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24 Sep 2011
Deportivo targets the top of the Segunda standings; Oltra still have seven casualties, but at least is able to repeat the lineup of the last two meetings. The rival is living its best historic moment after eliminating Real Madrid in Copa.

AD Alcorcón is just living its second year at Segunda, but it already learned the basic things in order to survive in this league, and one of the main requirements is to be strong at home. Last season the Madrilenians just lost a handful of points at Santo Domingo, a small stadium with capacity for only 5,000 fans. Last year they added 45 points at home only losing four matches, which was the 4th best mark at liga Adelante.

However, it seems that Los Alfareros are losing their trademark on the present season, because after two home matches they were only able to pick up a point, losing first with CD Xérez (0-1) and then only rescuing a draw against Villarreal B (1-1). Curiously the yellow team is showing a different face playing away from home as it trashed SD Huesca (3-0) and then FC Cartagena (2-0), those couple of victories are putting the team close to the promotion zone.

Meanwhile, Deportivo arrives to this game after clinching three straight victories in official matches (two in liga and one in Copa Del Rey). The interesting fact is that the Galicians have scored 10 goals in those three encounters, and it’s the first time in seven and a half years in which Depor scores so many goals in three straight official games. The last opportunity that this situation occurred was within matchdays 18 & 20 of the liga season 2003/04: 5-0 at Celta, 1-1 Vs. Racing Santander and 4-1 Vs. Real Zaragoza. It’s a good sign for a team that has been struggling to score the goals in recent years.

The injuries has been harassing Deportivo in this start of season, however coach José Luis Oltra will be able to put the same starting eleven for the third straight time. It’s the only good news after the Valencian coach has been missing up to eight players for each one of the last two meetings. In this occasion he is missing seven players, all of them are staying at the injury room: Bruno Gama, Saul, Pablo Álvarez, Xisco, Borja Fernandez, Riki and Manuel Pablo.

The positive news is that of this long list two men have big chances of getting the medical okay on next week; actually Riki is training at the top since Thursday and the Madrilenian could be available for the next match with CD Guadalajara, Xisco also has big chances of doing the same, and Saul is also close to return.

But the bad news is that both Manuel Pablo and Borja Fernandez have suffered relapses and their return is now doubtful. The Canarian defender was already training with the rest of the team, but on Friday he feel pain on the thigh and new scans will be made on the next week, while Borja suffered his relapse on Thursday, the doctors believe it’s a complication of his groin surgery and the player will have to pass new scans.

During the week it was feared that left winger Diogo Salomão (knee sprain), Dani Aranzubia (intercostal) and striker Lassad Nouioui (back) were going to miss the clash after picking injuries in the previous match with Sabadell, but by Thursday the trio was already fine; therefore Oltra is able to repeat the same squad that defeated Barcelona B (3-2) and Sabadell (2-1).

It is a 4-2-3-1 figure, with Aranzubia at the goal, Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ performing on the right-back position, Ayoze Diaz covering the left sector, while the central positions at defense will be for Diego Colotto and Aythami Artiles. The pivote functions will be for Jesús Vázquez and Álex Bergantiños.

Mexican Andrés Guardado will keep playing on the right wing, Salomão will perform on the left, while the playmaking function will be for Juan Carlos Valerón. Finally, Tunisian Lassad Nouioui will be the central attacker. He ended scoreless against Sabadell and will try to return into the path of the goal after scoring six times in his previous two matches.

Central defender David Rochela wasn’t included in the list of picked players for the match, but left-backs Diego Seoane and Claudio Morel are part of the trip to Madrid, also Equatoguinean attacker Rodolfo Bodipo and Fabril’s playmaker Juan Carlos Real.

Aranzubia talked before the game; he was confessing that the players are feeling odd for been playing at the Santo Domingo stadium, ”The first typical game of Segunda that we are going to play is the one against Alcorcón, because until now we have been playing at home and also visited the B team of Barcelona, and we didn’t feel like been at Segunda on that match.”

The keeper was also giving his opinion on the comments regarding the poor impression left by Depor’s defense in this start of season, “We are looking for balance between attack and defense; maybe before we weren’t used to have the ball possession and perhaps that’s the reason causing the mismatches at defense.”

Meanwhile, Laure said that ”The pitch is good and the grass is in good conditions, so there is no excuse and we need to win knowing that they are a competitive team; last season they only lost four matches at home and it tells you that they know what they are doing. We want to win and dedicate it to our fans.”

