportivo barely had scoring opportunities. The situation changed for the second part as the Asturians put its substitutes over the grass, while Depor sent its best men for the final twenty minutes. It’s the key to understand why Deportivo ended clinching a comfortable win.

The game started with a distraction of Laure that allowed a combination between Xavi More and Óscar Martínez, but the defense cleared the danger (5’). The first minutes were equal as both sides were trying to take the control over the actions. At minute 9, Xavi Moré was searching for Rubiato with a cross coming from the left, but Rochela cleared the danger.

The response of Deportivo was a cross of Pablo Álvarez searching for Salomão, but the Portuguese winger missed the ball. At minute 12, Rubiato found the ball inside the area after a corner-kick, but his shot was stopped by Lux. Oviedo was feeling pretty comfortable on the pitch; it was controlling midfield territory and it put Deportivo in troubles.

Oviedo had a new chance at minute 27 through as header of Rubiato after a cross of Pascual, but Lux made the save. Just two minutes later Saul had a great chance to claim the lead for Depor; the Asturian winger threw a direct free-kick and his drilling shot passed under the wall and hit the far post of local keeper Francisco Lledó, then defender Juan Manuel Marrero Juanma cleared the ball to corner-kick.

In the rest of the first part, Oviedo was the side pushing strongly, but it was unable to create more scoring opportunities. Deportivo had one chance with a long-range shot of Pablo Álvarez, but Lledó made the save (41’). Two minutes before Saul was replaced by Bruno Gama due to injury reasons. It was later reported that Saul sustained a hamstring problem, but the spokesman of the club, Rafa Carpacho, told to Riazor.org that it wasn’t an important injury.

For the second half Fabril’s keeper Marc Martinez replaced Lux, who had a muscular problem during the first part (quadriceps), while the Asturians changed the entire squad putting several youngsters form the B squad. The fresh legs of the local players gave some impulse to Oviedo, but with the pass of the minutes the experience of the Galicians turned to be the leading force in the game; the first big chance in the second part was for Lassad, who collected a pass of Pablo Álvarez inside the area, but his crossed shot missed the target, just when he was alone against keeper Dani Barrio (10’).

But Lassad didn’t miss the second chance that came to his boots; he received an assist of Bruno Gama inside the area, eluded local keeper Dani Barrio and scored the goal from close range. It is his third goal on the pre-season. In the next play the visitors were close to double the advantage after a solo-play of Juan Carlos, but the local defense cleared the danger.

After the goal Deportivo was feeling more comfortable on the pitch as it was releasing dangerous counterattacks, like the one started by Bruno Gama, who assisted Juan Carlos, but the shot of the youngster hit a rival (65’), or like the counterattack of Pablo Álvarez in which the Asturian winger couldn’t send a proper cross as Lassad was waiting at the box (69’).

Then, Oltra made nine substitutions and only Lux and Bruno Gama stayed on the pitch. Argentine Lux was the keeper, Ayoze was the left-back defender, Manuel Pablo performed on the right, while Colotto and Aythami were the central defenders. Álex and Jesús Vazquez were the pivotes, Bruno Gama played on the right wing, Guardado was on the left, Valerón was the playmaker and Riki the central attacker.

And just four minutes later after the multiple changes the Galicians found the second goal, it was a great pass of Valerón that left Riki alone against Dani Barrio, and the Madrilenian didn’t miss from close range to conquer his eighth goal of the pre-season.

The third goal came just some minutes later, Guardado made a great play at the edge of the area, then he assisted Bruno Gama, who entered into the area from the right to drill the ball and score his first goal as a Depor’s player. In the final minutes Oviedo had the chance to reduce the distance in the scoresheet, but Martins missed the target after a great play of Álvaro (83’), while defender César Negredo hit the crossbar after heading a corner-kick (85’).

Depor travels now to Castile and Leon in order to play the Trofeo de la Galeta against Rayo Vallecano; it can be considered as the first major exam for Depor on the pre-season as it is facing a Primera team. The match will be played at the Aguilar de Campoo stadium (Saturday, 19h00 CET).

Real Oviedo: (4-4-2) Lledó - Juanpa, Owona, Juanma, Candela - Xavi Moré, Aitor Sanz, Pascual, Abasolo – Rubiato, Oscar Martínez. In the second half the lineup was: Dani Barrio - Joaquín Peña, Negredo, Jorge Rodríguez, Álvaro - Jandrín, Josu (Pelayo 64’), Falcón, Pablo Espina – Ricki, Martins
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux (Marc Martínez 45’) – Laure (Manuel Pablo 70’), Rochela (Aythami 70’), Zé Castro (Colotto 70’), Seoane (Ayoze 70’) - Rubén Pérez (Álex 70’), Juan Carlos (Jesús Vázquez 70’) – Saúl (Bruno Gama 39’), Pablo Álvarez (Valerón 70’), Salomão (Guardado 70’) – Lassad (Riki 70’)
Goals: 0-1: (57’) Lassad, 0-2: (74’) Riki, 0-3: Bruno Gama (82’)
Referee: López Abelleira. He showed yellow card to Saul (23’)
Venue: Carlos Tartiere (1,804)



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