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26 Sep 2011
Oltra was blaming himself for the setback against Alcorcón, while the players were asking for apologies after the humiliating defeat at Santo Domingo.

Coach José Luis Oltra was assuming the responsibility after the humiliating defeat in Madrid, “We were pretty bad since the start; we gave for free the first fifteen or twenty minutes; we allowed three goals because the team wasn’t fine and since that point the things were more complicated. It is something that I warned, and for this reason my responsibility is bigger as I wasn’t able to explain what we had to do.”

“It was a problem as the rival passed all over us. The team wasn’t fine and I believe that the problem isn’t a matter of football. They were just better than us and Alcorcon beat us thanks to their main characteristic, which is their push, enthusiasm, aggressiveness… those factors make you earn the secondary plays, they were putting a lot of pressure…” He added.

Later the Valencian trainer was trying to rest importance to the work made by the referee, “The referee just conditioned our game in the sense that the expulsions blocked a possible reaction or the adjustments to the team, but we must look within the team and not to the outside. I have a smart team, and at half-time I told the players that it wasn’t an excuse, because we already were losing by three goals. I can’t blame the referee, because we were already losing by three when we were reduced to nine men. Now we must correct what we have done wrong.”

Finally, Oltra is aware that he will have problems in order to build up a proper team for next game, this due to the casualties, “In every game I try to put the best players; if I end making seven changes it isn’t because we lost 0-4, but because we must make substitutions. For the moment we will see how many players do we have available for next Saturday against Guadalajara. Maybe we can recover someone, if not we will pick someone from Fabril, whatever.”

The players were feeling humiliated with the defeat and everybody was asking for apologies to the fans that travelled to Madrid, as Álex Bergantiños told to reporters, “The fans were incredible; they were still cheering up and were living a nice moment despite that we didn’t fulfill the expectations. We ask for apologies for this defeat.”

Later the midfielder was commenting the match, “We were unable to calm down after been losing and entered into their game of alleys. We were mad. The coach told us what we already knew, that we were missing the needed intensity for a game like this, that we wasted the first minutes and that we can’t do this against a rival of this level; this should be a lesson for the future.”

Left-back Ayoze Diaz was also asking for apologies, “The true is that this was a terrible game; we never saw it coming and the defeat was big. When you don’t do the right things, then the only thing left is to ask for apologies.”

Juan Carlos Valerón was trying to chill out the feeling of defeatism surrounding Depor, “Throughout my career I have lived situations like this one, and we must try to keep going and must prevent a new loss like this one. We accept the criticism; we are accepting everything and let’s see if this doesn’t happen again. Evidently we feel sorry for it; we will try that at the end of the season this will only be a mere anecdote.”

Similar was the speech of Aranzubia, “We missed of everything; we were talking all over the week that this was a complicate pitch and a tough rival, but we never knew what to do. We don’t understand why we were so bad in this game. We felt ashamed, we ask for apologies to all the fans of Depor. We can’t allow the rival to score three times in a matter of fifteen minutes.”

Later the keeper was commenting the work of the referee, “We can’t blame the referee for the result, but I also think that we should say something, because the red cards weren’t fair. Both players just committed two fouls and later were sent off, neither is an excuse.”

Precisely, Laure was complaining of the two yellow cards that cost him to miss the last hour of the meeting, “Maybe the second foul deserved the yellow card, but it was rigorous, but the first was never a foul. I want to ask for apologies to my team mates for leaving them with only nine players.”


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