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29 Oct 2011
Oltra believes that the big error was to give for free the first half, while the players were also upset for losing the fourth match on the liga season.

Coach José Luis Oltra was feeling pretty disappointed with what he saw on the first part, “We gave for free the first half in the offensive aspect, in this half we didn’t complete any shot on target. It seems that they have to score against us in order to see us having more attempts, because in the following four minutes we sought for the opposite goal with more will. We never carried away with the weight of the match. The key was to see them finding two great goals at the end of the first part and the beginning of the second, it left us reactionless.”

“In the second half, when we went out for the game, we locked the rival at its own area and then we had our chances to tie the match. Besides to the goals we didn’t see too many opportunities for the rival, because we were solid at defense. We deserved, at least, the draw, but you achieve the result for the goals and not for what you deserve.” He added.

The Valencian coach was criticized by several reporters, because before the game he said that Valerón was “prepared to play three games on the week” and then he left the playmaker on the bench; he responded that, “I just wanted to win the game. I thought it was the right match for other players and sought to put more pressure up front, but we never planted on the ground the ideas I had in my head.”

Finally, Oltra was saying that, despite the defeat, he was pleased with the performance of his defense, “The defense was serious, well planted, without having too many problems. For me, today the rival didn’t have opportunities. They had the ball possession, were playing close to our goal, which was evident, because the ball didn’t last too much in our feet, not even two minutes, and we missed intention to search for the opposite goal. Why? Because our team wasn’t fine and the rival also plays, so we didn’t know how to counteract their defensive game.”

Juan Carlos Valerón said that it was difficult to try to turn around the match, “We all had to fight and after they took the lead we had to come from behind since the beginning, and things were more complicated after the second goal. But this is too long and a good streak will put us at the top again.”

One of the surprises was to see El Flaco on the bench; and the Canarian playmaker said that he is content with the minutes that he has had on this season, “They claimed the victory without doing too much; this week we had three matches; I am playing everything and can’t complain, because I’m enjoying. The coach told me that I wasn’t going to play.”

Meanwhile, Riki was also admitting that Deportivo wasted the first half, “We didn’t feel comfortable during the first half, and although we defended pretty well we missed punch in attack. We never gave two straight passes and without scoring opportunities you end paying the price.”

“The first goal awoke us. Things were uphill, but the team did what it can and we always tried to tie the actions, at least in the end we reduced the distance in the scoresheet.” He added. The Madrilenian attacker was also involved in a sad incident and he spited one of the ball boys at the stadium, about the incident he said that, “There was tension as we were losing and sometimes you take the wrong decisions.”

At FC Cartagena, coach Javi López was extremely happy with the performance of his men, “The team is progressing, and each day is a more balanced team. This is what brings joy to any coach. Later you have the result, which is also important. We have spent four straight matchdays without losing and that’s positive, but mainly because the team is giving a step forward. It’s working hard for an idea and it’s truly progressing.”

“I believe the rival didn’t deserve anything else in the game, but against a team like Deportivo you always have to live a bad moment throughout the ninety minutes. It’s true that in the second half we pay the price for the effort and they had more game, but the victory is fair and I’m content because it was in front of our fans, they have spent a lot of time without tasting the victory.”

Finally, the scorer of the first goal, Juan José Collantes, couldn’t believe the kind of goal that he made, “I was lucky. I hit the ball and it entered. People shouldn’t get used to it, because it doesn’t happen every day [he laughed] In two games I have scored twice; I’m happy for it, especially for the team, because we lived a tough situation before and I believe that we have made  an important step forward after winning the last two games, and also with the two previous draws.”


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