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25 Sep 2011
Big and deserved defeat for a Deportivo that left a poor impression as the Galicians taste their own Alcorconazo; the referee complicated the preparation for the next game as he sent two players off before the pause.

Both coaches presented the expected lineup for the meeting; Oltra was repeating the squad of the past two matches, with Dani Aranzubia at the goal, Laure covering the right-back position, Ayoze was playing on the left, while the central defenders were Aythami and Colotto.

Midfield was territory for Jesús Vázquez and Álex Bergantiños; Mexican Andrés Guardado was once again performing on the right wing, Diogo Salomão was attacking from the left wing, Juan Carlos Valerón was the playmaker in the scheme and Lassad Nouioui was the central attacker.

At Alcorcón, coach Juan Antonio Anquela was presenting a 4-4-2 scheme, with David Miguélez and Joaquín Álvarez Álvarez ‘Quini’ as the main references in attack. There were around 1,200 Depor’s fans at the stands.

Not even in its wildest dreams Alcorcón could have imagined what was going to happen in this first part, because the Madrilenians pushed hardly since the start and claimed a 3-0 lead in just 16 minutes against a clueless Deportivo; to make things worse the referee left Oltra’s team with two less players after two rigorous red cards.

The first minutes were complicated for Deportivo; the Galicians weren’t feeling comfortable on the pitch and Alcorcón surprised Depor with an early goal after a corner-kick. Rubén Sanz threw the corner and defender Agustín García ‘ Agus’ headed the ball at the near post and scored through a volley that passed over the head of Aranzubia.

Depor was in shock and lasted ten minutes to react; the first approximation for the visitors came after Valerón made a great play at the edge of the area to assist Lassad, but the Tunisian attacker couldn’t shot from close range as two defenders blocked the way to the goal. Two minutes later Colotto had an attempt to score after a corner-kick, but he sent the ball wide.

And then Alcorcón struck twice in a matter of three minutes; first Quini hit the post and the erratic Depor’s defense was unable to clear the danger, then in the resulting play ex-Lugo David Miguélez found the ball inside the area and he sent a drilling shot into the near post of Aranzubia. Two minutes later the Madrilenians scored the third in a counterattack that left Quini alone against Depor’s keeper, and the attacker scored thanks to the rebound in Ayoze that turned his attempt into a volley that passed over an Aranzubia that was already on the ground.

Deportivo was frozen; it was the first time in 53 years in which the Galicians were losing 0-3 in less than 16 minutes and the team was unable to create anything in attack, the key for the disaster was that Depor’s defense was losing the ball every time the rivals were putting pressure over them. For this reason Alcorcón was feeling pretty comfortable on the pitch and never suffered against an erratic Deportivo.

If this wasn’t enough Depor suffered two expulsions in a matter of three minutes; and it’s that both Colotto and Laure were sent off with two yellow cards after committing clear fouls, but the point is that normally the referees don’t book the players that commit these infractions. In any case the terrible decisions of referee Fernando López Acera -who was under suspicious in the playoff game of Alcorcón two years ago- can’t hide the terrible game and the miseries of a Deportivo that was fairly beaten in just sixteen minutes.

As result of the expulsions the Galicians were unable to do anything in the rest of the half; Alex Bergantiños delayed his position and was playing as central defender, just as he did in the past at Depor B. Salomão was the improvised left-back defender, while Ayoze switched to the right. Guardado and Valerón were now at midfield, while Jesús Vázquez advanced his position to join Lassad in attack.

If Deportivo was a soulless team with eleven men on the pitch then it was a walking corpse when it was reduced to nine players; Alcorcón lowered the pace and was happy controlling the ball against a clueless rival that was still thinking in what had happened; as result there were no more clear scoring opportunities before the break.

The game was over since the first part, so the nightmare continued for Deportivo in the second half and the Galicians just tried to hold on as they could, while Alcorcón administrated the result and even scored one more time, though the goals should had been disallowed for an offside.

Oltra ordered two changes as Diego Seoane and Ze Castro entered for Lassad and Valerón; with the modifications Depor’s coach put things in “normal mode” the defense as the Galician kid was now performing on the right-back spot, while the Portuguese man was joining Aythami at the centre of the defense.

The novelties were up front; Alex and Jesús Vázquez were now the couple at midfield, while Guardado and Salomão were alternating the position in attack. And the locals pushed hardly for the fourth goal since the start; first Fernando Sales was close to score with a drilling shot that was saved by Aranzubia (47’), two minutes later Sales appeared again to drill a cross that Quini sent wide.

Depor was still a plane team, without the ideas or the desire to attempt an heroic comeback, actually what happened was that Alcorcón pushed for more and they were close to score at minute 59 with a strong shot of Miguélez that was saved by Aranzubia.

But the fourth goal came anyway, it was a cross from the left that Miguélez headed first at the left side of the area, it turned into a pass that midfielder Abraham Gonzalez, who entered into the pitch just a couple of minutes before, headed almost on the goal line to conquer the fourth goal. It must be said that Alcorcón’s player was in offside position when he headed the ball.

The remaining twenty minutes were a torture for a humiliated Deportivo that was just waiting for the final whistle, while Alcorcon was attacking from time to time, as in the action in which substitute Saul Berjón fired from the corner of the area, and Aranzubia made the save. (73’).

Oltra ordered the last modification as Juan Dominguez replaced Salomão, and the ex-Fabril was going to be the lonely Depor’s player that completed a shot on target. It was after collecting the ball at the edge of the area in a corner-kick action. The drilling shot of the midfielder was searching for the far post of Manu Herrera, and the local keeper made a great save (79’). Nothing special occurred within the last ten minutes; Alcorcón was content with the result and Depor sought for its goal through a series of corner-kicks that ended in nothing.

Alcorconazo. That’s the best word to describe what happened in this game. Depor was searching for the leadership at Segunda after the results on the matchday, but returns to La Coruña surrounded by doubts and whispers after the pale impression left in Madrid. The team was simple terrible as it was too soft in defense and inexistent in attack; to make things worse the referee was too rigorous as he sent off two Depor’s players before half-time. In resume a nightmare to forget.

To mention that this is the first time in 58 years in which Depor allows three goals so quickly during a liga meeting, the previous occasion was a 1-7 loss at RCD Espanyol (March 8, 1953), in that opportunity Deportivo was losing 0-3 after just thirteen minutes. The heavy defeat pulls Depor out of the promotion zone.

But the must worrying thing is that Oltra is losing Colotto and Laure for the meeting with CD Guadalajara (Saturday, 16h00 CET), which is the surprising leader at Segunda División. Again the coach will have big problems in order to build up a proper lineup.

Alcorcón: (4-4-2) Manu Herrera - Rubén Anuarbe, Agus, Babin, Ángel Sánchez – Fernando Sales, Rubén Sanz, Sergio Mora (Abraham 63’), Montañes (Saul Berjón 68’) – Miguélez (Oriol Riera 72’), Quini.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Aythami, Colotto, Ayoze – Jesús Vázquez, Álex Bergantiños – Guardado, Valerón (Ze Castro 45’), Salomão (Juan Dominguez 75’) – Lassad (Seoane 45’).
Goals: 1-0: (3’) Agus, 2-0: (13’) Miguélez, 3-0: (16’) Quini, 4-0 (65’) Abraham
Referee: Fernando López Acera. He showed yellow card to Lux (34’) and Jesús Vázquez (61’). Colotto (32’) and Laure (34’) were sent off.
Venue: Santo Domingo (4,500)



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