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04 Oct 2011
Polemic press conference of Lendoiro; he announced incentives for the socios of the club, and later fired against the reporters when he was questioned about the legal cases surrounding Deportivo.

Normally the press conferences of president Augusto César Lendoiro last more than hour, but on Monday he only talked with reporters for forty minutes, mainly because there was a discussion with some of them after Depor’s boss accused the media for only spreading the negative issues surrounding Deportivo.

It was all calmed as the president began the press conference talking of short-term mark on the socios campaign, ”It’s a special day as we are trying to make justice to things occurring at Deportivo; we have surpassed the mark of 24,000 socios and we are now targeting that, before 2012, we could reach the mark of 25,000 socios. That’s why we proclaim that October will be the month of the socio, for this reason we are launching a series of acts; there isn’t any club at Spain that offers more things to their socios than Deportivo. You have rewards like the golden socio [socios with more than 50 years subscribed to the club].”

Then the president announced incentives for the 25.000 socios that he expects to have in the short-term, “At the middle of October we will present the golden and silver rewards for the socios; but we also hope that we will reach the mark of 25,000 socios before the year 2012 arrives; actually we expect to do it in 2011, and at that point we will celebrate it with a draw offering rewards to each one of the 25,000 socios. We don’t know yet the rewards, but surely will find something for everyone. We can make the draw at the Riazor even with a notary.” He said.

Lendoiro was also happy as the club already dispatched 1,000 tickets for the Galician derby that will be played in November at the Riazor, “We are surprised for the response, the prices are fair and we are surprised as in one day we have sold 1,000 tickets, while another 1,000 are already reserved for the fans in Vigo We can even reserve another 800 for Celta’s fans at the price of 30 Euros..”

He was also announcing a tourist trip at the Riazor in order to meet the changing rooms. “Next week we will inaugurate the public access to the changing rooms at the Riazor; you could find there the greatest moments of the club, like the title in liga, the Champions League, the Centenariazo… We have put a lot of pictures with the greatest moments of the club and we have also made some improvements there. I want to thank the public; I don’t remember this kind of response before, not even when we were at the top positions in la liga.”

And the problems started when the press conference was opened for the questions coming from reporters, the first issue over the desk was the case with UD Vecindario, and the answer of the president was, “The situation depends on the resolution by the court and the Spanish federation, and there are no novelties. We don’t know yet anything. Maybe we can have a resolution on this week, but it isn’t something for sure. You know how these things are.”

The journalists were trying to learn more on the issue, and then it was when Lendoiro started to fire against papers that wrote articles regarding the problems of the club, “We only read what La Voz and AS say; I will love you to be more emphatic about the debt of other clubs, like Las Palmas and Racing Santander. It seems that here only Depor owes money, but Deportivo is the club in Spain to whom they owe more money.” Lendoiro said with a serious tone.

“Racing [Santander] owes 2,750,000 Euros plus taxes, amount that was accepted by both Racing and Depor. You know the facts. If Deportivo isn’t paying it is because they owe a lot of money to the club; it’s a no sense what’s going on with Vecindario. Other clubs owe between 8 and 9 million Euros to Depor, and our debt is much less than that"” Lendoiro complained.

There were some strong words for UD Las Palmas too, “They haven’t paid us for the transfer of Gabriel Schurrer, and he is about to retire as a coach! It is an issue that’s still blocked in Canarias.” Then, asked of the situation with Nacional Montevideo as the Uruguayans are reclaiming big part of Gustavo Munua’s transfer, he just said that, “We aren’t worried of this.”

The most tense moment was when Lendoiro discussed with Luis de La Cruz [journalist from AS] about the coverage of the media towards Deportivo, “I can assure you that for any ten lines that you write against the club, you only write one in favour of it. I didn’t read AS attacking la liga after they allowed the operation of Lafita, and it was unfair as they couldn’t assure us that they were going to pay us.” He said before exchanging some words with the reporter.

Then, the press conference ended as the spokesman of the club, Rafa Carpacho, pushed Lendoiro to leave the room. Some journalists were attacking Deportivo after the press conference; they were complaining of the club’s silence towards the cases with Vecindario and Nacional; finally, to appoint that Gonzalo Soto, one of the more friendly journalists with Lendoiro, wasn’t in the room for the press conference.



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