24 May 2006
This past week Molina announced that he will not be at Deportivo next season. Now the Valencian keeper has explained his decision and is also talking about his future. Molina hopes that Caparr??s’ new project will take the club into a new horizon, one that will let Deportivo return to the headlines.

Q: How are you these days?
A: I’m dealing with some personal issues so I can have a quiet summer and not have to come to La Coru?a, although it’s not a big deal if I do have to return.

Q: And from a professional aspect, are things also quiet?
A: Yes.  I’m waiting to learn about future options. I’m not in a hurry, because I don't want to make a rash decision. There's plenty of time and I don't want to commit myself to the first option I get. Let's see what my options are.

Q: Did you grow as a player at Deportivo?
A: Yes, that's what I always try to do, to learn and try to be better each day. In the six years that I spent here, I believe I have improved a lot.

Q: Was it your best sporting phase?
A: I don't know. I spent five good years at Atl?tico.  My last year there was the only bad moment since it was a disaster because of things that happened outside the club. It was a mess and that affected the players. I had five solid years there and I spent six seasons here. So I am happy with my career.

Q: Do you consider circumstances that happen off the pitch when making your decision?
A: In some ways I do. My priority is to be happy with whatever I’m doing. Obviously, I am doing work and I should be paid for it. I won’t say that I’ll play for free or that I’m not interested in money. But money is only part of the deal; it’s not the most important thing or the least important. Simply put, it is one of many factors.

Q: And if you aren't successful with other offers?
A: I suppose I won't play football anymore, but it would be strange. It's hard to imagine that I won't find at least one team that has something to offer.

Q: Are you leaving La Coru?a because the you are pessimistic about the team or just because you are tired of waiting for a contract renewal?
A: No. I’m leaving because you have to make your own decisions. The years that I spent here were good and I think this is the right moment to leave. In some circumstances you realize what the best thing is to do, you do it and that's that.

Q: Did you receive an offer of renewal from the club?
A: The truth is that I haven’t received an official offer.  But I got the feeling from the club and also from the trainer that there was an interest in renewing my contract. Since November until the last day we talked about this. In fact, the day that I announced my exit, the coach and I talked about the possibility of continuing at the club. He said to me that he counts on me and that the club was ready to make the offer, but my decision was already made. I believe this is the best thing for me. I didn't mention my feelings before, but now that the season is over, I talked to the coach about it.

Q: Do you see Depor turning into the team we remember from the past?
A: I believe that if they let the coach do what he wants, then yes, it will be the same team. I believe that he has the capacity to take this team and fight for important things.

Q: But it seems that there are doubts, even on the coach’s side.
A: The goal of the club and the goal of the coach must be the same. We can't have different ideas – I lead you from here, but you lead from the other side.  This way it would be more difficult.

Q: What's the best memory you are taking with you?
A: From a sporting point of view, the titles we won. But from a personal point of view, the best thing was the love and support from the fans. After my cancer diagnosis, my comeback was really emotional.

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