18 May 2006
Since a few months now, rumour has it that Juan Rodr?­guez, 24-year-old midfielder from recently descended M??laga C.F., will join Deportivo this summer. According to the player, the long-term deal is about to be signed.

Q: What is your present situation concerning Deportivo?
A: I have spoken with my agent and it seems like all will be decided soon. There are only minor details still unsolved to confirm the deal altogether, but it is fair to say that if God wants, I will be a Depor player soon. You could say that I’m waiting for the official announcement so that I can announce it here in M??laga as well.

Q: Those minor details, are those economic issues?
A: No, both financially and professionally the deal is done, but it has not been made official yet. In the next few days, all will be resolved because the season has come to its end and I would like to go on holiday knowing which is my future club. There is an agreement, we only need to sign it.

Q: For how many years will you be player of Deportivo?
A: I cannot say it exactly, but I know it will be a long-term commitment. I don’t know the exact duration, but I’m sure it won’t be for only two or three years, it will be for a longer period of time.

Q: Why do you want to come to Deportivo? What is so appealing about this club?
A: Everything. The club’s project of building a team with young players surrounded by experienced ones. The coach and his desire to win, the excitement surrounding the club of building a team like that, all these aspects have made joining Deportivo very interesting for me.

Q: And you are not worried that Deportivo these days isn’t the one we all know from the past years?
A: No, not at all. Deportivo has been in the race for a UEFA-cup berth until the very last and both in Spain and Europe it’s a well-known club with a very good reputation. And if some say that a few years back Deportivo had more potential, this doesn’t mean anything, it’s still a well-respected club.

Q: Do you already know some of your future teammates?
A: Not really. I do know S?©rgio a bit, since both of us happened to spend the summer vacation in M??laga.

Q: In your last game against D?©por in Riazor, you had some disputes with some D?©por players.
A: That’s part of the game. Then I was a M??laga player and I always want the best for my team. You defend your colours and therefore it’s only natural that there can be altercations.

Q: With whom did you have an argument?
A: It was with Munitis, but we don’t bear a grudge against each other. That’s the beauty of football – next season you will meet those people and nothing is going to happen. You will just laugh a bit with Munitis and if I will play for Deportivo next season it will be remembered as a mere anecdote.

Q: What’s your opinion on Caparr??s?
A: Well, I heard that he is very demanding, likes to work, is excited about the new project and is very ambitious. In every match he goes for the victory and that’s what draws the people’s attention.

Q: What will be your contribution to Deportivo?
A: I put the team I play for first. When I’m on the pitch, I will sacrifice myself for the team’s success. I play as centre midfielder but I also like to be near the rival’s goal. Every time I play I will give everything I have for gaining three points for my team.

Q: Do you like the city?
A: From what I’ve seen so far, it’s a beautiful city. It rains a bit more than in M??laga, but from what I’ve heard it’s really nice.

Q: Do you want to send out a message to your future fans?
A: I think that all will be resolved soon and if there is no dramatic change, I will be a Deportivo player in the very near future.

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