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15 Aug 2011
Depor lost its fourth straight Teresa Herrera, this time in the penalty shootout; Oltra’s team left a positive impression in the first part, but in the second it was a soft team against a Sevilla full of substitutes.

Coach José Luis Oltra presented the expected 4-2-3-1 formation; with Daniel Aranzubia returning to the goal, Manuel Pablo covering the right-back position, Ayoze Diaz was on the left, while the central defenders were Diego Colotto and Aythami Artiles.

Álex Bergantiños was joining Jesús Vázquez on the pivote spots; Bruno Gama performed on the right wing, Andrés Guardado was on the left; Juan Carlos Valerón was the playmaker and Riki the central attacker. It is the squad that’s now considered as the starting eleven for the Segunda season

Meanwhile, Sevilla was more worried of Europa League clash with Hannover 96 and presented a squad full of novelties; actually only four of the starters in this match can be considered as habitual players at the team of coach Marcelino: defenders Martin Cáceres, Fazio, Alexis and attacker Álvaro Negredo. Even winger Tom de Mul was part of the starting eleven; the Belgian winger hasn’t played any game during the pre-season and is considered as a “discard” for the new season.

It was a rainy day in La Coruña, which perhaps lowered the attendance to the Riazor. When Sevilla entered into the pitch the players showed a banner with the message: “Depor is always of Primera”, reason why they were applauded by the local public.

Deportivo was the clear owner of the actions; despite that both clubs are now playing in different leagues, the true is that it was pretty clear the tactical differences between the starters of Depor and the substitutes of Sevilla. The grass was wet and the Galician took advantage of it in order to quickly move the ball across the pitch, while the visitors had enough work trying to stop the game of the rival.

The first scoring opportunity was for Depor; Fazio lost the ball and quickly Valerón drilled the ball into the path of Riki, who was entering into the area, but the Madrilenian missed the target from close range (2’)

Deportivo was pleasantly dominating the actions against a nervous Sevilla and the first goal in the game arrived quickly; again Valerón guided the play after receiving a pass from Álex; the Canarian drilled the ball to the right wing, just into the path of Bruno Gama, who later drilled the ball into the penalty spot, and Riki was there to score the ball drilling the ball under the body of Sevilla’s third keeper, Dani Jiménez. It is the tenth goal in the pre-season for the ex-Getafe man.

In the next play Riki was again close to score after collecting a pass from Guardado, but this time the Madrilenian missed the target. Depor was the owner of the game during the whole first part and the first approximation for Sevilla came until minute 12 as Negredo attempted a long-range shot that went over the crossbar.

In the next minutes Sevilla started to put more pressure and Depor had problems to create scoring opportunities, but suddenly the Galician had a big opportunity that was incredibly missed by Riki. Valerón found the ball at midfield, then he chipped it breaking the offside trap and the ball went into the path of Riki, who chipped the ball over Dani Jimenez, and then the Madrilenian sent the ball out despite been alone again the goal (15´)

Sevilla was trying to destroy the game at midfield, but the true is that it wasn’t creating scoring opportunities, while Depor was now playing more calmed, but still was dangerous up front, with quick passes and taking advantage of the wet grass, mainly attacking on the right wing of Bruno Gama, who gave hints of his class within the 28 minutes that he spent on the pitch, because the Portuguese was replaced due to injury reasons. Pablo Álvarez entered for him.

At minute 32, Manuel Pablo released a cross from the right wing, Valerón found the ball inside the area and assisted Álex Bergantiños, but the drilling shot of the Galician midfielder was deflected to corner-kick. Two minutes later Guardado was firing from outside the area, but he missed the target.

Then Alex Bergantiños and Pablo Álvarez combined at the right wing and the resulting cross was headed by Colotto at the far post, but he missed the target (40’). And Sevilla made its first shot on target until minute 45; it was after a corner-kick in which De Mul found the ball at the edge of the area, but the shot of the Belgian was cleared by Aranzubia sending the ball over the crossbar.

The attitude of Depor changed completely for the final forty-five minutes; because the locals were a soft team that barely had scoring opportunities, while the visitors started to grow in the game and ended harassing the goal of Aranzubia until scoring the equalizer.

