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31 Oct 2011
New suffered victory for Deportivo at the Riazor; once again the Galicians wasted the whole first part, though this time they reacted in the second to end claiming a refreshing victory that leaves the team closer to the first places.

Diogo Salomão was fit enough to play and was part of the starting lineup; therefore the only novelties compared to the defeat with FC Cartagena were the return from suspension of Ayoze Diaz and the one of Juan Carlos Valerón to midfield.

Dani Aranzubia was at the goal, Laure was performing at the right-back position, Ayoze was at the left; the central defenders were Colotto and Aythami; Álex and Jesús Vázquez were the two pivotes, Guardado was attacking from the right wing, Salomão did it from the left, Valerón was the playmaker in the formation, while Riki was the central attacker.

The side that made the changes was Girona, because coach Raúl Agné was presenting several novelties, like leaving central defender Dani Tortolero on the bench, while his spot was claimed by David Garcia. Benjamín Martínez ‘Benja’ was also on the bench, while Basque Gaizka Saizar was joining Corominas in attack.

To mention that big part of the fans were upset after the latest results; on Friday the Riazor Blues published a latter on its website asking for more courage, while a signboard at the stadium was saying: ”Nos vivmos 24 horas polo Depor, vos nin 90 minutes” [We live twenty-four hours for Depor, you not even ninety minutes].

Dreadful first half of a Deportivo that lacked of everything, starting with the winning mentality required by the fans at the Riazor. Relegation-troubled Girona scored an early goal and controlled the actions without too many problems, because while all the attacks from the locals were ending in nothing. Fortunately, Depor found the equalizer in its only clear opportunity in the half.

It was a calmed start, with Girona pressing across the pitch, while Depor was smoothly trying to control the actions; actually Depor was so calmed that it was caught by surprise as Girona scored an early goal in the first attempt of the match. It was a quick play on the left wing that ended with a combination between Gaizka Saizar and Dani Nieto that ended with the Majorcan attacker scoring his second goal in liga with a crossed shot.

Depor’s first arrival came until minute 11; Guardado threw a free-kick at the left wing, the Mexican put the ball inside the box, but the header of Riki went wide. More dangerous was the counterattack of Girona that came one minute later, Nieto collected a long pass that left him alone inside the area, but he sent the ball wide.

Girona fell pretty comfortable on the pitch during the whole first part; the Catalans had two walls of four men at the back zone, while Depor’s players were too static in attack, which was the factor that was defining the game, because nobody was searching for the short passes and the combinative game that Oltra has been preaching. Since the visitors were frequently regaining the ball, their counterattacks were looking dangerous, even more than Depor’s approximations.

At minute 22, Luso released a dangerous cross from the right that Aranzubia punched outside the area. Depor was completing its worst game at the Riazor on the season and, somehow, without a clear explanation, Deportivo found the equalizer in the first clear opportunity for the locals.

Girona stole the ball at defense and was trying to start a counterattack through a long throw, but Depor treated the Catalans with the same medicine as Álex stole the ball at midfield, then he assisted Valerón, and the Canarian ended making a wonderful assist to Riki, who dragged the ball to the left corner of the area to fire a powerful shot that defeated visiting goalkeeper Roberto Santamaria. It’s the second goal in liga for the Madrilenian, and his third in a road considering his goal in Copa Del Rey.

But Depor continued to be the apathetic team of the whole first part; it never gave a sense of real danger as the offensive plays of the locals were always ending in the boots of the visitors. Meanwhile, Girona was still pressing the output of the ball and reached the area of Aranzubia from time to time, like the direct free-kick of Corominas that was stopped by Aranzubia (33’).  Nothing more occurred within the last ten minutes of the first half; Deportivo was still lacking ideas, and a winning spirit, while Girona seemed content with the draw.

Deportivo improved a lot for the final forty-five minutes; the entry of Saul and Lassad were the spark that Oltra’s team was missing, though the Galicians, again, suffered until the final whistle after a new distraction at defense within the final minutes.

The second part started with a chance for Deportivo; Riki made a long run on the right and his cross ended with a shot of Ayoze that went wide (47’). One minute later a counterattack for the locals ended with a cross of Guardado coming from the right that was hardly cleared by central defender Tortolero, who replaced Richy at half-time.

At minute 51, Jesús Vázquez attempted a drilling shot from the edge of the area, but it was too easy for Santamaria. Two minutes later Guardado started a counterattack in which he assisted Valerón, then the Canarian assisted Riki, who was alone to score the second goal from the box, but he attempted to curve the ball and ended missing the target.

