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24 Aug 2011
New meeting between the players union and the clubs and the deadlock continues; Tuesday’s meeting lasted five hours and the situation hasn’t changed. Wednesday’s new reunion will be crucial in order to decide what will happen with matchday 02.

At some point it seemed that Tuesday’s meeting between the Spanish Players Association (AFE) and La Liga authorities (LFP) was going to lift the strike currently hitting la liga. After all this last reunion lasted five hours, more than any other meeting had within the last two weeks, but in the end the positions haven’t changed. The conflict still related to the unpaid wages to the players at the clubs on administration (calculated in €50 million) plus to define the way to guarantee the future payments.

As always the LFP is more positive than the AFE at the moment of commenting the current situation; the president of the LFP, José Luis Astiazarán, said after the meeting that, “We have made some advances, because we know the current differences and the postures of both sides. We will try to reach a final agreement on Wednesday.”

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the AFE, Luis Gil, was giving a more pessimistic view, “The differences still there; the situation hasn’t changes so much. The true is that the gaps are huge. Right now the strike still on. We won’t give anything until they guarantee the conditions of the players, which is our main target on here.”

For the moment matchday 02 at Primera and Segunda División hasn’t been cancelled, at least not yet, but Wednesday is the deadline that will decide what will happen on the weekend. Judging by the comments of both sides it can be deducted that things still uncertain, but the true is that at least both sides are trying to reach an agreement. The key meeting is scheduled for 4PM, but before both sides will make internal reunions during the morning in order to clarify their positions.

During the presentation of Borja, president Augusto César Lendoiro spoke of the strike that’s currently hitting Spanish football; he said that, “The strike was arriving in a good moment in order to solve the problems affecting football, but as long as you don't face the problem in a global sense, then you won't solve anything; neither the difficulties with the players nor the clubs."

"The key of the problem is the relegation of the clubs, some f them have suffered several relegations; the financial problems are coming from there. The government will have to do something. Right now the best any club can get at the end of a normal season is 300,000 Euros, and you can't do much to cover the goals with that amount."

Meanwhile, one of Depor’s players, Saul Fernandez, is still supporting the strike; as he wrote on his Twitter account, “All the teams at Primera and Segunda are supporting the strike, and until solving the problem we won’t have liga. We, the players, want people to respect our contracts. They should pay us what we earn... and that’s what hasn’t been fulfilled in a lot of clubs. Malaga and Levante still owe me money for this issue.”




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