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08 Oct 2011
Meeting between two coaches that were team mates during the 1980’s; Oltra is aware that it’s a complicate visit and that his team might change the strategy on the pitch, while Porras said that Depor is the favourite team in the league.

David Porras Navarro is a young coach that has had a lightening career as a football trainer; he was a player that never reached the Primera División; the Valencian man started and ended his career as a player at Alcoyano, reason why two years ago he decided to continue linked with the club as he joined the coaching staff been the second assistant of Paco López, and this last man was fired just five matchdays before the end of the past Segunda B season.

It was a big surprise as Alcoyano was living inside the promotion zone, despite the scandal and the doubts, Porras was able to achieve an historic promotion as his team eliminated stronger sides like Real Madrid Castilla or CD Lugo. In the end he was the hero that led the return to Segunda A after 44 years of exile. He was also involved in politics as in 2007 he was a candidate for the city hall of Alcoy.

Of course this is the first meeting between short-experienced Porras and José Luis Oltra, but the interesting fact is that both men were partners at Ontinyent CF, a Valencian club that’s currently living at Segunda B. It was during the season 1988/89 as Oltra and Porras were the two usual centre midfielders at the team, so they already know each other quite well.

Depor’s coach gave his press conference on Friday; he talked during 20 minutes with reporters. He started analyzing the rival, CD Alcoyano, “This is a complicated game against a tough rival with morale, which is not only a legend; there are a lot of issues on this thing. What I want is to see Depor winning, and for this we need to go out plugged since the beginning, because this rival always plays at the top. We must know how to read the game, truly they haven’t won yet at home, but the previous results were narrow scores.”

About the style of playing that Depor will display at El Collao, the coach said that, “The philosophy will be the same, but the concept and the deploy  can be modified; if we have to play more with secondary plays and long throws, then we are going to do it. These are just small changes using the same style; the point is that the essence will be the same. You will probably see a different team, but it’s just circumstantial as we need to adapt.”

About the casualties for the game; he said that, “We are losing Guardado and Bodipo and will have nineteen players available –later he corrected as he remembered that he had twenty men available- so I need to choose a discard, which is an advance from the past week, time when I only had eighteen men. And yes, the casualty of Andrés [Guardado] is important, but neither is an excuse. We neither are going to play with ten players; we will play with eleven, because someone will cover the spot of an important man like Andrés.”

Oltra also commented the options that he’s planning to cover the wings, “Yes, we have several options and alternatives; it is true that we only have Salomão as the only natural choice for both the right and left wing, but then we have people that can play there; maybe with other characteristics, but the circumstances are pushing to this. Laure or Seoane can advance their position, we can also play with Claudio [Morel] or Ayoze on the left; we can even make a more offensive team, with Riki, who is already recovered, or the same Lassad. I see them starting on that position; each one have their own characteristics; some of them are more defensive, others are offensive, but these are the options. I already made my choice, but won’t tell you.”

Later he explained the status of Saul, who is just coming back from a hamstring injury, “I want to see tomorrow’s training [Friday] he has the medical okay, and want to see who will stay out. No matter Saul is available, the true is that he has only completed two full training sessions, and it might be too soon, though if we include him in the list it would because he has options to play. The true is that I have things clear unless something more happens tomorrow.”

Asked about the poor state of the grass at El Collao, the Valencian man said that, “People have called me and I know that the pitch won’t be at the best possible conditions; it is a small pitch where the public is pressing, and we need to adapt to this kind of fields.”

A reporter asked Oltra if he is worried of the team’ s attitude after the setback with Alcorcón, and he responded that, “It’s true that the start of the games can condition the things, so we need to be strong since the beginning and we already talked of this after the match with Alcorcón, so I am not worried at all. I hope the team will compete and am sure that they’ll be fine.”

Then Gonzalo Soto from Radio Galega was questioning if Valerón is an indispensable player for Deportivo, and he responded that, “I respect your decision, but don’t agree. That he’s a good player and a valuable resource? Yes, that he is indispensable? No, nobody is indispensable in football, this no matter how good he is. I think a lot of the situation with El Flaco, that if I need to make rotations, but until now I don’t see the need to rest him… I didn’t see it so far. Until now I am making the decisions for the best of the team, maybe he will rest on Wednesday, but surely won’t be rested on Saturday.”

The presence of Valerón was the only clue that Oltra gave on the lineup, later Depor’s trainer was complaining of the problems that he has had at the moment of making the changes, “Well, the other day I didn’t have the chance to make the changes that I wanted, because the modifications were forced for the injuries. I always had problems, the other day Ze Castro requested for the change, so I am not choosing the changes. The past game was perfect in order to give chances to other players, but I couldn’t do it; I even asked for apologies to Juan Dominguez after the match, because he is training at the top and is a player that will bring a lot of things. I didn’t have the chance to allow him to play with the 3-0 in the scoresheet. I already had made two changes and preferred to replace Lassad with Bodipo.”

Finally, Oltra said that he is content with the current results of Depor, but at the same time that he is aware that the performance of the tea can improve a lot, “I am pretty happy with the numbers, though it is only enough to be fifth at the standings, which mean only to play the promotion playoff. I will like to have more, but twelve of eighteen points are quite good. Anyhow we must see the reality; I am content with the results, but not with our performance in a football sense. I can see that we still can improve a lot.”

Alcoyano’s coach gave a press conference on Friday’s afternoon; He was asking for the support of the fans in order to face Deportivo, “It would be important to have the support of the public after achieving an important first win on the past week. We were needing to reinforce the good dynamic and the positive results that we had conquered before.”

At the same time, Porras believes that the huge defeat of Depor at Alcorcón is just a mirror, “It was abnormal to see them losing in that way, and I am convinced that they learned the lesson knowing that they must be alert in order to not be caught by surprise.” About the state of the grass at El Collao, he said that, “It isn’t an excuse as it is the same for both teams, the true is that we were there this morning and were surprised as everything is fine.”

Before the press conference, he talked with newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and commented that, “Possibly we are facing the best team in the league. Depor is destined to be the champion at Segunda, but we play at our stadium, before our fans, and it must be an impulse for us. It is an important game for our team and also for the fans.”

He was also talking of Oltra, “Jose Luis is very smart. He knows the dimensions of the pitch and the philosophy of the club, and surely will try to mentalize his players to go out focused since the beginning and not be caught by surprise. Surely they have learned the lesson from the past match. He is a reference for us; he has a lot of experience and that’s why you try to watch him. He is young, but already has a large experience at Primera and Segunda. You always try to learn from people close to you.”

Finally, Porras gave his opinion on the comebacks that his team has achieved during this season’s games, “I must emphasize the solidarity of the players on the pitch, it is fundamental in order to improve each day. As example, in Cartagena, the team was perfect in defense throughout the second half.”



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