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18 Sep 2011
Suffered victory for a Deportivo that’s reaching the top positions thanks to the saves of Aranzubia and the goals scored at the end of the first part. Sabadell was a convincing rival that gave a lot of problems in the counterattacks.

Oltra was presenting the expected lineup; with Aranzubia at the goal, Laure covered the right-back position, Ayoze Diaz was fit enough to perform on the left sector of the defense, while the central positions were for Aythami Artiles and Diego Colotto.

At the centre of the pitch Jesús Vázquez and Álex Bergantiños were trying to control the traffic of the ball, Guardado appeared on the right wing, Valerón was the playmaker in the formation, Salomão played on the left wing and Lassad was the central attacker.

At Sabadell, coach Lluis Carreras was presenting the expected 4-3-2-1 formation, with the only novelty of Juvenal Edjogo-Owono alongside Héctor Simón Escudero and David Pérez Arteaga at midfield. Once again Depor’s coach José Luis Oltra was watching the actions from the stands as the conflict with Canarian club Vecindario continues.

Entertaining first part between two sides that were searching for the three points; truly Sabadell didn’t deserve the punishment of a two-goal disadvantage, but the accuracy of Valerón and Guardado were the key factors that were deciding an open match.

The game started with both sides trying to gain the control of the ball; the first shot on target was made by Deportivo; it was a great play of Salomão on the left wing that ended with a mid-distance shot of Jesús Vázquez that went directly into the path of visiting keeper David De Navas  (5’); Sabadell reacted with a crossed shot of Lanzarote that was cleared by Laure.

With the pass of the minutes, Depor gained control of the actions and started to show its passing and short game, the distinctive mark that Oltra is trying to transmit on the pitch. At minute 11, the Galicians were close to score as Guardado threw a free-kick on the left wing, and his cross was headed by Valerón, but the crossed attempt of the Canarian just passed close to the far post.

But Sabadell was quite dangerous through its fast counterattacks; the Catalans were close to score at minute 16 as Redondo released a cross from the left that Lanzarote headed at the edge of the area,
And Aranzubia made a great save from close range. In the next play Florian surprised with a strong shot from the edge of the area that hit the crossbar and that later was cleared by Laure.

At minute 22, Depor responded as Lassad was left alone against De Navas after a quick recovery and a pass of Valerón, but the crossed shot of the Tunisian attacker missed the target. The rest of the first part was an entertaining match with ups and downs, Depor was having the ball possession, but it was facing big problems to build up the plays. At the same time Sabadell is releasing quick counterattacks that were giving a bigger sense of danger.

At this point it seemed that Sabadell was growing in the game, while Depor was not finding the way to the opposite goal, but in a matter of five minutes the Galicians defined the match. First Guardado and Lassad combined at the edge of the area, the final pass of the Tunisian attacker was brilliantly played by the Mexican as he dragged the mark opening a gap for Juan Carlos Valerón, who ran smoothly into the area to cross De Navas. It is the first liga goal for El Flaco in two years. His last one was scored against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu (29-Aug-2009)

It was a big hit for Sabadell and just four minutes later the visitors allowed the second goal, it was a big error of the Catalans as a long clearance of Álex Bergantiños went directly into the path of Salomão, who was alone enough to ran throughout the left wing to release a drilling cross that went into the opposite corner of the box, Guardado arrived late and it seemed that he didn’t have any chance to shot on target, but somehow he found the way to drill the ball into the goal line and it hit the keeper before going in. It is the second goal in liga for the Mexican.

Once again Depor lowered its intensity in the final forty-five minutes, this time Oltra’s team seemed to have things under control, but a goal of Sabadell fifteen minutes before the end complicated the things, and only the saves of Aranzubia helped Depor to clinch three new valuable points.

