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11 Oct 2011
Lassad Nouioui is the first player of the month for the season 2011/12; all thanks to his solid week at the middle of September. Taking in mind the solo-match of on August Aranzubia is leading the all-season table.

New season, new rules; the RCDLC.com Player of the Season Award 2011/12 presents some rules modifications compared to the previous campaign. The peña members still choose the best three players on every official game and value the performance of the team as a group. But this year the way the ratings are calculated is slightly different.

Now, the collective note not only potentially gives extra points to the first three players, but also the chance for other players in order to gain points. For a match rated with a collective note of 2 (average), the 4th place in the voting is awarded with 1 point, while the first three places receives two extra points added to the normal value chart (5, 3, 1).For a match rated 3 (great), the 4th and the 5th player in the voting receives 2 and 1 point respectively, while the first three places receive 4 extra points.

And the player of September is Lassad Nouioui, who shone in two of the six matches played on the month to claim the award. The key to understand it is that the Tunisian attacker was named the best player in the only match in which Depor’s team received a collective note of 3; it was in the Copa match with Girona, game in which Lassad scored four goals.

It calls the attention that three of the four players at to the top are attackers, which neither is surprising taking in mind the errors shown by the defense on this start of season. Guardado and Salomão are the other two attackers highly valued by the peña members; the Mexican was even named the best player in two opportunities.

The ratings on the month:

Vs Recreativo (27/8/11) 
1st. Colotto - 7 pts
2nd. Aranzubia - 5 pts
3rd. Alex - 10 pts - 3 pts
4th. Guardado & Valeron 1 pt
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Hercules (4/9/11) 
1st. Ze Castro - 5 pts
2nd. Salomao - 3 pts
3rd. Vasquez - 1 pt
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)

Vs Girona (7/9/11) 
1st. Lassad - 9 pts
2nd. Salomao & Valeron - 7 pts
3rd. Juan Carlos -  5 pts
PB: Laure - 1 pt.
Collective Note: 3 (Excelent)

Vs Barcelona B (11/9/11) 
1st. Guardado - 7 pts
2nd. Lassad - 5 pts
3rd. Alex - 3 pts
4th. Aranzubia - 1 pt
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Sabadell (17/9/11) 
1st. Aranzubia - 7 pts
2nd. Laure - 5 pts
3rd. Valeron - 3 pts
4th. Alex, Guardado & Salomao - 1 pt
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Alcorcon (24/9/11) 
1st. Guardado - 5 pts
2nd. Aranzubia - 3 pts
3rd. Seoane - 1 pt
NV: Laure & Colotto - (-1 ppt)
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)

Overall table: Daniel Aranzubia is the current leader in the race for RCDLC.com Player of the Season Award, this since he was named the best player in the only game played by Depor in September: the 1-0 win over Recreativo. He is the only defender/keeper among the first four places; he was also named the best player in the match with Sabadell, game in which he made an incredible save at the end of the game. The keeper is just two points above and Lassad, the two players tied at the second place.

Overall Table
1st. Aranzubia - 16 pts 
2nd. Guardado - 14 pts
2nd. Lassad - 14 pts 
4th. Salomao - 11 pts
4th. Valeron - 11 pts 
6th. Alex - 7 pts
7th. Colotto - 6 pts
8th. Laure - 5 pts
9th. Juan Carlos - 5 pts
9th. Ze Castro - 5 pts
11th. Seoane - 1 pt
11th. Vazquez - 1 pt




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