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05 Nov 2011
Depor’s president gave a press conference on Thursday; he presented the renovations made to the changing rooms at the Riazor, and later answered some questions from reporters, including the possible presence of Guardado in the derby with Celta.

First Augusto César Lendoiro and the journalists attending to the Riazor visited the changing rooms and the recent renovations made at that zone. Later he talked at the press room and begun saying that, “As we announced some weeks ago, we are presenting… the memories of those great moments. To walk before the celebration of la liga, the celebration of the Centenariazo, the five years in Champions League. Somehow is becoming into a forced visit at the Riazor, because in fewer places you can meet so important moments in the history of the club, the city and the whole Deportivismo

“You can see that the whole changing room has been transformed; you can enjoy of those moments and it’s a symptom that, despite the current problems, we are trying to change it with the empowerment of the zones that represents something in the club’s history. We also want to ask for unity among everyone, the 25,000 socios and the media; it’s an irresistible force, the major part of the new socios is young people, and therefore they’re hopeful of future.” He added

Later the president talked of other subjects; starting with the clear goal for this season, “Our goal is the promotion, there isn’t any other thing; the goal is unique and we all want to reach it; always based in the constant support. We want to win, in life and football, but it’s also true that you can’t always win, that’s why, in these tough moments, it’s when we all need to be united. If we do this, then I don’t doubt that we are going to achieve the promotion, because we have a pretty good squad.  We must understand that football is complicated, and the young people must understand that not always you can win.”

About the target of having 25,000 socios before the end of the year, president Lendoiro said that, “We insist that we will try to reach the number of 25,000 socios, every day we have new socios, no matte it’s a small increase, and it makes us feel that we are closer to reach the significant number of 25,000 socios.”

One of the main issues was the situation with Guardado and his possible presence in the derby with Celta; Depor’s boss said that, “I had two phone conversations with the sporting director of Mexico, Héctor Gonzalez Iñárritu, and we are searching for his liberation. It isn’t easy, and we want them to consider that Deportivo has always allowed the player, Andrés Guardado, to spend more time with them, and we hope he could be available to face Celta”.

“It isn’t easy, so far they have said no, but we’ll try to have their approval, so the player could be available to face Celta on November 13. The player wants to stay and we are pending on a final resolution. It’s difficult and we already failed in our first two attempts.” He added about the issue.

Then the reporters started to make their questions; the first inquire was related with the relation of the president and La Voz de Galicia, and he answered, “You know what I mean  with the expression “media”, for me La Voz de Galicia isn’t part of the media, this for the way they attack Deportivo. One thing is to communicate information, another is to harm. When we talk of unity with the media, I never refer to La Voz, because they always harm us, and also themselves. Just like if anybody else doesn’t have problems. Off course we have problems, and we try to solve them as we can. We will love to not see Racing, or Zaragoza owing money to us.”

Asked about the demand of Uruguayan club Nacional and the case with Munúa, Lendoiro explained that, “They are asking for a certain amount of money, but we say it’s another amount; as soon as we reach an agreement then we are going to pay according to our possibilities. If we say that we owe 70 or 80 million Euros, then that money should be somewhere.”

“We have a resolution of FIFA that we don’t know how was made and we have requested for an explanation. What we are asking is: people at FIFA, all these clubs aren’t paying, and if they don’t pay us, then how we are going to pay our debts? There you have the case of Zaragoza and Matuzalem. It’s easy to condemn a club, but what about the other cases? If they would pay us, then it’s easy to pay our debts; but if they don’t pay, then automatically you can pay your debts. That’s what happening. Right now we are waiting for the sentence, so we can answer to them.”

On the debt had by Racing Santander with Depor; he said that “Evidently the debt that Racing is recognizing is lesser than what we say, because they want to include the payments made to the lawyer that made a contract that was already done, plus the wages of the player when he signed for Rea Madrid. We don’t agree on that and must start from the base. For us its 1.5 million plus taxes, plus 2,050,000 Euros that is the half of the price paid by Real Madrid, plus the interests.”

He also tried to clarify any relation between the case of Adrian and the possible debt had for Ze Castro with Atletico Madrid, “Atletico owes money for that subject; it has nothing to do with Filipe Luis, what happens is that it was part of a trial, and later we reached an agreement outside the court house. I think they owe us like 115,000 Euros. It’s part of an agreement that both clubs are trying to resolve.”

Later he confirmed the renewal offer presented to Colotto, “We talked at the beginning of the season with his agent, they told us that they were going to present a counteroffer, but until today we haven’t received it. Yes it is a 2+1 offer.” And about the rumours linking Guardado and Valencia, he said that, “Nobody has told us anything, we are just trying to extend his contract; evidently it isn’t easy, but we will try. Soon his agent will come here.”

Finally, Lendoiro was asked about the derby with RC Celta, but as always the president didn’t want to talk of any rivalry with the Galician neighbor, “I never talk of the derby at midweek, you know that; I can only tell you that the relation between both clubs is good. As example the agreement to offer good prices to the fans, there isn’t any problem.”



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