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27 Aug 2011
Recre’s coach debut at Segunda facing one of the most experiences coaches in the division, but the true is that both men are close friends. Oltra insisted that the season is long and that his team must fight hard in order to achieve the goals.

Álvaro Cervera Díaz is a forgotten Cantabrian player that, during the decades of 1980’s and 1990’s, performed at Primera División at Racing Santander, RCD Mallorca and Valencia CF. He started his career as a coach in 2002 and, despite been new in this new facet, he already coached nine different teams before joining Recreativo de Huelva.

His best achievement was to clinch the promotion to Segunda División with CD Castellón (2005/06), but he was unable to work in this league as he didn’t continue in the following season; therefore this is the first experience of Cervera at Liga Adelante. Actually, he is one of the eight coaches debuting on this league for the season 2011/12.

Off course, this is his first confrontation against José Luis Oltra, but it won’t be the first time in which he meets him, actually both men are close friends as Cervera began his career as a coach been the assistant of Oltra at Catarroja CF. So, they know each other pretty well.

Meanwhile Oltra is making his official debut at Deportivo, and the Valencian has plenty of experience at Segunda División, which includes a promotion to Primera achieved with Tenerife during the season 2008/09. To mention that Oltra is just one of the three current coaches at Segunda that already accumulate more than 100 games in this league, the other two are Girona’s Raúl Agné and Elche’s Pepe Bordalás

Depor’s coach gave his press conference on Friday’s morning; it was his first press conference before an official match and it lasted 22 minutes. He started reading the list of picked players for the match; then he talked of the discards, “The men that weren’t picked, logically, need to do things in order to enter. For the moment they will be doing a special routine.” About the status of Rubén Pérez, he said that, “He isn’t here, so I can mention his name. So, for the moment he wasn’t picked. What I can tell you is that he currently belongs to Deportivo La Coruña, so I guess that if the deal is not done, then he will soon join the trainings.”

Then he was asked whether Salomão or Pablo Álvarez will play on the right wing, and the answer was, “Well, you will keep that doubt. I know it’s your obligation to inform, but I am used to not release the squad before the games, neither I want to answer questions about individual aspects of the players. You will never see me testing any squad during the week, and if I do it then it will be a coincidence.”

The Catarroja-born man was still questioned about the lineup for the game, but he didn’t want to give any clue. He just say, “The team is from Primera, but we are at Segunda. Anyway, this is the best team I always had. And it won’t change as we could be at Primera, Segunda or at the fifth division of Spain. I just try to put each Sunday the best men. We know the team is good, and now we need to demonstrate it.”

“We are starting a long run tomorrow, it last 42 phases, and tomorrow is just the first step. The war lasts 42 battles. We have one war and 42 battles. As many battles we could win, more the chances to win the war. Tomorrow is the first battle and we will try to do it.” He added.

Oltra also thinks that his Deportivo is ready to go out to the pitch “I believe that the team is prepared, actually it was prepared since last week, but due to the circumstances we had one more week to work with the players, but I already said that we were ready to compete. The feelings of the pre-season were pretty good, so I want the players to focus in doing their best.”

Depor’s trainer is also content as his team starts the season at home, but is also conscious that the squad needs to achieve good results playing away from home, “The fans must help us; and I prefer to play at home as it can add things to us, but we must be prepared to win at any place. We must go out always trying to win.”

Finally, Oltra talked of Recreativo “If we think that we will easily win tomorrow, then we are wrong. You are free to think like that, but tomorrow we are facing a tough rival. If we want to win, then we must do the right things. It doesn’t matter the long trip that they are making, about Recre I can tell you that his coach is a friend of mine and is a great coach. Besides, he has a great group, a team that will put things difficult and that will try to make us feel uncomfortable. I watched the game against Atletico Madrid, and it was great. It is a team to have in mind. It isn’t Milan or Inter, but it’s a good team, a solid squad that will be hard for us. We will probably have the ball possession, but they will try to make us feel uncomfortable”

Recreativo’s coach gave a press conference on Thursday; he was explaining the status of his team, “I don’t have doubts with my team, but the true is that we haven’t done all the things that we wanted. We were expecting for a striker and a central defender that can also play as a left-back defender. Our real level will depend of the other clubs, teams that were able to sing the players that were out of our reach. I’m sure we can compete against all of them, but la liga is long and we don’t know if we can match the level of the others. The players are training at the top and each day they surprise me, but the true is that tomorrow we don’t have a proper left-back defender as Cifuentes broke his nose.”

Later he talked of Deportivo, “They are a club at Segunda, just like us. They have made a pretty strong pre-season; they didn’t lose any match, and you never know when the right time to face a rival is. If they start strong, then I surely see them as a clear candidate for the promotion, because they have kept the block of Primera División, but if not they will suffer. We already saw the poor start of Tenerife on last year, and they ended relegated to Segunda B.”

Before the press conference, the Cantabrian manager gave a press conference to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; he explained his friendship with Oltra, “I always saw him as my master, I learned a lot from him. I hope that someday I will have the same resume than him. We were together on the summer for the baptism of my son and we spoke daily. I was his assistant [at Catarroja CF]. He knows me a lot, but I also know him.”

Talking about Oltra and his characteristics, Cervera said that, “I would emphasize his ideas, which might be good or bad, but he barely doubts as a coach. Both of us can agree in some football aspects, but the best of him is that he never doubts. He is aware of the real potential of his teams and, although at times he can be wrong, he never commits a mistake with his strategies.”

Finally, Cervera believes that there won’t be any surprise in the schemes that will be sawn on the pitch, “I don’t think that we will have any surprise. The ones that can surprise are the players. He knows what I like and I know that his teams like to put a lot of pressure across the pitch, besides he has good players, men that can screw you up if they have a good day. I like more control football and to not have any problem, that if someone will have a chance to score, then it will be us, but the first thing is to defend.”



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