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16 Oct 2011
New disappointment from an apathetic Deportivo that had the chance to achieve a big score and that ended scoring the equalizer at the last minute. The team had chances, but missed more spirit. The players also heard the first whistles on the season.

Oltra presented the expected lineup for the game; it was a 4-2-3-1 draw; with Daniel Aranzubia at the goal; Laure was returning to the right-back position, Ayoze Diaz was doing the same on the left sector, while the central spots at defense were for Diego Colotto and Aythami Artiles.

At midfield, Jesús Vázquez and Álex Bergantiños were the two pivotes; Andrés Guardado was returning in order to claim the position at the right wing, Salomão was on the left, Valerón was the playmaker and Lassad was the central attacker.

Neither coach Oliva was presenting novelties at the starting formation of Gimnástic; it was the expected 4-3-3 formation, with Dutch attacker Berry Powel as the main reference up front. Despite the hour, at least 22,000 fans were at the stands of the Riazor.

Not the best of the first parts for Deportivo; Oltra’s team missed depth and mainly speed to break a tough, but static defensive line; and the lonely goal came in one of the few plays in which Deportivo pressed the accelerator; Guardado was the best player within the first forty-five minutes.

But the side that prsesed at the start was Nástic; the first approximation was for the visitors as Longas attempted a shot from the edge of the area after a corner-kick, and it was deflected by the defense (2’). In the next play the same Longas attempted a volley from the same sector, and this time the ball passed close to the crossbar.

Depor’s first approximation came at minute 6, it was an error of Xisco Campos at the left side of the area as he was unable to clear the danger and ended fouling Lassad; the resulting free-kick turned into a cross cleared by visiting goalie Rubén Pérez.

The true is that the Galicians didn’t feel comfortable on the pitch within the first ten minutes; Nastic was pressing Valerón, and the weight of the attacks was balanced to the left wing, side where Guardado was carrying out with the weight of the team. With the pass of the minutes Deportivo started to gain control of the actions, though it missed more freshness and winning spirit.

At minute 15, Valerón appeared for the first time making a quick assist to Lassad, who eluded a rival to attempt a shot on target from inside the area, but his shot was deflected; in the resulting corner-kick Colotto headed the ball on target, but Ruben Pérez was there to stop the ball.

The next player that had a chance to score was Ayoze Diaz; it was the first appearance of Salomão as a cross of the Portuguese man met the Canarian defender, who fired from long-distance and the ball went wide. At this point the only way in which Nastic was able to stop Depor’s players was to commit fouls, mainly over Valerón and Guardado. The public protested, because several of them weren’t punched with a yellow card

Depor was close to score at minute 23; Laure fought hard for the ball and ended releasing a short cross from the right, the ball hit a defender and keeper Rubén barely cleared the ball, which later hit the crossbar and went out. Two minutes later Guardado threw a free-kick that passed close to the crossbar.

Powel appeared for the first time at minute 31 as the Dutch man made a solo-play to end releasing a long-distance shot that was stopped by Aranzubia. It was the first warning of what was going to happen in the second part. Despite the previous scoring opportunities, Depor was looking too slow, reason why they barely gave new problems to Ruben Perez

And suddenly Deportivo pressed the accelerator; first Lassad fired from the edge of the area and Ruben cleared the danger, in the next play Valerón and Guardado combined inside the area, but the cross of the Mexican was blocked.

And then it came the goal of Depor; it was quick play in a throw-in, Laure assisted Guardado, and the ex-Atlas man sent a precise pass to Salomão, who was at the edge of the area to end releasing a precise drilling shot, despite been marked by two man, that went into the bottom-left corner of the keeper. The goal brought confidence to Depor and the Galicians pushed for the second goal, but Ayoze (40’) and Guardado (45+1’) missed the target in their respective attempts.

Depor wasted all the good things did in the first part with a terrible performance in the second, terrible because the rival was a plane team that just scored twice seizing the errors of the defense; the worst part was that Oltra’s team had enough chances to pick up an easy win. The only good news is that the team reacted at the last minute, though it isn’t a good result.

