21 Oct 2011
Centre midfielder Borja FernŠndez talked to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa; the player doesnít know when he will be available to play, and also believes that thereís no reason to panic after the latest result of Deportivo.

Q: How are you?
A: I donít have discomfort. I am training at the top and am very optimistic. Hopefully the work we've done will be effective enough to forget everything once I start training with the group. It isnít a joke, but from day one weíve done everything possible. Both the medical staff and physiotherapists; the true is that they are spectacular.

Q: Did you lived a tough moment after the relapse?
A: I had a tough week, because mentally it's hard when you see you do everything right, that you do everything they say to you, and ultimately things arenít working out. Today everybody talks of Puyol, who wanted to retire (from the national team). I didnít get to that point, but it annoys me and eats your head. We all have bad days and I know the only way out is working hard.

Q: Were you depressed?
A: Not that I was depressed, but you have downs, because itís hard. I thought that the operation [percutaneous tenotomy] would cure all ills, but things are getting delayed. Itís worse to live things from the outside. Itís annoying to not been able to participate, but itís what we have.

Q: Your injury problems started last season with Getafe; do you feel as a player when you are stopped?
A: I've had a pretty bad year, because I couldnít participate. Although I was picked for the meetings I knew I wasnít at one hundred percent. Itís difficult, especially because I never had a physical problem before. This is the first time I have an injury and is so long... You never stop feeling as a player, but you like being on the field. You are on the bench or at the stands. And you end up living a tough moment. You think, 'again here.' You want to be inside.

Q: Once you are back with the group, how long will you need to be available for the competition?
A: I donít know. Itís just a matter of training at the top, and adapt quickly, and later the coach., who is the one that decides.

Q: What is your analysis of the start of season made by Depor?
A: Personally, I think it isnít to be alarmed. If we were in January in a bad position, then yes, but right now a lot still ahead. This is very long. The year we achieved the promotion with Valladolid we had fewer points than now. No one knows when the positive streak will come and as soon as Depor gains confidence we will see the team that everyone wants to see.

Q: What happens to the team?
A: 'I'm not a coach and my analysis isnít realistic, but I think the team does very good things.

Q: Why you are allowing goals so easily?
A: In football everybody attacks and defends. If we allow a goal it isnít something to blame the defenders. Although itís a made phrase, football is a team sport. That is reality.

Q: Is patience the key to overcome a situation like this?
A: You never know when the right moment could arrive. In Valladolid we had a slow start within the first eight matchdays and then we beat all records. We broke all records at Segunda. A couple of seasons ago Levante started to have good results until the last stretch of the season, and they ended achieving the promotion. So, you go game by game. If things remain wrong in a few months, then we should be alarmed, but right now the team is showing very good things at certain times. That's what we need to strengthen, and later minimize the failures.

Is the goal still intact?
A: The goal is clear and itís the promotion. In order to get there we must know to compete in the same division than the other clubs, and we have enough team to do so.

Q: Do you believe that Depor hasnít assimilated yet where it is and who are the rivals in front of you?
A: I donít know. From the outside it looks very different. When I can enter into the team I may have a better idea. Anyway, I think the team is very humble, among other things, and people know where it is. And whoever still doesnít know it must realize about it with the matches that we already had.

Q: Despite not been playing, do you feel fully integrated into the squad?
A: Yes. From the first day the atmosphere is very good. This has been one of the best places where I have been received. From day you notice that you are one more player.



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