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11 Aug 2011
Eighth friendly game and first draw for Depor on the pre-season; it was also the worst game so far for Oltra’s men. The team had a lot of problems to create scoring opportunities while it suffered a lot at defense.

Oltra presented again a 4-2-3-1 formation, but this time, and as it was expected as the starting team will face Sevilla FC on Sunday, the starting eleven was full of novelties and variants. 17-year-old David Gómez was the starting keeper, Laure performed at the right-back position, Ze Castro and Rochela were the central defenders, while Diego Seoane covered the left sector.

Aythami Artiles was the big novelty as the Canarian central defender was joining Jesús Vázquez at the centre of midfield, Pablo Álvarez performed on the right wing, Salomăo did it on the left, Juan Carlos was the playmaker in the formation and Tunisian Lassad Nouioui was the central attacker.

The rival was Racing de Ferrol, a Tercera neighbor that was playing its tournament, the Concepción Arenal trophy, in front of its fans. Ex-Fabril goalie Marcos Valín was on the bench and entered at the last minute and was the goalie during the shootout, while but former Depor defender, José Manuel Aira, was part of the starting squad.

And Racing Ferrol did what no other rival did against Depor on this pre-season: to push strongly in attack. The visitors were having a lot of problems to control the ball and barely made three straight passes. Meanwhile the locals were having the first two scoring opportunities within the first five minutes, the main one was a crossed shot of Gustavo that missed the target (3’).

Depor’s first approximation came at minute 9 as Juan Carlos released a shot from the edge of the area after a solo-play, but he missed the target. And Racing de Ferrol scored its goal in the next play, Gustavo Terleira seized an error or Rochela to gain the ball and score the goal releasing a crossed shot that defeated David Gomez.

The goal didn’t awoke Deportivo as Oltra’s team was not having the ball possession, and in the next ten minutes the only approximation of the visitors was a free-kick of Pablo Álvarez that Aythami sent over the crossbar (13’).

The best chance for Depor in the first half came at minute 25; it was a counterattack started by Jesús Vázquez and that ended with Salomăo attempting to score with a crossed shot, but his attempt missed the target.

Clearly the scheme of Oltra, full of substitutes, youngsters and with players performing out of their natural position, wasn’t working; Seoane had a lot of problems trying to block the attacks by the left flank, Juan Carlos wasn’t the guide of the team, while Aythami was lost playing at midfield.

Meanwhile, Pablo Álvarez and Salomăo were the only ones trying to create some harm as they were pretty active on the wings, but they missed a proper connection with Lassad, who barely touched the ball on this match.

The only chance for Deportivo within the final fifteen minutes was a play of Salomăo that ended with a short-range attempt from Juan Carlos, but a defender cleared the danger (39’). In the next play Racing Ferrol almost double its advantage after a short-range shot of David Rey, but David Gomez made the save.

For the second part Oltra ordered two changes, both at the centre of the pitch; Valerón and Álex Bergantińos replaced Aythami and Jesús Vázquez. With the moves Juan Carlos delayed his position on the pitch and joined Álex on the pivote functions, while El Flaco was now the playmaker in the formation.

Depor had the first opportunity in the second part; it was a direct free-kick of Pablo Álvarez that local keeper Francisco Fernandez ‘Paco’ cleared to corner-kick (49’). But the true is that the game of Deportivo didn’t change too much as the visitors were having a lot of problems in order to reach the opposite goal, the locals didn’t have the ball possession, but looked more dangerous with their quick attacks, as example the counterattack in which Pablo Rey was close to drill a dangerous cross that was cleared to corner-kick (58’).

Precisely that was the main problem for Deportivo: the counterattacks. Because Oltra’s men were losing the ball pretty easy at midfield, which allowed Racing to quickly release counterattacks that left the impression that Depor’s defense was misplaced on the pitch. Meanwhile, the attacks from the visitors were solo-plays, like the shot of Lassad that missed the target (62’).

Then Ayoze entered into the pitch in order to replace Ze Castro; the move didn’t change the draw, instead Seoane moved to the centre and joined Rochela as the defensive couple on the sector. Depor was still having problems up front and its first shot on target on the game came until minute 73, it was a drilling shot of Álex stopped by Paco.

The best moment in the game came within the final ten minutes, because Deportivo pushed for the equalizer, while Racing de Ferrol didn’t hesitate to attempt its second goal through the counterattacks. At the 84th minute, Lassad released a cross that Rochela headed on target, the ball hit the crossbar and then bounced at the goal line. It wasn’t clear if it was a legal goal, bur the referee didn’t allow it.

After this play Bruno Gama and Riki entered and replaced Juan Carlos and Lassad, and precisely this couple built up the play of the equalizer at the last minute of the stoppage time. The Portuguese winger assisted the Madrilenian inside the area and the ex-Getafe man didn’t miss from close range. Bruno Gama was even close to score the second goal in the next play, but this time he missed the target from close range (90+4’)

The winner of the Concepción Arenal trophy was decided in the penalty shootout, and 17-year-old David Vázquez shone on this stage as he stopped two penalties, while Valerón, Riki, Pablo Álvarez and Bruno Gama scored for Deportivo. Only Ayoze missed his attempt and in the end the visitors claimed the trophy (4-3 win).

Despite avoiding the first defeat on the pre-season at the last minute the true is that Deportivo left a pale impression at A Malata; the visitors showed the same lack of ideas of last season in order to create scoring opportunities, while the defense suffered a lot to contain the quick plays of the rival. It is true that Oltra used the ‘substitutes’, but it was the same at Racing Ferrol as coach Stili also presented a mixture between starters and replacements. It is a warning of what could lie ahead if Depor doesn’t offer its stronger face in a season as long as tough.

Now the Teresa Herrera tournament will mark the last friendly match of Depor on the pre-season; it’s also the toughest exam before starting the Segunda season as the rival is Sevilla FC (Sunday, 20h00 CET).

Racing de Ferrol: (4-2-3-1) Paco (Marcos Valín 89’) – Rafa (Heber 55’), Antonio, Aira, Pumar - Céspedes, Juan Martinez  (Pablo Calvińo 88’) - Carlos (Dieguito 31’) (Regueiro 89’), Ernesto, Pablo Rey - Gustavo (Ekedi 58’)
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) David Gómez - Laure, Rochela, Zé Castro (Ayoze 65’), Seoane - Aythami (Álex Bergantińos 46’), Jesús Vázquez (Valerón 46’) - Pablo Álvarez, Juan Carlos (Bruno Gama 83’), Salomăo – Lassad (Riki 83’).
Goals: 1-0: (11’) Gustavo Terleira, 1-1: (90+3’) Riki
Penalty shootout: 1-0: Valerón, 1-1: Aira, 2-1: Riki, 2-2: Héber, 3-2: Pablo Álvarez, 3-2: David stopped the shot of Céspedes, 4-2: Bruno Gama, 4-3: Antonio, 4-3: Ayoze missed his shot, 4-3: David stopped the shot of Emilio.
Referee: Formoso Doval. He showed yellow card to Bruno Gama (85’)
Venue: A Malata (2,000)



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