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06 Sep 2011
Oltra and his players believe that Deportivo deserved more in this match; they were complaining of several things; from penalties not rewarded to bad luck.

 Coach José Luis Oltra was explaining what happened during his first loss in liga, “We didn’t know how to read the game; we gave for free the first forty-five minutes, and they, very deliberately, have achieved the victory without doing too much, just with a half of a chance. The team lacks presence, patience and precision.”

“The second part was pure harassment and demolition; we were searching for the goal, we were close to score it, but this is football. Better to lose the second match than to do it later. We shouldn't give more importance to the defeat, because we are at the beginning. Besides, I think it was unfair." The Valencian trainer added.

He was questioned for the fact that Depor was releasing crosses into the area and that it turned to be the only road to the goal, “When you are losing you play more with the heart rather than with the head; the normal thing would have been to have scored, and then things would have been different with the draw in the scoresheet, but I believe we did what we should; we were just unlucky.” He said.

Finally, Oltra was feeling sorry as the team couldn’t dedicate the victory to its fans, “When you are losing it’s difficult to not see the fans frustrated, but here you can see that they are supporting the team, and that’ s a fact to feel grateful. I am sorry as we couldn’t offer the triumph, which was what everybody wanted, but the fans were impressive.”

Ze Castro was commenting the game, “I believe that despite we didn’t make a good first part, neither they did too much; they barely made a shot on target. In the end we lost and it is what counts. We could play thirty games like this and we would lose only one.  We have enough team to win all the games at Segunda, mainly the ones played at home, but in the end we lost.”

Álex Bergantiños was complaining of a penalty over Aythami during the second part, “It was a clear penalty, because he was pushed when he was jumping for the ball. Anyway, we are screwed, but need to be aware that we will find a lot of games like this one.”

The Galician midfielder was also saying that Depor was the superior side throughout the game, “In the second part we were superior, but missed the last pass. We could find a lot of matches like this, games in which the rival could close all the roads. The referee allowed Hércules to waste some time. We were hoping to start the season achieving two straight victories.”

His partner at the centre of the pitch, Jesús Vázquez, was also feeling screwed with the first defeat on the season, “We gave everything and the rival is going away with a big reward; we need to improve up front; it’s difficult because the rivals are locked at the back, but we must know how to live with it. We played the whole second part at their side of the pitch, and at least one of our chances should have entered into the net.”

Left-back defender Ayoze Diaz was more worried as the plague of injuries still hitting Deportivo, “I hope this will be a lesson for us, but the negative issues are the injuries, because we have just lost two partners in this match.”

“When you lose you need to improve, now we need to correct the errors and try to avoid the same mistakes. I believe this game will be useful in order to learn, but yes, we will find a lot of games like this. I believe we were fine in the second part and had our options, the pity is the number of opportunities that weren’t seized. We would have loved to be with six points, but we still have to improve and try to correct some things.” He added.

President Augusto César Lendoiro was saying that this defeat was just a stroke of bad luck, “Throughout the season we will find a lot of games like this: they arrive once and score the goal, then we are unspired towards the goal, and then you meet with new injury cases. This is just one of those days in which the best thing is to not leave home.”

At Hércules, coach Juan Carlos Mandiá was saying that both halves were pretty different, “The first part was good because s things happened as we wanted, in the second they went out for the game and we must congratulate our players for the way they united, which is meritorious. I like to see how they all defend together. We talked during the rest, but their modification, leaving the team only with three defenders, affected our plans.”

Riki and Manuel Pablo didn’t end the game against Hércules due to muscular problems, but they weren’t the only ones dragging injuries, because Pablo Álvarez and Xisco also suffered blows and are doubtful for the Copa clash with Girona. New scans will be made to the quartet within the next hours.

At least the latest scans made to Diego Colotto didn’t find any tear on his hamstring muscles, so despite he will miss the clash in Copa with Girona, the Argentine central defender could be fit to play against Barcelona B on Sunday.




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