Finally, Aythami said that he is happy with the results achieved by Depor on this start of season, ”We will have to run a lot on this match, but the team is mentalized of achieving the three points. In case of losing we must continue in the same way, because the season is long. A lot of teams will love to be in our position, with three victories achieved.”

List of picked players (18): Aranzubia, Lux (goalkeepers); Seoane, Laure, Morel, Aythami, Ze Castro, Colotto, Ayoze (defenders); Jesús Vázquez, Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez, Valerón, Juan Carlos, Salomão, Guardado (midfielders); Lassad and Bodipo (strikers).

There are dozens of modest clubs in Spain dreaming of making an important thing in the world of football; the major part of them stays in mediocrity and poverty, and only a few of them have a slight chance of fighting for the dream of a lifetime, and according to the fairytale only one team end clinching the golden shoe. That’s why the Spanish federation created the current format of the Copa Del Rey allowing Tercera and Segunda B clubs to face the giant clubs in the competition. And that’s how Segunda B club AD Alcorcón found its path to glory as it eliminated Real Madrid on the Copa season 2009/10.

It has been considered as one of the hugest upsets in the history of Spanish football as on that year Real Madrid had invested –or wasted- €200 million in new players only to get trashed by Alcorcón in the first-leg of the last-32 round (0-4), then Los Alfareros only lost 0-1 in the second-leg and wrote the chapter of what it’s known now as the Alcorconazo. The team didn’t pass the last-16 round in Copa, but its feat was already in all the papers of the world. Life was never going to be the same for them. And they crowned the season 2009/10 with an historic promotion to Segunda A.

Again it was feat as in the last match of the playoff round, Alcorcón was losing 0-2 at half-time against Ontinyent CF, only to achieve a comeback in the second par including polemic last-minute penalty to put things 3-2. Curiously the referee on that match is the same one that will whistle the match with Depor: Fernando López Acera. Anyway, the season 2010/11 was the first at liga Adelante for this club founded in 1971, and it was quite positive as the Madrilenian team clinched a meritorious ninth place.

Now Alcorcón is still trying to assimilate this overwhelming success; for now the goal is to find some stability at Segunda and then dream of Primera División. Always based in a policy of a low-cost team with players from different parts of Spain, actually for the present season their only foreign player is French defender Jean-Sylvain Babin. Perhaps their most known player is striker Joaquín Álvarez ‘Quini’, who scored 22 times on the past season. The Madrilenian attacker already scored twice on this campaign.

For the game against Depor coach Juan Antonio Anquela is recovering central defender Javi Hernandez, who is returning from suspension, but in the end the coach will keep trusting in Agustín García ‘ Agus’ and Frenchman Jean-Sylvain Claude Babin for the central positions at defense.

What Anquela will change is the scheme, because he is planning in switching from a 4-5-1 into a 4-4-2, with ex-Vecindario attacker David Miguélez joining top-scorer Joaquín Álvarez Álvarez ‘Quini’ up front. The rest of the team should be the same that defeated Cartagena on the past weekend, with Manuel Herrera at the goal, Rubén Anuarbe performing on the right-back position and Ángel Sánchez covering the left sector.

Rubén Sanz and Sergio Mora will cover the pivote functions, this last player was doubtful at the start of the week, but he is fit to play. Francisco Montañés will attack from the left wing, Fernando Sales will do it from the right; the ex-Valladolid is a familiar face for Deportivo, actually the Galicians attempted his signing before joining Celta de Vigo.

Striker Quiniwas saying before the match that the goal is to recover their condition of tough team playing at Santo Domingo, ”We already missed five points at home, but at least we were close to add three more. At home we are a happy team, a squad that attacks and that tries to create scoring opportunities, but that also means that the rival can have chances too. It is a special game, because the rival is from Primera División. Any game is crucial in order to start winning at home, but especially this one.”

List of picked players: During the home matches coach Anquela always releases the list until one hour before the kick-off.

Alcorcón: (4-4-2) Manu Herrera - Rubén Anuarbe, Agus, Babin, Ángel Sánchez – Fernando Sales, Rubén Sanz, Sergio Mora, Montañes – Miguélez, Quini.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Aythami, Colotto, Ayoze – Jesús Vázquez, Álex Bergantiños – Guardado, Valerón, Salomão – Lassad.
Referee: Fernando López Acera (first year a Segunda)
Kick-off: 18h00 CET (Santo Domingo)
Head-to-head Vs. Alcorcón: This is the first meeting between these two clubs



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