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16 Aug 2011
Despite losing the trophy in the penalty shootout, Oltra was content with the performance of the team; meanwhile the players had mixed feeling after the match with Sevilla.

Despite Deportivo lost the tournament after allowing a late goal, coach José Luis Oltra was content with what he saw, “It was the debut at home; we did what we wanted as the idea was to transmit a positive impression, to earn self-confidence and we achieved the goals. We left a good impression as we completed a nice match; I’m pretty happy as we pressed the rival; they only had a few opportunities and we combined good and bad moments.”

Also, the lineup used in the Teresa Herrera is considered now as the starting squad that Depor will use for la liga, but the Valencian coach was denying it, “All the players have been around the 400 minutes on the pitch during the pre-season, so anyone can play. In Cartagena we will put the best. Everybody is ready to play; I have prepared two different groups, but it’s just to have a better preparation for the team; it is not to create starters and substitutes.”

There were a lot of positive comments towards the performance of Valerón, but Depor’s coach wanted to be cautious, “Valerón is doing a great job in an offensive sense, but Deportivo isn’t Valerón; we can’t depend on him. There will be some opportunities in which other player will have to perform and the substitute must yield at the same level; I am pretty happy with the collective work and don’t want to emphasize the individual performance.”

Finally, Oltra wasn’t giving importance to the goals that were missed by Riki, “He is the top-scorer of the team during the pre-season; the striker lives of the goal; the important thing is to see him having scoring opportunities, as far as he can have those chances I won’t be worried; he did the right things; he chipped the ball over the keeper and missed the shot, but it was as you can miss a penalty. I would be pissed if he would be doing things that he shouldn’t, but he’s only failing with the final shot, he isn’t lost trying to make pretty plays.”

The players were having mixed feelings; Pablo Álvarez was disappointed as the team was unable to conquer the trophy, “It is a pity after the great game that we completed; our game was solid and I believe that we deserved to win. We played pretty well. We created scoring opportunities and Sevilla barely had chances. The team is fine and is getting the ideas of the coach.”

Meanwhile, Riki couldn’t believe the great opportunity that he missed during the first half, “Well, these are things that happen in football. We can only try to add new things and keep preparing the team for the first game in liga. The feelings are great.”

Jesús Vázquez was content with the performance of Deportivo, and also with the game of his partner, Álex Bergantiños, “The team made a great game, Bergantiños has great conditions and is willing to do things; he is prepared to play and also has experience in the game.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was content with the effort made by the players, “Sevilla was a good exam for Deportivo, and our team made a nice game; it was a pity that there was no more public at the stadium, but I am pleased with what I saw at the Riazor.”

Finally, Sevilla’s coach Marcelino Toral wasn’t too happy with the performance of his team, “I liked more what I saw of Deportivo than what I saw of my team, but it’s also true that we were conditioned as our priority is Thursday’s match and we were working in order to face the game against Hanover in the best possible way.”


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