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18 May 2006
Several movements will occur inside of Depor's squad. At least according to Caparr??s's announcments. Now president Lendoiro is trying to solve the puzzle; players going out and players coming in, presents a general perspective of what is going on inside of the club.

The first ones leaving the club are the players ending contract: Molina, C?©sar, Romero, Dani Mallo, V?­ctor and Jes??s Mu?±oz. Of this list two players have the possibility of a renovation.  The first one is V?­ctor, but he has assured that the offer that Lendoiro presented to him is 'inadequate'.  The media in Spain believes that this renovation will not happen. The other one is Dani Mallo, Caparr??s accepts him, but until now the club hasn’t spoke with the Galician player.

A second list is composed of those players that don't count for Caparr??s and that still have a contract with the club: Acu?±a, Momo, Rub?©n Castro, Trist??n, Mun??a, Pablo Amo, Scaloni and Taborda. Lendoiro wants to negotiate their exit, this is a key aspect since the club can't incorporate new players without leaving empty spaces.

The easiest cases are Scaloni and Trist??n. The Argentinean has satisfied the expectations of West Ham and the Hammers are ready to present an offer. The Sevillan striker has lost some credit with his performances lately, but he is still enjoying a good reputation in England, for the moment Lendoiro is exploring the British market searching for offers. The other six cases seem difficult because they didn't play too much in the current season and Lendoiro will have to work hard with them.

Without the discarded players, Caparr??s has 14 players for the new season: Dani Mallo, H?©ctor, Manuel Pablo, Juanma, Coloccini, Andrade, Capdevila, Duscher, Sergio, Munitis, Valer??n, Iago, De Guzm??n and Arizmendi. But this list isn't definitive. Lendoiro could obtain good offers for Duscher, Andrade and Capdevila. If an interesting proposal arrives, Depor's president will not think twice about accepting the deal and Caparr??s knows it. It's also known that De Guzm??n and Arizmendi could be sent off since their presence isn't a priority to Caparr??s, they could be used as exchange for other players.

The list of possible reinforcements is bigger everyday, but for the moment nothing has been confirmed. Of the three names that were previously confirmed (Lopo, Juan Rodriguez and Pablo Alvarez), only one seems to be near to happening: Pablo Alvarez. The Galician winger will be out until December and Depor is waiting to see the end of the season in Segunda in order to announce the deal. The other two cases aren't clear although that it's expected that Depor will try to close the deals soon.

Maybe the most clear position that needs a reinforcement is the goalkeeper’s roll. Molina is out and Mun??a doesn't count, for that reason Caparr??s needs a new player to cover at least one spot (two could arrive if Dani Mallo isn't renewed). Lendoiro seems interesting in signing a keeper ending contract with other clubs (Bizarri, Cobe?±o or Riesgo), but the latest rumours also appoints that Depor could try to buy one in the market. The names of Aoute, Kameni and Moya have been mentioned in the papers.

For the rest of positions the list of names is endless: Alexis, Gabi, Molinero, Jurado, Soldado, Mark Gonz??lez, Nene, Nino, Uche, Riki, Xabi Prieto... the only certain thing is that the club will try to incorporate fresh blood to the squad, but the names and the number of reinforcements will depend of two important things: the exit of players from the current team, and the money that Lendoiro will be able to put over the table.

It seems that the cases in which Lendoiro is more interested are Uche and Riki. The papers wrote several pages each day relating the most recent news about these two cases, the most hard negotiation seems to be for Uche. The Nigerian striker wants to join Depor, but it’s clear that Recreativo will not let him go easily, at the end the transfer could be blocked as it happened one year ago. With Riki the situation is more simple, Getafe is open to negotiate and the only task is to present a convincing offer for the player.

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