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26 Aug 2011
After an endless meeting, and as it was expected, the player’s strike was finally lifted and football returns to Spain. Depor debuts at Segunda on Saturday hosting Recreativo de Huelva.

Football return to Spain after a liga strike that almost lasted two weeks; the Spanish Players Association (AFE) and La Liga (LFP) reached an agreement on Thursday’s morning. The negotiations were hard; on Wednesday both sides had a twelve-hour meeting that ended at 5 AM, still there was no final agreement at that point and it was necessary a second meeting that started at 10 AM and that ended at 1 PM.

He true is that both sides were forced to reach an agreement, because the incomes of the clubs were in danger; it was commented that the television companies were ready to suspend the payments for August if the strike would have continued for a second week, that’s the reason why the LFP pushed until the end in order to break the deadlock.

It can be said that the big winner is the AFE, because it achieved the two goals that was chasing. Firstly, the LFP agreed to change its plans and now it will create a fund that will cover the unpaid wages with the players (estimated in fifty million Euros), tough later the AFE will return the money in the next four years; later the LFP is offering a guarantee of the wages for future seasons. The big novelty of the new collective agreement is that the players are now free to abandon their clubs if they aren’t paid for three straight months.

About matchday 01, which was suspended due to the strike, at Segunda División it will be played on Wednesday, October 26th 2011, while at Primera it will disputed on January 22, 2012, date in which matchday 20 should have been disputed, now this last matchday is moved to May 2 2012.

At 2 PM, both sides gave a press conference and announced the new agreement. The president of the LFP, José Luis Astiazarán, said that “I want to thank the support of the forty-two clubs that compose our organization; from now own we will try to solve the problems in the best possible way. We have realized that there are big lagoons in the rules and in the coming months we will try to cover the gaps and search for solutions. The important thing is that from now own the ball will be rolling.”

Meanwhile, the president of the AFE, Luis Rubiales, said that, “I want to say that officially the strike is over; I want to thank the fans for their patience. For me it’s a pride to realize about the union among the players, which has helped us to solve the situation of the footballers that were living a tough situation. The problem of the 200 players is fixed, and now we must work together in la liga in order to solve future difficulties.”



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