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02 Oct 2011
Depor bounces back after the setback in Alcorcón as it crushed an inexistent Guadalajara; Valerón lighted the way out giving three assists, while Álex scored his first two goals wearing the <i>Blanquiazul</i> shirt.

In the end coach Jose Luis Oltra chose Ze Castro as the substitute of Colotto at the centre of the defense; the Portuguese was joining Aythami after Rochela was tested for the job during Friday’s training. Meanwhile, Diego Seoane was claiming the spot at the right-back position; he was making his first appearance as a starter with the first team after nine months (the last time was in Copa against Córdoba CF, December 21).

Aranzubia was defending the goal; Ayoze Diaz covered the left-back position, Seoane played at the right side and the central positions at defense were for Aythami and Ze Castro. Jesús Vázquez and Álex Bergantiños were the pivotes in the formation; Guardado played on the right wing, Salomão was on the left, Valerón was the playmaker in the scheme and Lassad was the central attacker.

At Guadalajara, coach Carlos Terrazas was presenting the expected 4-4-2 lineup, with wingers Ernesto Gómez and Iván Moreno, plus strikers Aníbal Zurdo and Scottish Ryam Harper as the main references in attack.

Vengeance. If Depor allowed three goals in sixteen minutes at Alcorcón, now the Galicians scored three times in just fourteen minutes. Valerón was again the guide of Depor while Guadalajara unexplainably was showing big cracks at midfield, this key factor made life easier for Oltra’s men.

The game started with a quick attack of Guadalajara that ended with a  drilling shot of Iván Moreno from the edge of the area, and Aranzubia made the save (2’). Depor’s first approximation came with a drilling cross of Salomão that was too easy for visiting keeper Mikel Saizar.

At this point it seemed that the game was going to be tough for Depor as Guadalajara was showing an unexpected freshness in attack, but it just was a mirage as Depor was going to score three goals in a matter of nine minutes. What happened was that Guadalajara didn’t put any pressure at midfield and that error was deadly against a Depor that was searching for vengeance.

The clear example of this was the first goal; Guadalajara was attacking and Guardado regained the ball at the edge of the area, then nobody marked him and the winger had enough time to release a long assist to Valerón, who later assisted back the Mexican, and the ex-Atlas man faced no opposition until reaching the edge of the opposite are to fire a low shot that surprised Saizar.

The next minutes were a real  party for Deportivo, though the visitors were close to tie the actions after Anibal headed a cross coming from the left wing, the ball hit the crossbar and was later cleared by Aythami (8’). And the second goal of Deportivo came just two minutes later; again during a counterattack and it was a masterpiece of Valerón.

El Flaco collected the ball at the edge of the area and, against the mark of three men, he magically chipped the ball over the wall and into the path of Álex Bergantiños, who didn’t hesitate to connect the ball before it hit the ground to beat Saizar.

Just one minute later Lassad was close to score as the Tunisian entered into the area to fire a drilling shot from the left corner, and this time Saizar cleared the danger. But four minutes later the visiting keeper wasn’t able to avoid the third; again Valerón led the way out as he dragged the mark inside the area to end releasing a perfect and drilling cross that Álex only needed to push in from close-range. These are the first two liga goals for Álex wearing the Blanquiazul shirt.

Also to mention that it’s the first time since 1999 in which Depor scores three goals so quickly; the last opportunity that this situation occurred was on December 5th, 1999 as the Galicians defeated Rayo Vallecano (3-2) playing for la liga and with goals of Makaay (6’), Turu Flores (7’) and Pauleta (14’).

Back into the game, Deportivo was comfortingly leading in the scoresheet, just like it was early losing in the previous match. The key to understand what was happening was the highway that Guadalajara left at midfield as its players were preferring to protect the area rather than block the output of the ball, reason why Valerón, Guardado and Salomão never faced any problem to reach the opposite area. A big mistake committed by visiting coach Terrazas.

At minute 18, Lassad was close to score again with a strong shot from long-range, but this time Saizar made a great save. Depor reduced the pace of the actions in the rest of the first half, while Guadalajara was a clueless team that was still trying to understand what was happening. However, the Galicians had a couple of chances to increase the lead, like the pass of Valerón that Guardado didn’t meet inside the area (30’), or the header of Ze Castro after a corner-kick that was cleared at the goal line by a defender (35’)

The final part missed excitement as Depor faced the rest of the match with calmness, while Guadalajara was impotent enough to create any harm against Aranzubia. The negative news was the injury of Ze Castro, who had to be replaced due to a hamstring injury.

Carlos Terrazas was so upset that he made his three changes after the pause, He made one modification in every line. The main change was the entry of Jony as the personal mark over Valerón, which switched the system into a 4-1-4-1. The modification brought more ball possession to Los Manchegos as the Galicians had more problems to build up the plays, but Depor was also looking dangerous in the counterattack, reason why the second part was more balanced, though it was boring too.
At minute 57, Valerón sent out a drilling corner-kick of Salomão; four minutes later Ze Castro suffered a hamstring injury and had to be replaced by Claudio Morel, who claimed the spot at the centre of the defense, at least for twenty minutes, this since he was already warming when the Portuguese sustained his injury.

Meanwhile, Guadalajara was pushing in attack, but it was too naïve to create any danger against Aranzubia, who wasn’t the savior this time and as it happened in the previous three home matches. At the same time Depor was more calmed; it was trying to have the ball possession, just moving it across the pitch, for this reason there weren’t too many scoring opportunities in this half.

However, there was enough time to see Salomão scoring his goal; again it came in a counterattack as Ayoze Diaz sent a long pass from defense, then the Portuguese winger ran until facing Saizar one-on-one and he scored the goal with a drilling shot. Valerón could have scored the fifth, but he didn’t arrive on time after an assist of Salomão (90+1’)

Before, Rochela and Bodipo replaced Guardado and Lassad; in this way Morel ended the game performing as the left winger in the formation, while Rochela was joining Aythami at the centre of the defense.

Deportivo only needed five goal attempts to score four times and demonstrate that still a strong candidate for the promotion to Primera División. If on last Saturday the team allowed three goals in sixteen minutes, this time it scored the same number in just fifteen minutes. The lack of mark at midfield by Guadalajara and the guidance of Valerón are the keys to understand a game in which the ball possession was equal (51% for Depor and 49% for the visitors).

Deportivo is now fifth at the standings, which mean to be living inside the relegation zone for the second time on the season; the important thing is that the first place is just two points away after UD Almeria defeated Recreativo (1-0).

The bad news was the injury of Ze Castro, who had to be replaced due to a hamstring problem; it is the newest injury striking Depor, just when the Galicians are about to face a week with three games; two in liga and one in Copa Del Rey; The first will take place on Saturday as Oltra’s team will visit CD Alcoyano (El Collao, 22h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Seoane, Ze Castro (Morel 61’), Aythami, Ayoze – Jesús Vázquez, Alex Bergantiños – Guardado (Rochela 76’), Valerón, Salomão – Lassad (Bodipo 76’)
Guadalajara: (4-4-2) Saizar - Antonio Moreno, Jorge, David Fernández, Javi Barral – Iván Moreno (Gago 46’), Javi Soria (Jony 46’), Jonan, Ernesto – Aníbal, Ryan Harper (Rodrigo 46’).
Goals 1-0: (6’) Guardado, 2-0: (9’) Álex, 3-0: (14’) Álex, 4-0: (79’) Salomão
Referee: Mario Melero. He showed yellow card to Anibal (34’), Iván Moreno (43’), Seoane (55’), Guardado (68’) and Jony (77’)
Venue: Riazor (25,000)



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