The first approximation in this half was for Deportivo as Guardado attempted a drilling shot from the edge of the area, and it was stopped by Rubén Pérez (49’). Three minutes later Colotto hit the crossbar as his volley after a corner-kick.

Oliva was desperate and sought for mode depth on the wings, for that reason he sent Tuni and Fernando Moran to the pitch, but his team was lacking ideas to create a chance against Aranzubia. At the same time Depor was playing at half-speed, having chances to score, but without giving the impression of been willing to take a bigger advantage.

And suddenly the visitors found the equalizer in a big error of Aythami, who couldn’t clear the ball against Berry Powel, who scored with a shot from close range that hit the body of Aranzubia before ending at the back of the net.

The goal pushed Oltra to replace Alex with Riki, now the team was attacking with two strikers, while Jesús Vázquez was the lonely pivote in the scheme. Still, Deportivo was a soulless team that was still missing punch in attack; The Catalans had  spirit, but at the same time were showing big cracks at defense.

The big chance for Depor in order to pick up the lead again came at minute 75; it was a counterattack of the Galicians in which Riki released a perfect cross from the right that left Lassad alone against the goal; Ruben was already lying on the ground, but somehow the Tunisian man missed the target from close range.

Salomão got injured ten minutes before the end, it was a muscular problem that forced Oltra to put Saul on the pitch. The Asturian attacker appeared in a couple of opportunities in the game, the main one was a  direct free-kick, but the drilling attempt of the winger went directly into the hands of Rubén (82’).

And then it came a new shocker as Powel scored his second goal in the game and sixth on the season; it was a counterattack in which Sergio Juste, who had entered into the pitch some minutes before, bet the marks of Colotto and Aythami to end releasing a cross into the path of the Dutch man, who didn’t miss from close range.

It was the stroke that broke the camel, because immediately some part of the public started to leave the stadium, while the Riazor Blues started to sign against the players. The true is that it was an underserved score, because Nastic had a strong spirit, but it was lucky enough to not pick more goals before, and it’s that despite the apathy of Deportivo it must be remembered that Oltra’s team hit the post twice.

In any case Depor reacted quickly and just three minutes later it scored the equalizer in a set-piece; Guardado sent a long cross from the half of the field, the ball went far from the far post, but Colotto arrived on time to head the ball into the path of Aythami Artiles, who scored the equalizer with a new header from the penalty spot. Depor sought for the victory within the stoppage time, but there were no more clear opportunities.

Big disappointment of a soft Deportivo that inexplicably was winning the game at half-time to end up suffering to clinch a point; the rival was a tough team that committed a lot of fouls, but the biggest problem was the lack of apathy from a team called to be a reference in the league and that has only picked one of the last six points in dispute. Crisis? Perhaps it’s too early, but clearly this isn’t the path that will lead to Primera División.

Nástic's Oliva arrived to the Riazor living at the end of the rope, and after the match the coach under fire is Oltra due to the poor impression left by Depor. In any case, the result isn’t good for any of these two teams; the Catalans still penultimate, while the Galicians barley stands inside the promotion zone, though they can lose the sixth place today if either Guadalajara, Celta or Xérez win their games.  On next Saturday, Depor visits a direct rival, Córdoba CF, side that’s occupying the 4th place at the standings (18h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Aythami, Ayoze (Juan Dominguez 86’) – Álex Bergantiños (Riki 66’), Jesús Vázquez – Guardado, Valerón, Salomão (Saul 78’) – Lassad.
Gimnástic: (4-3-3) Rubén – Ruz (Sergio Juste 66’), Arzu, Xisco Campos, Mingo (Fernando Morán 46’) – Fernando Seoane, Longás, Rodri – Gila (Tuni 56’), Powel, Peragón.
Goals: 1-0: (35’) Salomão, 1-1: (60’) Powel, 1-2: (84’) Powel, 2-2: (89’) Aythami.
Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea. He showed yellow card to Mingo (10’), Ruz (59’), Aythami (63’), Tuni (84’), Moran (88’) and Laure (90+2’).
Venue: Riazor (22,000)




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