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01 Oct 2011
Depor’s coach is aware that his team needs to change, but don’t want to panic as the defeat at Alcorcón was just a game; while Terrazas has been trying to chill out the euphoria at Guadalajara as they are the surprising leaders in the league.

Carlos Terrazas Sánchez is an unknown veteran coach that’s living his best moment after fifteen years working as a football coach. The Basque man has been the coach of Bilbao Athletic – Athletic B- in two different opportunities (1996-99 & 2001-02). Besides working with Athletic B, he has coached other eight clubs, and before 2007 his only success was to achieve the promotion to Segunda A with Burgos CF during the season 2000/01.

His golden period started in 2007 after joining Andalusian club Real Jaen CF; club that he put at the promotion playoff to Segunda A, later he resigned due to a health problem and returned to work one year later taking charge of CD Guadalajara, club that he surprisingly put at Segunda División A after an impressive second round at Segunda B plus a comeback in the final playoff series against CD Mirandés. Now he is targeting the permanence at Liga Adelante. This is his first meeting with José Luis Oltra.

On Thursday, Depor’s coach talked at the press room of Abegondo; it was ma meeting with reporters that lasted twenty-two minutes; he mainly talked of the status of the team after the big setback in Alcorcón. He started talking of the possible changes at the lineup, “Since the beginning I am forced to make two changes; you know that I don’t like to give clues so I won’t talk of it. It’s possible that I won’t make more changes, but I can also make a lot of them. We have corrected a lot of things trying to improve some issues and also trying to give continuity to our strategy. The day of Hércules I assumed a tactical error for the defeat, but now I believe that the problem was a lack of concentration and an error with the output of the ball. “

Later the Valencian man said that the loss in Madrid was just a bad game of Deportivo, “In my first speech, early in the summer, we talked of the motivation of the rivals and what we must do; now we have to correct some issues after five games, but we aren’t so bad and the last match at Alcorcón was just a pretty bad game. Then we have to face Guadalajara on Saturday and must demonstrate on the pitch that we have enough football to beat anyone, in this case the leader, exactly the place that we all want to occupy.”

“I want to be positive and even the setback on the other day could be a positive thing for the team. I don’t like to lose 0-4 or 1-4; I prefer to win, but it can’t be a useful lesson for the players. The team must improve and I ask for self-criticism to the players. They should ask themselves what they can do in order to improve.” He added.

Oltra was also showing his respects for the fans, this no matter the latest criticism coming from the Riazor Blues, “I am surprised and enchanted with the fans; I can’t ask for more, and all the things that I lived on this week were great. I never heard any criticism during the week. And I know we won’t have an adverse atmosphere on Saturday, so I hope a lot of support. We must convince our public and I can’t ask for more, it is time to give back. On Saturday we will try to have the sweetest game of the season.”

Talking of the rival, Depor’s trainer said that his players must assume that they are facing the leader in the league, “The idea is to demonstrate that there is no doubt regarding our style of playing; the idea is to press the rival up front and to be solid at defense; always having the protagonic role, ending the plays and shooting on target. That’s the essence of what we always searched for. The rival is intense and solid, besides its living a positive streak, so we need to adapt. The season is just starting, but the goal of Guadalajara is to achieve the permanence and then in the future to think of a possible promotion to Primera.”

“Sometimes these kinds of rivals are tough to beat as they are living a positive streak, but the real thing is that they are currently the leaders. Guadalajara is the current leader and deserves to be there. But it’s also a matter of expectations, because we also have good numbers, but the expectations are higher then everybody says that we are wrong. And maybe they are in the same situation, but since their expectations were lower, then people say that they are living a good moment. But the reality is that they are the current leaders.” He added.

Oltra was more hermetic when he was asked about the decisions of the referees and a possible conspiracy as Depor is fighting against the Spanish Federation in the case of Vecindario, “I think it isn’t a good thing to focus our efforts on the referees; we just missed luck. There is no excuse to what happened; we can’t talk of the rain or any other factor; as long as we can focus in our game, the better. I am not aware of the conflict that you are mentioning´., I don’t know if we are attacking the federation, but I don’t think is wise and I doubt it has anything to do with what happened on the past week.”

Before the press conference, Oltra talked to different radios, one of them was radio Cadena Cope; and the Valencian coach was extending his comments related to the last setback at Liga Adelante, “It isn’t only to lose 4-0, it’s the way you fall and the impression you leave. I will hardly forget that match; we’ve created doubts in an unnecessary and ridiculous way.  The defeat was more related to a lack of attitude than to tactical reasons; therefore there are no doubts inside the group. If four weeks ago I was saying that we were the best squad, then I won’t change my mind now.”

He was also talking of Valerón; “For me it’s hard to believe that Valerón wasn’t playing so often in past seasons, but the coaches can’t attack their own clubs.” Finally, he said that understands the position of Depor towards the conflict with Vecindario as his coaching license still revoked, “The club wants me to sit on the bench, but it’s also defending its interests.”

Guadalajara’s coach talked to different newspapers during the week; he first gave an interview to El Dia Digital, the Basque man was remembering his arrival to the club one year ago, “It seems it was yesterday, but already passed twelve months since my debut at Guadalajara, which was not precisely good as we lost against Getafe B. Then things changed and today we all are happy. I was conscious that we had great players and that we needed an evolution plan. I was trusting that my men were going to assimilate it and it was like that. All thanks to their capacity and effort.”

“For me the promotion was important. I have already achieved a promotion with Burgos ten years ago. To achieve the promotion from Segunda B to Segunda A is quite hard. There are 80 teams and only four go up. It is a great joy to achieve a promotion ten years later, manly doing it at clubs that aren’t the favourites. We all converted Deportivo into a competitive team, effective and with an important line.” He said.

Throughout the interview he insisted that his team is only thinking of achieving the permanence, “The clear thing now is that the current standings are just anecdotic, but I understand that we can relatively achieve the goal with ease, I underline the word relatively. The team is having a good streak and it has quality and football to do it. We already said that the goal is to achieve the permanence and put the base for more ambitious goals, this for the upcoming seasons.”

“There is a plan to achieve the promotion to Primera División at the end of the season 2013/14; right now we are on the campaign 2011/12 and must consolidate the project. For now the leadership can be a double-edged sword; we can’t be obsessed with it, because later you will end up depressed and frustrated. We must understand that we are at matchday 05 and that we are only separated by two points with the ninth place. The only thing for real is that we are discovering that the team is prepared to achieve the goals.” He added.

Before this interview, Terrazas talked to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; he was admitting that this is the most expected game of the season, “I have to confess that during the summer, when I was watching the calendar, the first thing you look is when you will face Deportivo La Coruña. It says everything. I believe is the chosen team and the toughest meeting of the 42 matchdays. Later there are circumstances that surround every match that can change that perception.”

“Just six months ago we were traveling to La Coruña in order to play against Montañeros and on Saturday we are going to play against Deportivo. Things are changing so rapidly that we aren’t getting noticed, but we must be able to assimilate it. Again it will be a tough meeting; we are facing a team that desperately needs the points. I would have loved to visit the Riazor with a more relaxed Deportivo, because in that case the options of surprising them would be bigger.” He added.

The Basque was remembering one more time the real goal of Guadalajara on this season, “This year the goal is the permanence and we are conscious that the season has just began, therefore there are a lot of difficulties lying ahead after Christmas, during the months of January and February we will see the reality at the standings. Right now the important thing is to add points.”



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