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26 Sep 2011
Hard criticism towards a disappointing Deportivo that lost part of its prestige at Santo Domingo; the papers were hammering the players for their lack of intensity, though the work of referee Lopez Acera was also criticized.

La Opinión A Coruña: Alarming apathy. Yesterday, Deportivo jumped into the grass in Alcorcón with the same scheme of the previous games, but with an alarming defensive apathy that ultimately ended up costing the game. You can’t allow a team of the so-called group 'tough ones” to score in a set-piece after just three minutes, and less to have a 3-0 in the scoresheet after just fifteen minutes in the first half and with the rival almost without having arrivals. The game, however, was over at minute 35 with the expulsions of Colotto and Laure. In the second half, and in order to prevent a bigger loss, Oltra pulled Zé Castro and Seoane, and passed to play with a 4-3-1, but the trend was the same of the first half. There were no hints that Depor could have scored a goal.  Javier Bardanca.

La Voz de Galicia: An Alcorconazo in just fifteen minutes. You can play worse, but it’s difficult to translate it in such a short time. In its first real game at Segunda, against an opponent that responds to all the topics of this league, Depor was already losing at minute fifteen with a clear 3-0, victim of an Alcorcón that hopelessly crushed it. The worst part was the image of inability transmitted by a team that’s called to return to Primera, but that played walking, missing desire, lacking blood and a plan B. It recovered thus the poor image of many away games on last season.

The Madrilenian team was united in the aids (up to two or three yellow players were pressing the Galician man that was having the ball), intense (fighting for every ball, as if they were playing for the European Cup), vertical (without been obsessed with the ball possession and always looking to Aranzubia’s goal) and went out with the lesson learned to inflict the maximum damage to a Depor without answers, which besides lost the chance to react with two similar expulsions after just half an hour. Pablo Barreiros.

La Opinión A Coruña: Overwhelmed and without reaction. Always coming from behind, there wasn’t a single moment during yesterday's meeting in which Deportivo confirmed its alleged superiority on Alcorcón. Again, as it has happened so far, the team was facing an extremely well worked rival. This time, however, the tactical superiority and individualities weren’t enough resources for Oltra.

From the first minute, just after the kick-off, you could watch that Alcorcón’s midfielders wouldn’t give a break to Valerón. It wasn’t the first time that this was happening, actually it has been one constant fact since the tournament began, but in yesterday's game that pressure on the Canarian playmaker was also transferred to the other players at midfield. Salomão and Guardado were neglected, as Deportivo was fitting the goals.

In three arrivals Alcorcón found out with three goals of advantage on the scoresheet, just when the game was reaching its first quarter of an hour. The first goal came after a corner, the second after a counterattack, and the third with a shot from close-range. Any reaction from Los Blanquiazules was automatically aborted after the expulsions of Colotto and Laure, but beyond that the team, as in previous meetings, had no response to the pressure put by the opponent over the players called to lead the weight of Deportivo. Even Aranzubia, despite several meritorious saves, couldn’t hold the team in Santo Domingo. Marcos Otero.

El Pais: Months after the relegation, Deportivo lived in an arcadia. Among the conviction, hope and hot water the disaster had become an opportunity to galvanize the faith in the club. The socios flourished and also an unexpected hope that perhaps was coming out more from the stomach rather than the head. La liga started and, somehow, the team was engaged to the first positions, until yesterday. It was at Santo Domingo, in Madrid, one of those pitches in which the topic, also the experience of others, invites to move away from divinity. Deportivo did nothing of this and suffered one of the stronger hits than you can remember, thrashed three times in a matter of fifteen minutes, humiliated (4-0) by a rival that extracts its virtues as a few, a side that clings to an identity that many minimize and despise, but also has some quality up front, a trio of attacking midfielders and estimable attacker, Quini, who scored over twenty goals last season with the burden to whoever bears that nickname.

The ridicule was prior to the expulsion of Colotto and Laure, situation that just killed the game with one hour ahead. Questionable decisions by the referee for what it represents to leave a team with two less men without giving a kick. There is a regulation and a spirit to apply it, there are referees like Mateu Lahoz who are able to defend themselves without booking anyone, and others like Lopez Acera, who just shoot indiscriminately. However, it appeared that Deportivo played with nine men from the first minute. Lumpy, confused, giving the advantage to the rival, committing fouls at the edge of the area and giving a lot of corner-kicks, just where Alcorcón feels more comfortable. The second part was unnecessary, but before the team of Anquela was flawless and gave a lesson of Segunda to Oltra, the real Segunda División. Juan L. Cudeiro.

AS: Gored in Alcorcón. Deportivo jumped yesterday into the Santo Domingo stadium with the possibility of claiming the role of leader after the draw between Sabadell and Hercules, and left the field with its head down after reviewing the lesson gave by an imperial Alcorcón. In fact, the match never started because Anquela’s team ate Deportivo in 17 minutes of ecstasy. Three horns to the heart and pride of Los Blanquiazules, who lost the signboard of favorite.

 In one breathe Alcorcón, a coral team, sacrificed and perfect for the pressure, proved why Depor is at Segunda. And no one can say that Oltra’s players weren’t warned, because during the whole week they were talking of going down to the mine, with the bus as the standard of the reality on this new league. The road back was a penance of 600 kilometers, but apparently and seen what happened yesterday at Santo Domingo, the Galicians deserved at least another thousand kilometers to ponder. The 3-0 was fair and couldn’t blame anyone in particular, as you couldn’t save anyone. That was the problem, all the lines failed, it failed the attitude and concentration… it failed everything.

The lesson of Alcorcón wasn’t enough for referee Lopez Acera, who showed two more than rigorous red cards to Colotto and Laure; all in a matter of two minutes (32 'and 34'). Excessive, yes, avoidable by the players, too. But the errors of the referee can’t hide the ridiculous of Deportivo, a lazy team to the extreme. It neither can confuse anyone, because Alcorcón won with justice, big merit. It was the giant killer, though the truth was that, yesterday, it only found in front a dwarf named Depor, and they refused to make more damage in a second that was unnecessary.

If someone wants to be positive, everyone is free to do it, last season none of the three promoted teams won in Santo Domingo: Granada (0-2), Rayo Vallecano (0-2) and Betis (3-3). You can also browse the standings and see that the leader, Guadalajara, is only two points away and is the next team to visit the Riazor. The great bullfighters always recover quickly from the worst horns. Well, that. Luis de la Cruz



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