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23 Aug 2011
Finally, the soap opera of the summer transfer window is reaching an end. On Monday it was confirmed that Borja Fernandez is signing for Depor; right now the pending subject is the exit of Ruben Pérez. The terms of the operation aren’t known yet.

Midfielder Francisco de Borja Fernández Fernández is finally a Depor’s player; after all the gossip the Galician man is finally joining Deportivo ahead of the Segunda season 2011/12.  The player will be presented today and right now the pending subject is to close the exit of Rubén Pérez to Getafe, which is the main reason why the whole operation is taking place.

Early on the morning it was known that Rubén Pérez didn’t train with Depor’s first team, something that raised the speculations as it seemed that the deal was near to occur. A couple of hours later Borja himself was confirming his arrival to Depor on his Twitter account, “It may please some people while others won’t like it, but I am pretty excited: I am a player of Depor (Happy day).” He wrote. It’s the first time at the club in which a signing is confirmed first through Social networking websites, a very popular phenomenon within the last years.

But it isn’t the only fact that stands out in this strange deal, actually this can be considered as the weirdest sign at Deportivo in years. First to all for the complexity of the operation, because it involves a swap between Ruben Pérez, who was wishing to leave in order to play at a Primera club, and Borja Fernandez, a discarded man at Getafe. And since Rubén belongs to Atletico Madrid it ended to be a triple side operation turning into a double loan as Rubén will be loaned to Getafe and Borja to Depor.

It was also strange as a couple of weeks ago Borja Fernandez travelled to La Coruńa in order to pass the medicals, and neither Depor nor Getafe said anything until yesterday. It was rumoured that the Galician midfielder didn’t pass the physical tests, but later it was said by his agent that everything was fine, though it was also know that he is currently recovering from a groin surgery, a problem that kept him at bay during the full pre-season; currently he is out for another two weeks and therefore needs time for a proper adaptation.

Later both players complained through Twitter about the lack of information on their status and during the weekend Borja even wrote that he was no longer interested in joining Depor. Besides, part of the fans didn’t like this rumour as Borja is a confessed fan of Celta de Vigo, the nemesis of Deportivo. And if this wasn’t enough, on the past week the president of Getafe, Ángel Torres, released some explosive comments stating that he was “making a favour” to Depor with this deal.

In the afternoon both Deportivo and Getafe were confirming the operation, and right now the pending issue is to see Rubén Pérez passing the medicals in Madrid. Off course the terms of the operation aren’t known yet; the rumour is that the swap deal includes a €500,000 payment for Depor, plus the fact that Getafe is charged with the 90% of Borja’s wages. It was announced that Depor’s newest signing will be presented on Tuesday at the Playa Club. He is the seventh arrival for the new season after Ayoze Diaz, Salomao, Jesús Vázquez, Lux, Bruno Gama and Xisco.



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