Depor was clearly having a different attitude as it did more within the first ten minutes of the half than in the whole first part. At minute 56, Colotto sent the ball over the crossbar in a secondary play after a corner-kick, then Oltra made his first change allowing the entry of Saul Fernandez for Salomão; the Portuguese was doubtful before the game and it was clear that he wasn’t at 100% as he barely touched the ball. The change switched Guardado to the left wing, while Saul was at the right. It was a good modification as the Asturian gave depth to the team on the right wing, something never had with Salomão.

Nine minutes later, Deportivo had a clear chance to claim the lead; Guardado threw a corner-kick on the left, the ball went into the box, Jesús Vázquez found it and the far post and smashed the ball on the crossbar, then the rebound went into the path of Colotto, but his attempt went over the crossbar.

Then Oltra replaced Álex Bergantiños with Lassad Nouioui, the modification turned the draw into a 4-4-2. Again the change was the right call, not only because Lassad was going to score, but also because it brought more options up front as he was constantly switching positions with Riki. And then the second goal came.

The goal was a long play of Deportivo, Valerón and Guardado combined at the edge of the area to assist Saul, who released a cross from the right, Guardado headed the ball at the box and Riki fell to the ground before completing an attempt to score and when he was backwards the goal, but somehow he was able to assist Jesús Vázquez from the ground, and then the ex-Recreativo midfielder drilled a perfect pass to Lassad, who scored the goal from short-range curving the ball pass Santamaria. It is his third goal in liga and the fifth that he scores against Girona on this season (the other four in Copa Del Rey). The goal also broke Lassad’s negative mark as the Tunisian spent 438 minutes scoreless after his two goals against Barcelona B.

The Tunisian was close to score again in the next play, but this time his drilling attempt was cleared by Santamaria (73’). Then Oltra replaced Riki with Juan Dominguez, modification that switched back the draw into a 4-2-3-1.

The second goal brought confidence to the locals and the third came just nine minutes later; Saul sent a high cross from the right that Guardado headed at the far post, the ball hit the post and went into the path of Laure, and the Madrilenian was close to miss from the goal line as his first attempt hit the knee of Juan Dominguez, but later he was able to push the ball in.

It seemed that Deportivo was going to have a placid end after a complicate match, but then a new error at defense turned to be expensive for Oltra’ team., It was a counterattack for Girona in which Gaizka Saizar chipped the ball over Colotto to leave Corominas alone before Aranzubia, the ex-Espanyol had a good chance to score, but was pulled down by Ayoze, referee José Luis Lesma whistled the penalty and Ferrán Corominas himself scored the goal with a strong shot that went directly into the top-right corner of Depor’s goalie. It’s his fifth goal on the Segunda season.

Three minutes were remaining in the clock, and the fans suffered until the final whistle as Girona pushed until the end for the equalizer; though the clearest opportunity in the last stretch of the match was for Lassad, who missed the chance in a counterattack after his shot was easily stopped by Santamaria (90+3’).

Depor achieves a new victory, but still without clearing the ghosts that surrounds the Riazor; Oltra’s team had a terrible first half, just as it happened in the past game with Cartagena, and it had to fight hard to achieve the comeback in the second part. The entries of Saul and Lassad were the factors that pushed the team up.

The results leaves Deportivo seventh at the standings, nine points behind first place Hércules CF, but only three points under second place UD Almeria. On next Monday, the Galicians will visit Real Murcia CF (Nueva Condomina, 21h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Aythami, Ayoze – Álex Bergantiños (Lassad 65’), Jesús Vázquez – Guardado, Valerón, Salomão (Saúl 57’) – Riki (Juan Domínguez 79’)
Girona: (4-4-2) Santamaría – Luso (Benja 73’), Migue, Richy (Tortolero 46’), David Garcia - Juanlu, Tébar, Dorca, Nieto (Moha 58’) – Corominas, Gaizka Saizar.
Goals: 0-1: (4’) Nieto, 1-1: (27’) Riki, 2-1: (72’) Lassad, 3-1: (84’) Laure, 3-2: (87’) Corominas (penalty)
Referee: José Luis Lesma Lopez. He showed the yellow card to David Garcia (22’), Tortolero (46’), Moha (87’) and Ayoze (87’)
Venue: Riazor (22,000)



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