The first approximation on the second half was for Sabadell; Lanzarote sent a drilling cross from the left and Florian didn’t find it at the penalty spot (49’). Depor responded with a couple of crosses and a shot of Ayoze that was cleared to corner-kick by De Navas (51’)

The game continued to be open, with Sabadell trying to move the ball quickly and with Depor releasing quick counterattacks, mainly on the right wing of Guardado. At minute 57, Salomão found the ball at the left wing, he went into the edge of the area and his drilling attempt just went into the path of keeper De Navas. At minute 61, Lassad found a crack at the defense and his shot just passed close to the left post of the visiting goalie.

With the pass of the minutes Sabadell was getting out of gas; Depor was more calmed and was holding on at the back, then the locals started to look dangerous as the visitors didn’t know how to manage the situation; at minute 67, Colotto headed out a corner-kick of Guardado.

But suddenly the visitors started to have its best opportunities, at minute 71, Lanzarote had a big chance for Sabadell; the striker found the ball inside the area after a corner-kick, but his strong and crossed shot missed the target.

And then the visitors scored their goal. It was a big error of Depor’s defense as Aythami lost the ball at midfield, Juvenal took advantage of the error and assisted Nabil Baha, the former attacker of Malaga that minutes before was replacing Florian, it was a volley that left the Frenchman alone against Aranzubia, and the striker scored the goal chipping the ball over the keeper.

Immediately Oltra replaced Guardado , who suffered a knee knock some minutes before, and Claudio Morel was taking his spot. The Paraguayan was performing on the left wing, but clearly his main goal was to help the defense. But Depor’s defensive zone was still looking unsure as all the attacks of the visitors were showing the cracks at Oltra’s team.

At minute 82, Jesús Vázquez missed the target from long-range and Bodipo made his debut on the liga campaign replacing a tired Lassad, but the side that suffered the most within the final minutes was Deportivo, because the visitors had two clear opportunities in a matter of two minutes, and Aranzubia had to save again his team. At minute 85, a new counterattack of Sabadell allowed Baha to attempt from the box, but his crossed shot was stopped by the goalie.

Two minutes later the ex-Athletic man appeared again to save his team in a miraculously play; neither Laure nor Aythami couldn’t clear the ball properly at the box and it went into the far post of Aranzubia, who desperately ran to providentially deflect the attempt of Lanzarote, the rebound was found again by the striker, but again the keeper cleared the danger to corner-kick.

The final attempt in the match was for Salomão with a low shot from the edge of the area, but he missed the target (90’). Depor spent the three minutes of the stoppage time moving the ball in attack, and Oltra made his final change allowing the entry of Juan Dominguez for Valerón.

Depor continues with its progress at Segunda and clinched a new victory at the Riazor, but the true is that Sabadell demonstrated that its good run in this start of season isn’t an accident and offered an offensive approach that gave big problems to Deportivo’ defense, mainly through counterattacks. In the end the saves of Aranzubia and the two goals scored at end of the first part were the key factors in this match.

The victory, plus the defeats of Elche at Recreativo (0-1) and the surprising defeat of Valladolid at home against Murcia (1-3) are allowing Depor to reach the first positions. For the first time on the season the Galicians are living inside the promotion zone. On next Saturday, Oltra’s team will visit AD Alcorcón in Madrid (18h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Aythami, Ayoze – Jesús Vázquez, Álex Bergantiños – Guardado (Morel 74’), Valerón (Juan Domínguez 87’), Salomão – Lassad (Bodipo 79’)
Sabadell: (4-3-2-1) De Navas - Oscar Ramírez, Olmo, Toni Lao, Redondo - Héctor Simón, Arteaga Juvenal (Joaquin 79’) - Aarón Bueno (Eneko 59’) - Lanza – Florián (Baha 65’).
Goals: 1-0 (39’) Valerón, 2-0: (44’) Guardado, 2-1: (73’) Baha
Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano. He showed yellow card to Aythami (36’), Ramirez (46’), Ayoze (60’), Olmo (87’) Baha (88’) and Salomão (90+2’)
Venue: Riazor (21,000)



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