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28 Oct 2011
New setback for a disappointing Deportivo that hasn’t learned yet how to play away from home; Cartagena was a limited team that only capitalized its opportunities. Depor doesn’t know how to play at Segunda División.

Oltra surprised as he left Valerón on the bench for the first time on the liga season; his spot at the starting squad was claimed by Lassad Nouioui. Meanwhile, Claudio Morel was the one playing at the left-back position as Ayoze Diaz was suspended.

The formation was a 4-2-3-1 figure; with Aranzubia at the goal, Laure performed at the right-back position, Morel was on the left, while the central defenders were Aythami and Colotto. The two pivotes were Álex Bergantińos and Jesús Vázquez. Andrés Guardado attacked from the left wing, Salomăo did it on the right, while the central attacker was Riki.

At Cartagena, coach Javi López was playing with the expected 4-2-3-1 formation, leaving top-scorer Iván Bolado on the bench. The state of the grass was better compared to the previous meetings at Cartagonova, this despite it was raining throughout the day in Cartagena.

New poor game of Deportivo playing away from home; Oltra’s team had the ball possession, but missed the inspiration to create any harm against a rival that just capitalized its only clear opportunity to score. The team only reacted after been in disadvantage and, to make things worse, Salomăo had to be replaced due to a muscular problem.

Cartagena intentionally gave up the ball possession to Deportivo, while it was trying to surprise through the counterattack, though without too much depth. The problem for Deportivo was that the Galicians didn’t know what to do with the ball and spent the time releasing long throws that never hammered local keeper Manuel Reina.

Depor had fluidity at midfield as Cartagena was waiting at the back zone, but it missed depth in attack, and this taking in mind that Oltra switched the position of Salomăo and Guardado. At least the defense was well placed and it never allowed the locals to create any clear chance against Aranzubia.

It seemed that the match was growing at the middle of the first part after both teams started to have some approximations; the first was for the locals as Collantes attempted a drilling shot from long-range that was a easy catch for Aranzubia (23’).

Then Depor had its first chances with two crosses of Salomăo; the first one was reached by Guardado at the far post, but the Mexican didn’t connect the ball properly and it turned to be an easy catch for Reina (24’). Two minutes later the Portuguese winger sent another dangerous cross, and this time the local keeper intercepted the ball before reaching Riki.

At minute 28, Colotto sent a perfect drilling pass from defense, but Guardado arrived too late before Reina. Cartagena was trying to respond, three minutes later Álvaro Antón attempted a shot from long-distance that passed over the crossbar.

The first part was terrible and the natural thing would have been to have a goalless game at half-time, but Depor was knocked down twice in a matter of two minutes at the end of the half; first Juan José Collantes found the ball at the edge of the area to end releasing a shot from 25 meters that surprised Aranzubia; one minute later Salomăo asked for the change as he sustained a muscular problem; he was replaced by Saul Fernandez

But Depor reacted in a positive way, as it had two clear opportunities within the final five minutes; the clearest one was a cross of Laure from the right that Riki headed inside the box, but Reina made a great save sending the ball to corner-kick (42’). Two minutes later a long throw-in of Morel was connected by Riki inside the area, but his attempt turned into a high ball that Cartagena’s goalie cleared at the crossbar.

Oltra’s team improved in the second part, but it only did it after the entry of Valerón and with the 2-0 already in the scoresheet. Again the team missed fresh ideas and a more daring behavior before a limited rival that barely had the strength to defend itself.

Depor didn’t have time to search for the equalizer as the locals scored their second goal just two minutes after the pause; it was a perfect free-kick threw with Álvaro Anton that went directly into the top-right corner of Aranzubia. Lassad appeared for the first time in the game until minute 49, but he missed the target from long-range.

This time the goal struck the morale of Deportivo as the Galicians were unable to create any scoring chance within the first ten minutes of the second part, then Oltra decided to send Valerón into the pitch; El Flaco took the spot of Guardado, who was dragging a knee problem from the first part.

And suddenly Depor woke up, Lassad found the ball at the right corner of the area and then he released a perfect cross into the penalty spot, Riki was there and attempted a downward header, but he didn’t connect the ball, neither the goalkeeper did and the ball went into the back of the net. In  case referee Pino Zamorano wrote in the act that

The goal gave an impulse to Deportivo as now the Galicians were having more depth on the wings, while Cartagena was trying to define the game through the counterattack, although they ended locked at the back zone. Then Oltra ordered his last change replacing Jesús Vázquez with Rodolfo Bodipo.

The modification meant to have three attackers at the same time; it was a 4-4-2 figure, with Saul on the right wing, Lassad on the left, Valerón and Álex were at midfield and the couple of the centre of the attack was composed by Bodipo and Riki. But Depor lost strength with the pass of the minutes and ended reduced as the soft team of previous visits.

Bodipo had his first chance to score at minute 69; Laure released a cross from the right and the Equatoguinean attacker was unable to score from the goal line, two minutes later Lassad fired from long-range, and keeper Reina cleared the danger with difficulties.

At minute 76, Saul threw a free-kick at the left wing, the ball went directly into the box, nobody touched the ball until Reina cleared the ball. That was the last clear chance had by the visitors in the game. Deportivo insisted within the last minutes, but it was unable to surpass a limited rival that could only defend itself wasting a lot of time.

Clearly Deportivo hasn’t learned yet how to play at Segunda División, mainly when it plays away from the Riazor. Again the Galicians were playing against a team at the bottom of the standings and again felt into the trap of a rival that just needed to seize its chances and later waited to close all the ways to its goal. With this  Depor suffers its fourth defeats after ten games, an unexpected output of a team called to be a reference in the league.

The results leaves Oltra’s team at the ninth spot at the standings, nine points behind first place Hércules CF, though just one point behind the promotion spots. On Sunday the team returns to the Riazor in order to face another club living inside the relegation zone: Girona FC (20h00 CET).

FC Cartagena: (4-2-3-1) Reina – Txiki, Herrero, Abraham Paz, Kijera – Mariano, Dimas – Toni Moral, Lafuente (Cleber 63’),- Álvaro Anton (Mark Fernández 74’) – Collantes (Ivan Bolado 78’)
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Aythami, Morel – Jesús Vázquez (Bodipo 69’), Álex Bergantińos – Guardado (Valerón 56’), Lassad, Salomăo (Saúl 42’) – Riki.
Goals: 1-0: (41’) Collantes, 2-0: (47’) Antón, 2-1: (59’) Riki
Referee: Alfonso Pino Zamorano. He showed yellow card to Toni del Moral (20’), Jesús Vázquez (31’), Dimas (67’) and Herrero (81’). Manolo Gaspar was sent off (he was on the bench, 89’).
Venue: Municipal de Cartagonova (8,000)




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