Depor had the first scoring opportunity in the second part; Guardado threw a corner on the left and his high cross went directly into the penalty spot, Alex arrived on time and headed the ball on target, but Dani Jiménez made the save (48’). In the next play Negredo tried to head on target a free-kick coming from the left, but later the play was invalidated due to offside.

At minute 49 Guardado tried to surprise Dani Jiménez from the left side of the area, but he missed the target. And Sevilla had a big chance in the game at minute 57; it was a combination between Negredo and Armenteros that left the ex-Rayo Vallecano with the chance to shot from the edge of the area, but his crossing and drilling attempt just passed close to the far post of Aranzubia.

In the next minutes Sevilla was pushing in attack and Depor’s defense started to suffer; at minute 67 youngster Luis Alberto made a great play eluding four rivals to end assisting Negredo, who fired a rocket from the edge of the area that hit the far post and then it went out. Before that play Salomão entered and replaced Guardado, but the modification had no effect as the Portuguese winger barely touched the ball.

At minute 69 Riki was close to score again; Valerón and Pablo Álvarez combined inside the box and The Shark drilled the ball into the path of the Madrilenian, who pushed the ball from the six-yard line, but Dani Jiménez was able to make the save.

Then the Madrilenian was replaced by Lassad, who had a good chance with a shot from close range that went wide (76’). At minute 81, Aranzubia missed to catch the ball after a corner-kick coming from the left, but Cáceres couldn’t score after collecting the rebound as his attempt went out. Then Valerón was replace by Xisco, who was making his debut on the pre-season.

And when it seemed that Depor was going to clinch the victory, Sevilla scored the equalizer five minutes before the final whistle. The Andalusians threw a free-kick that Depor’s defense couldn’t clear and Negredo found the ball inside the area to end making a sliding tackle to drill the ball into the box, and right-back Jorge Andújar Moreno ‘Coke’, who entered into the pitch ten minutes before, scored the goal as he just pushed the ball in. There was no time for more.

It seemed that Depor was going to conquer its first Teresa Herrera in three years after Aranzubia stopped the penalty of Manu Del Moral and after Jesús Vázquez, Lassad and Pablo Álvarez seized their attempts, but things turned upside down after Colotto hit the crossbar and after Xisco sent the ball out in the final shot for Depor. In the end Álvaro Negredo scored the fifth penalty of Sevilla to earn the 4th Teresa Herrera for his club (4-3).

Lights and shadows after the Teresa Herrera; Depor left a positive impression in the first part; it scored a goal and most importantly it created several scoring opportunities, always under the guidance of Valerón. But the impression left in the second part was of been a tired team, a worrying thing taking in mind that the Segunda season starts on next Sunday.

It is true that the result is good as Deportivo drew against one of the big guns at Primera División, but it’s also true that the Sevilla saw at the Riazor was a squad full of substitutes and even youngsters that were playing their first game with the first team, so in the end it turned to be a bittersweet match for the fans. Now Depor hopes that the strike in liga will be lifted, this in order to debut at Segunda on next Sunday: at FC Cartagena (Cartagonova, 12h00 CET)

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Aythami, Ayoze – Álex, Jesús Vázquez – Bruno Gama (Pablo Álvarez 28’), Valerón (Xisco 80'), Guardado (Salomão 65’) – Riki (Lassad 73’)
Sevilla: (4-4-2) Dani Jiménez – Cáceres, Alexis, Bernardo (Coke 76’), Moreno - Tom de Mul (Perotti 46’), Fazio (Medel 46’), Campaña (Salva Rivas 46’), Armenteros (Trochoswki 65’) - Luis Alberto (Manu Del Moral 69’), Negredo.
Goals: 1-0: (5´) Riki, 1-1: (85’) Coke.
Referee: Váldes Aller. No cards were shown.
Penalty shootout: 1-0: Jesús Vázquez, 1-0: Manu Del Moral missed, shot stopped by Aranzubia; 2-0 Lassad, 2-1: Perotti; 3-1: Pablo Álvarez; 3-2: Salva Rivas; 3-2: Colotto hit the crossbar; 3-3: Trochoswki; 3-3: Xisco missed the target; 3-4: Negredo.
Venue: Riazor (17,000)



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