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03 Nov 2011
Deportivo is presenting its worst defensive mark in twenty years, which clearly explains why Oltra’s team is having so many problems to find its place at Liga Adelante 2011/12.

It has been a complicate start at Segunda División for Deportivo La Coruña; the Galicians have suffered unexpected and painful defeats, while the team is currently living outside the promotion zone, just when the fans were expecting to see their team dominating the league.

And the main problem is clearly located at the defensive zone, because Depor has already allowed sixteen goals after the first eleven matchdays; it’s the seven worst mark in the current league competition, the worst among the first eleven places at the standings, and mainly is the worst mark at the club within the last twenty years.

Even last year, the season of the relegation to Segunda, Depor had allowed less goals at this point on the competition: fifteen after the first eleven Primera meetings. In order to find a worst mark is necessary to go back to the season 1991/92, the year that meant the last returning campaign to Primera, season in which the Galician team had allowed seventeen goals after the first eleven matchdays. This bleeding is preventing Deportivo from been occupying a better place at the standings.

The point is that nobody was expecting to see this softness at defense, because Deportivo was supposed to dominate the games and the ball possession; a few goals were expected in punctual errors and through counterattacks, but the large number of allowed goals has exceeded the expectations.

Analyzing the way in which the goals have been allowed, the fourth part came after a counterattack was unleashed by the rival (4); it means that Oltra and his players have been unable to find the way to defend their goal when they are attacking.

There are also punctual errors; Aythami already committed three mistakes that cost three goals, other three goals came as the rival penetrated by the right flank, which is the responsibility of Laure. Only one goal came by the left sector of Ayoze, which came when he was injured in the match with Barcelona B, but the Canarian was involved in the expensive mistake that cost the own goal against Alcoyano.

Another problem is the lack of concentration at the first and final minutes of the matches; so far the Galician team has allowed three goals within the first ten minutes of the first half, one in the same period of the second, two goals within the last ten minutes of the first part, and three in the same period of the second half. In resume, 10 of the 16 goals (63% of the total) have been allowed in this moment of the matches. An alarming stat as it’s the moment when the team must be more concentrated. Coach Oltra was asked on Wednesday if he’s aware of this stat, and he answered that, ”Yes I knew, I hope these stats will change soon.”

On Wednesday Aranzubia was defending the work of his team mates, ”I don’t blame myself, but don’t want to see you blaming my team mates for a stat that either can be positive. The fact that the rival scores despite only having two opportunities is a good number, it means we aren’t allowing too many chances, it’s just that we are having bad luck, because the goals are a little unfortunate. The team is defending well, though we still can improve.”

”In Cartagena, if we spend more time on their field, then we wouldn’t have allowed that first goal. If you want to blame someone you can blame me. I am content and always think that I can do something else, but the true is that little more can have been done to stop those goals. The criticism isn’t excessive, because the expectations were and still high. After losing to Valencia everybody thought that we were the favourites, so it’s normal to see people asking us to be at the top. For now we aren’t fulfilling the expectations, but aren’t bad either, because we are three points from the second place. We’re confident and people must have faith in us.” The keeper added.



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