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17 Sep 2011
Depor’s coach had to defend more the work of the club’s doctors than to talk of the upcoming meeting with Sabadell; meanwhile the coach of the Catalans is convinced that the casualties won’t affect Deportivo’s performance.

Lluis Carreras Ferrer is a forgotten ex-player formed at the youth teams of Barcelona FC; he just spent a few months at the first squad of the Catalans, but helped his club to conquer both la liga and the Copa Del Rey tournaments during the season 1993/94, precisely the infamous campaign of Diukic’s missed penalty. During that summer he left Barcelona and signed for Real Oviedo, then he had a three-year career at Atletico Madrid and retired at Deportivo Alavés in 2007.

He just started his career as a coach in 2009 and it must be admitted that things have been quite positive for him; he began working with Deportivo Alavés B, club that was performing at the Regional Preferente de Álava league after the demotion from Tercera. The Catalan coach was unable to achieve the promotion and left Alavés in order to sign for CE Sabadell, club that at the time was performing at Segunda División B.

And that’s when his good streak started, because he not only made a solid season putting his team at the promotion seats to Segunda A, but also was able to clinch the championship at Segunda B. The club’s officials were so happy with Carreras that he was invited to sign a one-year renewal, now he faces José Luis Oltra for the first time holding on his team as the leader of Segunda A.

Depor’s coach talked on Thursday at the press room of Abegondo; as it could be expected he was under fire due to the crisis with the injuries. He spent the major part of the twenty-four minutes that lasted his conversation with reporters trying to explain the issue and also tried to defend the work of the club’s doctors.

He starting saying that, “I think the issue of the injuries must be assumed more naturally and with normality, I don’t want to compare myself with anyone else, but Barcelona and Espanyol are facing the same situation and in the end this is football. Unfortunately, we are having several cases at the same time and this is part of the profession. We have analyzed the issue and can’t explain the situation. Every case is different and listen to me, this is a statistical thing. It is demonstrated that all the teams have injuries, some clubs have a lot of cases concentrated in one point on the season, and we neither can say that this is an accident.”

“We must know why, there are a lot of causes, from the mental issue to the way of training. It might be the pitch, the food or the weather, or one thousand things, and we don’t know why this is happening. I believe in the end it is a matter of having players with a long medical chart, some men like Iniesta, to mention someone out of my team, have faced several muscular problems.” He added.

Later the Valencian coach was defending the work of the doctors and even blamed himself for the injury of Pablo Álvarez, “I know you are searching for someone to blame, but I can tell you that the doctors on here are great and I trust in them. I would love to always have good doctors like the ones I found on here. I don’t know any doctor that’s open to cause any damage to a player. But sometimes they have to listen to other people, like what happened with Pablo [Álvarez]. It was for me that he suffered a relapse, he shouldn’t have played in Barcelona, but he did it because I pushed him due to our needs. So it’s my fault, and there you have one case.”

Despite the large number of casualties, Oltra is calmed as he knows that there will be enough people to prepare a solid team, “There are cases that can’t be explained and you ask why? Why? Why? Well, let’s ask Mourinho. Right now I am only worried in the next game and for me the available players are the best. They are the ones that worry me right now and I want to defeat Sabadell. If we don’t have one player, then we will have another one; and if not we have Fabril or even the Cadete team. The point is that we will have eleven players plus seven men on the bench.”

He also confirmed that striker Xisco won’t be available for the meeting with Sabadell, “Xisco won’t be on Saturday’s clash as he was unable to train today, and if this would be the last game in liga, then we would be doing the impossible in order to put him into the list of picked players, but since it’s only a game we won’t push the player.”

Asked about his possible presence on the stands as he still doesn’t have a license due to the conflict with Vecindario, the coach was still feeling calmed, “I like to be on the pitch, and as soon as I have my license back I will be there again, so I won’t deny the obvious. But you must adapt to the circumstances. I can’t be down there, so I will watch from the stands and there is no problem. I know the club is doing everything in order to fix the issue.”

During the whole press conference he was trying to talk of the rival, but the journalists were insisting on the issue of the injuries, and the coach finally had the chance to talk of Sabadell within the last five minutes. He said that, “How many of you know the name of five players of Sabadell? It isn’t your obligation to know this, but the point is that we aren’t assuming the fact that we are going to face the leader in the league, this team has won all its matches and has scored the biggest number of goals, If we don’t do the right things, and if we are only thinking of the injuries or if I am going to be on the bench, then things will be complicated. Sabadell is a great team and is coming living a good streak. People should be aware that the match is complicated. They will try to play football and have skillful players for it.”

On Friday, Sabadell’s coach briefly talked to reporters when his team arrived to La Coruña; he was saying that this is a very important match for his club, “This is not one more game; this is the game. It is for all things that are involved: a great stadium, a crowd of more than 23,500 socios, a team full of international players and very talented people...”

He was admitting that it will be hard to achieve a victory at the Riazor against Deportivo, “Yes, we have a chance, but it isn’t easy, and less in this stadium and against this team. We will try to exploit our strengths and seize the few weaknesses that they might have, so we could obtain the best possible result. For example, we must try to avoid their set-pieces.”

Finally, Carreras was saying that the long list of casualties at Deportivo shouldn’t be a decisive factor on this confrontation, “Yes, it's a pity to see them having so many casualties, but there are twenty-five spots per team. And I am sure that they will put the best team for the occasion, and the same can be said of our team.” 




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