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17 Oct 2011
The players weren’t happy with the final result, while Oltra said that he was content with the reaction and the performance of the team, this despite the criticism and the whistles coming from the public.

Coach José Luis Oltra surprised as he said that he was content with the performance of the team, “Today I’m leaving tranquil and relatively content. I’ve sawn a team that played well and that deserved more. We missed more punch, soundness, but there were some matches in which we won and I was more discontent. Football has these things; we were unable to close the game and later rescued a point at the end, almost by accident. I’m leaving satisfied of what I watched on the pitch, not with the result, but of the intention had by the team.”

“A lot of times the rival has 17,000 opportunities and they don’t score, and today they arrived twice and scored two goals. Off course there are errors, but we created more chances compared to the previous three games, and instead were unable to close the game. The team dominated, it had arrivals and intention… you can do little against it, perhaps to work, insist, have tranquility and bring confidence to the team. This is just starting and is a long race. Things can be solved if you win the remaining 33 games. Playing like this we’ll win more games.” He added.

 Finally, the Valencian coach was admitting the criticism coming from the fans, “The fans were the only ones that have cheered us up; they are the only ones that haven’t fail yet. My only regret is that we aren’t at their height, both the team and I. I will try to see the team improving its performance in order to be at their height. The whistles can be a pressure for us, a warning… but we must respect people; we must have personality, character to assume where we are, what we are, where we are going… We defend an important shield and must do it on the pitch. And today we did it; it isn’t easy to respond when you allow a 1-2 without deserving it. We didn’t deserve this situation, but it happens once, and I believe we had the capacity to react and that’s important.”

Aythami Artiles had a mixed performance; he committed a big error in the first goal of Nástic and later scored the equalizer, but he was calmed with his performance, “I don’t think that it was a bad game only for that play; the true is that Powel made a nice move. In the end what matters is the opinion of the coach and I’m careless of the rest.”

The Canarian defender was also feeling sorry as he believes that Depor deserved better luck in this game, “We gave for free twenty minutes and I believe that we deserved the victory; in the second part we were too delayed and that was when they seized their chances. We must try to have the same performance throughout the ninety minutes. They advanced their position, put more men on the centre and created doubts at our side. We must surpass these kinds of things.”

The only player that admitted a lack of intensity by Deportivo was striker Riki, “The team missed intensity; a lot of things are failing and today we saw a lot of mismatches, but you have to admit that we tried throughout the match.”

Álex Bergantiños couldn’t believe that his team was close to lose the match, “It was incredible; they were up front after the equalizer and we were too hurried. We’re allowing too many goals. Today they scored twice in their only two chances. “

Juan Dominguez was saying that it was a matter of bad luck,“ We were too soft within the first five minutes, but after the penalty over Lassad we had the initiative. For me the result is unfair, because before their first goal they never reached our goal. Later they surprised us and… it’s unfair. Cleary you have to work hard during the whole 90 minutes, and today I believe we did it; so I think that beyond losing the concentration it was a matter of bad luck. Today’s match wasn’t the same than against Alcorcón, this time we dominated the actions; today we did our work and we just had bad luck.”

Midfielder Jesús Vázquez was neither happy with the result, “The point is tasteless for us, because we were the superior side, though we must admit that the rivals are easily scoring goals against us. We must improve at both areas; we need more strength in attack and also at defense. We aren’t seizing the clearest chances.”

“Undoubtedly it wasn’t what we expected; we made the merits to deserve more. Now we need to improve our performance playing outside home, this in order to live at the top. The rivals are doing too little and are hurting us, while the feeling is that we need a lot of opportunities in order to win the matches.” The ex-Recreativo man added.

President Augusto César Lendoiro was also feeling sorry for the final result, “It’s easy to talk after the game, but we must be realistic and with what we did in the first part it was difficult to imagine that we would be losing at the end of the game. The draw isn’t a fair reflect of the game, because Deportivo had much more opportunities.”

“If we would have reached half-time mark with a 2-0 or a 3-0, then nobody would be surprised. If this would be boxing, then Deportivo would have won by the points. In a few counterattacks they changed the sign of the match. We deserved the win if you make a balance of the whole game.” Depor’s boss added.

At Gimnástic, coach Oliva was pretty content with the reaction of his team, “We were sunk at half-time, though the players were fine and always alive. It’s a pity to allow the equalizer in this way, but we must appreciate the result, especially for the rival that we were facing. Deportivo has a balanced team, made to achieve the promotion.”



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