06 Nov 2011
Right winger Pablo Álvarez gave an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; The Shark talked of his status after surpassing his injury, and also about the performance of the team at Segunda División.

Q: Did you expect to be ready before?
A: I always try to be optimistic when I’m injured. I thought it would be less time, but eventually the forecasts were accurate. It wasn’t a serious injury, but it was a big tear, a large one, and eventually met the deadlines. Now I’m fine and that's what matters.

Q: Do you see yourself ready to enter into the list to face Murcia?
A: Yes. I feel great. During this time I´ve trained a lot. The truth is that I ‘m in good condition. Eventually you earn the pace playing games. I am available for coach and when my time comes I will do it with pleasure, eager, and until then I will work hard in order to gain those minutes.

Q: Is worse watching the team mates from the outside?
A: From the outside you suffer more, because we’re seeing of what we are capable, but we’re missing some things. You have to be positive. I think people are a bit negative or see things a little different. From the beginning we knew that the goal was complicated, and that all opponents are difficult to defeat. Still we’re near to the top and I think we’ve much room for improvement.

Q: What things are missed by the team, perhaps to allow lesser goals?
A: That's a little anecdotic, because we’ve a great defense and I don’t think we’re defending badly. We often make small misalignments, there are some mistakes at times and then there's luck, which always plays a role. We are allowing goals after the rival only had a few chances, and that's important, because they don’t have too many opportunities, and ultimately the success rate will decrease. In that respect I think we must be calm. At times the team has to be united, giving more aids, and think more about the result. And if we're winning, then to try to close the games and not give options to the rival.

Q: Why Depor is always surprised at the start of the games?
A:The team's attitude is always the best and the highest, but in football there are many unexplained things. It seems you earn a positive streak, and later spend three or four straight matches in which you suffer the same. Throughout the year there will be time to change that. We’re all highly focused in Murcia, we must go game by game, and this is how we will achieve the goal at the end.

Q: Are you hoping to reappear against Celta?
A: I would prefer to come back on Monday against Murcia. Right now I prefer to play against Murcia rather than against Celta. I would love to play in both matches, but prefer to play before, because Murcia is the first match we have. The derby will be nice, but we have to go to first to La Nueva Condomina and the team is focused on that game. Away from home we have even more room for improvement and we can do it well.

Q: Is your main goal from here to the end of season to be respected by the injuries?
A: No doubt. The most important thing is to be healthy. If I am physically fit, then I will bring things to the team and I could have minutes. I think this season can be very nice for everyone and also for me. The truth is that I’m hopeful. This injury was a setback but we must know how to recover and raise our head. It's okay. Football has these things, and nothing more. I hope to be soon helping my team mates, and if not, then I will train and put things difficult for the coach.

Q: Is your enthusiasm still intact?
A: Yes. The year started well for me. In fact, I played the first matches. I think I can adapt to the coach's philosophy. I feel comfortable at the changing room and I have experience. Physically I think I'm going to be fine, so I think it might be a good year.

Q: Do you feel that it will be difficult to earn a spot at the team?
A:There’s competition in all the positions. I have great confidence in me and I think I can contribute much to the team.

Q: What do you think of the fans’ behavior so far?
A: People deserve ten points. They want us to play well and win, just like we want. We’ll always respect their opinions.



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